Title: Darts for Three

Pairing: Erica/Callie/Mark

Rating: M

Disclaimer: In Part One

Summary: The smutty conclusion to my trio daydream.

Erica found herself struggling with the key in the lock to her own front door, allowing herself to laugh a little at her incompetence, knowing it was one of the only times she would ever display the trait. But she was hot, she was bothered, part of her brain that hadn't been turned on in a while was firing on all cylinders.

"Erica, hurry up," Callie whined, as she gingerly ran her hand along Erica's side, down the side of her hip. Erica's legs almost faltered, but just then the key slipped into the lock and they burst through the door. Mark made sure to close it behind them, looking out into the street for any sign of a nosy neighbor. He knew Erica wouldn't be happy in the morning if she had explaining to do to Mr. Sanchez down the street. He turned around to see Callie holding Erica prisoner against the wall, the two women staring at each other in an intense battle of lust and will.

Erica reached forward with her lips and captured Callie's. It was a real kiss this time, not the mocking ploy to test boundaries that was their first encounter in the elevator. Although similarly, this time, Mark was right there watching on, engrossed not only in the simple existence of girl on girl, but also in the heat, the passion between these two women. It was hotter than anything he had seen before, hotter than anything he had imagined.

"Damn, you two," Mark sighed. They briefly looked up at him, lust painted in their eyes, Erica's smirk only marginally larger than Callie's. They fixed their eyes on each other once again and proceeded to lock lips.

Callie pushed Erica backward toward her living room, as the two remained joined at the lips. She reached behind her and grabbed Mark's hand, bringing him into the room that she had spent many a night in and that he was all too excited to see for the first time. Callie could feel Mark's hands on her shoulders, her back, down to the sides of her waist. He leaned in tentatively and kissed the back of her neck. She felt deliciously sandwiched between a best friend with whom she had shared many steamy moments and a best friend who she hadn't been able to get out of her head for weeks now. She grudgingly pulled her tongue out of Erica's mouth and smiled at her. Her blue eyes were dark and her smile was mischievous. Callie wondered just how adventurous she was feeling.

She pulled Mark's hand that she had been grabbing and used it to swing him toward Erica. He approached her with a glint in his eye and she responded with a challenging look in hers. She demurred for only a moment before reaching out and grabbing Mark behind the neck to bring him in for a kiss. She secretly delighted in being able to give Mark exactly what he wanted. She pulled him close to her body and reveled in the fact that he wanted her, that she had the power, even here.

But as their kissing became more intense, Erica realized she was giving a little of her power away. And that was ok, because it felt great. She let herself relax into Mark's body, into their kisses which were becoming deeper, more intense and insistent.

Callie pressed up to Erica's back and slipped her hands to Erica's waist. She pulled up on the shirt Erica was wearing, breaking their kiss for a moment to take it all the way off. She snaked her hands to Erica's stomach, massaging the muscles under her pale skin. Callie's hands trailed up to Erica's bra and she started rubbing her hands all over the satin material. Erica moaned into Mark's mouth as she felt Callie's hands start to play with her nipples.

"Oh god Callie," Erica screamed as she turned around into Callie's arms. A quick kiss later and Erica was ripping the buttons off Callie's shirt, impatient to see more skin.

"Damn Hahn," Mark took over Callie's previous role and let his hands finally wander all over Erica's body. He unsnapped the back of her bra and threw it onto the couch. Erica was busy trying to undo Callie's bra at the same time, but finding it a little more difficult from this angle.

"Damnit, I have surgeon's fingers!" Erica exclaimed.

"It's a learned talent, Hahn, you can't be the best at everything you know."

Erica threw a fake death glare over her shoulder and turned back to Callie, who was laughing through her obvious lust. Erica resumed her task, motivated more by the need to see Callie's naked breasts than her need to be as good as Sloan, but hey, that didn't hurt either. The offending garment finally popped off and Erica threw it to join hers on the living room furniture.

She surveyed Callie's body with an intensity she hadn't experienced before. She immediately dipped her head and kissed down Callie's neck, over her chest, and down to her breast as she used a flat, broad tongue to lick over one of Callie's nipples. She made the tip of her tongue flitter over Callie's now erect nipple, causing Callie to cry out sharply. Mark began to mirror Erica's actions on her own breasts with his fingers, as he leaned over and started to use his tongue on Erica's neck in ways she was not prepared for. She moaned while sucking on Callie's other nipple and realized just how restrictive and wet her bottoms were becoming.

Callie could smell Erica's shampoo in her hair and recognized the faint scent of Mark's cologne. Her head was thrown back, eyes closed, reveling in the smells, the feelings, the sounds of what was going on. Something in the back of her head was asking just what was going on, but it felt too good to stop. She felt wild and uninhibited, being pleasured by the two people in front of her. But at the same time, she felt so comfortable here in Erica's arms that she knew she wouldn't stop this for the world.

