Title: Darts for Three

Pairing: Erica/Callie/Mark

Rating: M

Disclaimer: All television shows, movies, books, and other copyrighted material referred to in this work, and the characters, settings, and events thereof, are the properties of their respective owners. As this work is an interpretation of the original material and not for-profit, it constitutes fair use. Reference to real persons, places, or events are made in a fictional context, and are not intended to be libelous, defamatory, or in any way factual.

Sooo, I only recently started watching Grey's, but totally fell in love with the Callica relationship when I got around to Season 4. I know this story is ridiculously late, but I figured with all the Callie/Arizona drama recently, maybe some people out there were missing the good old days of Callie and Erica. Enjoy!

Callie and Erica had just been handed their drinks by Joe and were walking over to claim the dartboard. After Callie's staggering loss the week prior, she had relented and asked Erica for some dart lessons.

"Maybe you could teach me some of your stuff sometime?" Callie asked out loud before pausing to take in the double entendre.

"I'd be happy to show you some of my moves, Torres," Erica replied with a smile and sideways glance of her baby blues. "But not all of them, I need to keep my edge," she quickly added, letting her smile widen in front of the ortho surgeon.

They were casually discussing their surgeries of the day while collecting darts, as they saw, no heard, Mark Sloan enter the bar.

"Ladies, fancy meeting you here."

"You knew we were here, Sloan."

He feigned shock, but only for a moment, throwing his charm into full gear with, "Hahn, it's just that you make me so happy. Seeing your face just lights up my day." He spoke with an edge, but his face communicated that he really did enjoy her company, even if it only amounted to challenging banter.

Erica knew she had two choices. She could offer up another sarcastic comeback or humor the man and have a little fun with the situation. She had saved Walter Tapply today; not only could she do anything, but she felt she also deserved a little reward. Time spent with Callie was always pleasurable, and lately in ways Erica had not anticipated, but also using mancandy Mark seemed like fun to Erica tonight.

"Oh Mark," Erica sighed, low and enticing, "I was just going to give Callie some pointers at darts. If you want, you can stick around and maybe learn a thing or two."

"I happen to be a fantastic dart player, Dr. Hahn. Let me show you," he said, leaning forward and swiping one of the darts out of Erica's hand. He promptly turned toward the dartboard, aimed, and fired. It landed millimeters from the bullseye.

Without a word, Erica took the remaining dart in her hand, briefly glanced in the board's direction and proceeded to throw a perfect bullseye shot. She stared at Mark, a small, challenging smirk playing at the corner of her mouth. Callie broke the tension of the showdown.

"Well, I can't compete with any of that, so maybe I should just sit over there." She jokingly pretended to grab her drink and purse.

"No, stay," Erica said as she reached for Callie's hand. It was warm and Callie's eyes immediately shot downward, as her breath caught, just barely. Erica let go quickly but added, "Let's just play some warm up games."

A few games and several drinks each later, the trio of surgeons was enjoying the night. Mark was at ease, as always, in the presence of two beautiful, strong women. Callie was glad her two best friends (more than friends?) were finally getting along. And Erica, in spite of herself, was really having fun. If she were being completely honest with herself, she would say it had more to do with the presence of the stunning orthopedic surgeon, but she was even content with skimming the truth and admitting she was actually enjoying the company of Callie and Mark.

"Ok, as fun as this is, you guys are kicking my ass," Callie pouted. "Which I'm not used to! And which I don't like!" She stomped, aided by her best competitive face, but quickly broke down into soft giggles. Mark smiled wide and Erica laughed as she approached the younger woman.

"Come here." Erica boldly put one hand on Callie's waist and guided her to face the dartboard. The intensity of the light touch did not go unnoticed by Callie, who apparently forgot to breathe for a few seconds. Erica was just as nervous on the inside, but decided to fake a cool attitude here. It was second nature to her, inside the OR and out. The more nervous she became, the larger her ego felt, and the bolder her moves became to support her habit. She positioned herself behind Callie, her head tucked just behind the brunette's ear on her shoulder. She breathed in and out a few times before she extended her hand forward and placed a dart in Callie's hand.

"Hold it like this." She arranged Callie's fingers around the length of the dart, one by one, shooting Mark a glance that suggested she might just know how to use those skillful surgeon hands for good and evil. Mark just watched on, his cool façade struggling to maintain itself in the face of the scene before him.

"Now, you want to throw, release and follow through in one smooth motion." She drew Callie's arm back and went through the motions with her. Callie could barely concentrate on the dartboard in front of her at this point; Erica's proximity after the build up of tension these past few weeks was nearly unbearable. Not unwelcome by any means, but difficult to endure none-the-less.

