Weapon of Fate:

A History of MEDUSA

Firepower. Civilizations have always wanted to have the most of it. This is most noticeable during the time leading up to the Sixty Minute War

Many weapons came out of this race. The Earthquaker Nuke, the Diamond Bat Orbital Strike System, the Orbital Defense Initiative, the Death Needle. But none are more famous than MEDUSA

MEDUSA actually stood for Magnetically Energized Depleted Uranium Sphere Accelerator. Its original design was more along the lines of a rail gun that shot spheres of depleted uranium fuel than the energy weapon that was actually created (hence the name).

MEDUSA began life as a concept in America's Department of Advanced Weapon Systems (DAWS). It was created to destroy entire armored divisions with a single huge round, in anticipation of the massive ground conflicts that never happened. The design was for a large, curved "hood" to be attached to a large reactor chamber, which would be filled with the depleted uranium spheres. When fired, a sphere would travel up into the hood, be magnetically energized by the reactor, and then accelerated through the hood. This was how it was built, and would have stayed that way, if not for a single, important development.

During the six months it took to construct MEDUSA and prepare its computer core, a new discovery was made. Someone (the person's identity was lost during the time of the Nomad Empires) found that, by infusing certain crystals with quantum energy (created using a particle accelerator), and then passing a beam of light through it, a massive, devastating beam of energy could be produced. Hurriedly, MEDUSA was modified to carry this new technology. But to avoid confusion, the codename was left as it was. It was this energy beam that the great Traction City of London used to destroy Panzerstadt-Bayreuth.

MEDUSA was completed and moved to Groom Lake Air Force Base (Codename: Area 51), where it was readied for the predicted invasion of American soil.

The invasion never came.

Groom Lake, as well as the nearby city of Las Vegas and most of the state of Nevada, was wiped out when three separate Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles converged on it. MEDUSA was not spared, with the exception of its computer core, which was sealed in a vault not even nuclear weapons could penetrate. It was this core that Pandora Rae (later Shaw) found in during her secret trip to the Dead Continent, and the same one that lead to the destruction of London through Katharine Valentine's unintentional activation of its fail-safe self-destruct sequence.

But the London core was not the only one. A second computer core was built, as a back up, but someone (again, their identity has been lost, though some information points to the name Valiantine) stole it and secreted it away to some remote location in the northern part of America.

Wether or not this core remains where it was laid to rest… only time will tell.