"Erica, you're so hot," Mark whispered into her ear, as he looked up at Callie, a smile plastered on his face. Callie smirked back while Erica tried and failed to respond as Mark caught her earlobe in his mouth and gently sucked. He bit it lightly and swirled his tongue around it.

"Ughhhh," was all Erica could muster at that point.

Mark took the opportunity to unbutton and unzip Erica's pants, pulling them down off her long, lean legs quickly. She stepped out of them and decided this was a good move. She dropped to her knees, eyes looking seductively up at Callie. She popped the button on her jeans with her fingers, then grasped the zipper between her teeth and pulled it down.

"Erica, if you had any idea how many times I've thought of you doing that to me . . ." Callie whispered as Erica pulled the jeans off the Latina's thighs, tossing them aside into her living room, which was becoming a receptacle for the female surgeons' clothing. Seemingly realizing this fact at once, Callie and Erica both turned toward Mark, and together ripped off his shirt, tore his belt off and pulled down his pants.

"Damn, now that's what I'm talking about ladies."

Callie smiled wide, still breathing heavy, the skin on her cheeks and chest flushed even through her olive skin. Erica knew she probably looked like a tomato at this point, it was what always happened when she was this aroused, this into it.

"Well, Mark, how about I make another one of your dreams come true?" Erica asked, purposefully dropping her voice as low as it would go.

"And how are you going to do that, Erica?" Mark replied, his tone gentle with the switch to the blonde surgeon's first name.

"Wanna come see my bedroom?" And with that she simply walked around the corner and up the stairs. Mark hesitated for a second and looked to Callie, who looked as eager as he did. They both ran for the stairs, getting caught up on each other on the way up.

Callie and Erica immediately fell into each other's arms again upon entering Erica's warmly decorated bedroom. Callie reached down and slipped Erica's underwear off and threw them behind her. They landed on a lamp and Callie looked nervously at Erica, expecting her, for some reason, to be mad. Instead she laughed whole heartedly.

"Relax, Callie," she threw a look up at Mark, "Sloan's in his underwear in my bedroom, I'm pretty sure panties on a lamp are the last thing I'm thinking about."

The three doctors laughed, letting any remaining tension about the situation go, but the laughing soon turned into throaty breathing and more moans as they resumed kissing and exploring each other bodies. Erica stripped Callie of her panties, and Mark had taken matters into his own hands, removing his as well. Erica and Callie couldn't seem to keep their lips off each other, and while the made out, Mark positioned himself behind the younger brunette. He ran his hands along her sides, down to her rear, which he would freely admit was his favorite part of her body. He licked up and down her neck and moved his hands around to her breasts, to find Erica's there already.

Mark gently took one of Erica's hands and guided it downward, across the flat expanse of Callie's stomach, through the soft curls below her belly button, and finally down into her folds, which were already soaking wet. Both women jumped at the touch, but soon Erica's hand was moving of it's own accord, sliding through Callie's cleft, exploring each corner, each pressure point. She lightly traced circles around Callie's clit while Callie whimpered against Erica's neck, occasionally biting down hard when she felt something she liked. She slowly slipped one finger inside Callie, moving it in and out.

"Fuck, Callie. You feel so . . ."

"More, I need more," was all she could reply with.

"I think I can help with that," Mark added in quickly.

Callie pushed Erica on to the bed and bent over the side herself. She felt Mark slide into her, slowly at first. He began a slow rhythm that was familiar to Callie. Mark loved this position, loved being able to pump into Callie deeply like this. Callie moaned at each thrust and Erica found herself getting impossibly wet as she watched the Latina's face.

Callie retained enough composure to grab Erica's legs and pull her toward her on the bed. Erica sat up slightly, leaning on her elbows and watched as Callie began her own exploration. She kissed the inside of Erica's knees and trailed wet kisses and lines with her tongue up the inside of her thighs. She was amazed by how soft Erica's skin was, but each time a thought popped into her head, she was distracted by the feel of Mark inside of her and the smell of Erica in front of her. She licked the thin skin at the juncture of Erica's core and her legs, eliciting a loud whimper from the cardio god. She was putty under Callie's tongue and Callie knew it. She kissed the blonde curls above Erica's center, and kissed downward until her lips landed right on top of Erica's clit.

"Oh god, Cal!"

She used a broad tongue to make one long pass from Erica's opening back up to her clit, where she started to draw circles around the tiny organ. She was using light touches, teasing Erica as she moaned beneath her mouth. She was matching Mark's rhythm on the blonde. Every time Mark would thrust, she would lick. He would push in and out and she would lick up and down. Soon Mark and Erica were breathing in time together, which even in the heat of the moment, caused Callie to smile a little.