Their bodies were flush against each other, each of their subtle movements being picked up by the other. Mark watched in awe at the power these two had over each other. He knew he wasn't the only one to sense it, but he wondered if they even knew what was going on. For now he was content to watch everything play out; he would try pushing his luck later.

Erica leaned forward, and in the lowest voice she could muster, whispered to Callie, while looking at Mark, "Give it a shot."

Callie took a deep breath and shook out some of the tension. She aimed and fired, this dart landing considerably closer than most of her previous shots. She turned around and hugged Erica before she realized what she was doing.

"Yay! I don't suck!"

Mark high fived the very excited Callie but turned to Erica and said, "Hmm, maybe you're a good teacher, but I'm still better. Overall, that is."

"Fine, Sloan, buy the next round, then come back here and prove it." She threw him her iciest glare, and he responded with a smile and head nod.

"Done and done, Hahn." He turned on his heels toward the bar.

Callie had just retrieved her nearly perfectly thrown dart and approached Erica directly. The tension was still there, but it had faded into something good. Into an energy that Callie was well practiced in using to flirt. That, along, with the decent number of drinks she had downed thus far, made her bold, made her intrigued, made her determined.

"So Erica?" she inquired, more than a hint of accusation lingering in her voice, "Was that little show just for Mark?"

"I haven't a clue what you're talking about, Torres." She kept her eyes focused on the dartboard, afraid looking at Callie would give the game away. Callie met the challenged and inched close, this time causing Erica to be the nervous one.

"Well, one way or another, you're in trouble, Erica."

Erica turned immediately and was about to ask Callie just what she meant, when Callie cut her off,

"Because you have that one," she pointed a thumb backward at the bar, "in a sexual frenzy watching us. Teasing him like this might just destroy him." Callie smiled and Erica just laughed. She continued, "and, well, if you're not out to tease him, then I might just have to assume you're flirting with me, Dr. Hahn . . ."

"Would that be an unwelcome advance, Dr. Torres?" she asked, the juxtaposition between the professional word choice and its more emotional connotation reminded Callie why she was so drawn to this woman in the first place.

"I think you already know the answer to that, Erica," Callie's eyes softened with the change to the blonde's first name. She grabbed the older woman's hand and rubbed it softly. Erica's face collapsed into a big grin as her apprehension really truly faded. It was replaced by something much more pleasant, but stronger and more carnal. Her mind began to focus on the connection between their hands and what other connections they could possibly make –

"But I do mean it, we're sitting here torturing poor Mark over there. And as much as I know you love it, I can't help but feeling cruel."

Erica had conquered two fears at that point in the day; she knew she could do anything and decided to make her boldest move yet. "Well, as much as I really want to see where this goes with you and I in a serious way, and I do, we could humor the guy for one night . . ."

Callie's eyes widened into huge brown saucers, her tipsy, bordering on drunken, mind unable to process what Erica could have meant by that. She was still lost in perplexing confusion as Mark returned to the table with three shots.

"To teaching. And learning," Mark said, honorably.

"To saving a cardio god's life," Erica added, effectively patting herself on the back.

"To threesomes!" Callie interjected, finally getting her thoughts in order, throwing a smug glance Erica's way.

Mark and Erica decided not to object and reiterated, "To threesomes!" The trio downed their shots, each shaking their heads a bit at the burning liquor in their throats.

"Ok Mark, one last game, winner takes all."

"Ok, but if I win," he leans in to the two surgeons, "you two have to kiss again in front of me."

"Fine." In unison.

"But when I win," Erica gathered all her liquor-induced, cardio god-inspired courage and boldly pronounced, "you and Callie are going to come back to my place and make good on this threesome promise of yours." She turned quickly, before losing her resolve and threw her first shot. Bullseye.

Mark was shocked but tried to not let it show. He mostly believed Erica was kidding, but there was something in her eyes that he had to test.

"Well, that just makes me want to throw the game right here, right now."

"Go right ahead, I would love bragging rights for the next year in the darts department . . . And I suppose you would get to see me and Callie kiss again."

Callie flashed Mark a devilish smile, but shot her eyes over to Erica as if to say even she didn't know how this was going to end.

"Alright then. Let's go."

Mark and Erica actually turned out to be formidable opponents. As Mark threw his last dart, which just barely landed outside the bullseye near Erica's, he couldn't say whether he was playing his best game or not. At this point, it didn't really matter.

"Good game Hahn, I'm actually impressed."

"You're not so bad yourself, Sloan." She smiled at him, hoping he would pick up her true sentiments, and he did.



Callie had had enough of the tension for one night. Erica's moves had her mind going and her body reacting right there in the bar. She knew Erica could talk a big game and that Mark would actually respect both of their boundaries unless specifically allowed. No, this last move was up to her.

"So, let's get the hell out of here," she eyed them both up and made her way for the door, leaving them to stare at her gorgeous frame walking away.