Mark was elated to take in the site in front of him, thrusting in and out of his favorite brunette, going slowly for now, trying to draw out this feeling, extend this night. He was absolutely delighting in watching Erica's face, as she watched Callie's head between her legs.

Erica could only concentrate on the feel of Callie's tongue on her, the electric sparks shooting from her clit. The deep sense of filling as she thrust her stiffened tongue into her opening. It was a warm, wet storm of feelings and as Erica lay back on the bed, she started to let herself go.

Callie kept sweeping her tongue everywhere that she could, but as she felt Mark reach around to stroke her clit with his fingers, she slowed down and stopped his hand. She felt Mark slowly pull out and as he did she moved her hand away from Erica, much to her protest, and looked back at Mark.

"I think," she started out carefully, "that you should fuck Erica," she finished softly, seductively, turning on that Latin charm, although at this point, she was quite certain she didn't need it.

"Oh Callie, I don't know if that's gonna happen," Erica said as she rose up, a little unsteadily, onto her knees.

"Hey, it's ok," Mark jumped in, trying harder than normal tonight to be a gentleman, "I wasn't expecting - "

"But this might," Erica interrupted. She grabbed Mark's hand and pulled him down onto the bed, so he lay flat on his back. Before his eyes could register their lusty surprise, Erica had straddled him, laying her palms squarely on his chest.

She leaned in and whispered, "I like being on top."

Erica bent down and kissed him, quickly but sweetly. She rose up slightly on her knees and slowly lowered herself down upon him. They both groaned, as her blonde curls met the base of his member. He lightly grabbed her hips as she began to thrust in time. Callie was taking in this scene next to them on the bed, a profound mix of awe and lust clouding her rational thought. She managed to catch Erica's baby blues and she leaned in to kiss the older woman. They kissed deeply, wet and hungry tongues devoid of their earlier sense of politeness. Erica continued to bounce up and down as Mark moaned with each stroke of Erica's sex.

Callie was lost in a world of heavy breathing and the feel of Erica's mouth on her own as Mark reached for her hips, sliding one of her legs over his body, situating her frame above his face, above his waiting mouth. He dove in as Callie lowered herself into his warm mouth, over his eager tongue. Erica and Callie continued to kiss, face to face now, and it was all the three doctors could do to hang on. Their breathing became thready, their movements staggered and more staccato. The pace quickened and they each felt they were in for a trio of orgasms.

Callie reached down and with a few strokes of her middle finger on Erica's clit, Erica felt herself let go, spasming around Mark hard and tight. Callie, seeing the blonde, tumbled over the edge herself, Mark's mouth drawing out every wave of the most intense orgasm she had ever felt. Mark was drawn to the edge by the wetness of Callie's sex flowing freely onto his tongue and Erica's orgasm squeezing him, milking him. Within seconds he tumbled over that edge, pumping hard a few last times into Erica.

The three doctors nearly collapsed next to each other, no one saying anything for a long while. Eventually, their breathing returned to its normal, slow pace. Mark had his arm loosely wrapped around Callie, who was on her side, running her free hand up and down Erica's stomach. Erica was just regaining brain function and was wondering just how a simple challenge of darts had ended up in this situation. To even her surprise, she felt comfortable, satiated physically, and mentally for having taken a risk, for having done something out of her comfort zone. These things were difficult for Erica, yes, but it didn't mean she didn't delight in the novel, in the borderline, in the wild. And this certainly qualified as all three. Just as she was prepared to make a semi-snarky remark to break the silence, someone's pager did just that instead.

"Oh, you're kidding me," Callie was the first to say. All three surgeons had that same, please not me look on their face, but it was Mark who stood up to rifle through the clothing strewn around house to find the offending object sounding the end of this encounter. In his brief absence, Callie and Erica reached for each other and snuggled into a closer embrace, as if it was the natural thing to do, as if they had done it countless times in their past.

Mark stumbled back into the bedroom, an obvious pout written on his face.

"Well, it's a good thing you two look so cute together, because the page was mine. 911 for some third degree burns." He had retrieved most of his clothing and was dressed in under a minute, a skill specific to on call occupations. He added, "That was . . . something, ladies. And I'm just glad I could help in finally getting you two into the sack together. Enjoy being sapphic surgeons together, my work here is done." And with that, a smirk and a wave, he was gone.

Erica and Callie looked at each other for a long moment, questions and inferences written all over their quiet eyes. Hadn't this just been a night of fun? The messy, sexy result of a darts challenge gone too far? Or . . . had it been a convenient excuse to act on something the two women were too scared to on their own?

Erica answered the silent question with a simple shrug of her shoulders and Callie responded by grabbing the blonde's face with both hands and kissing her passionately. Erica maneuvered herself on to of the brunette, ready to go again, ready to start something even more novel, even farther on the fringe, even more wild.