Anime Shitsurakuen
Pairing - Sora/Reiko

Note : Hmmmm I don't own anything. what if sora didn't stop after Reiko was claim as sora's once more?


Sora held Reiko's weapon in her hands staring in wonder at the mark the weapon now held, mumbling to herself she looked back at the girl before letting the weapon turn to light and fade away once more. Moving a bit she turned and looked the girl over gently touching some of the bruises on the girls arms, and legs. She moved to look at the girls face smiling sadly at the bandage now on the girls cheek, tracing her eyes down the older girls neck she moved further south to stop on her mark, the mark that showed the girl now was under Sora's protection and belonged to her.

Reaching out to move a stray piece of blonde hair out of the way, Sora smiled softly and kissed the girls cheek "I won't let you go, I will keep you close and Safe, You will never be alone anymore" moving to go she was stopped by a hand clutching at hers tightly looking back to Reiko she saw the older girl near tears "Don't...please don't go". Sora smiled and crawled into the bed and held the girl softly to her.

Running her fingers through her hair she kissed her forehead and whispered to her soothingly and rub her back some. Once the girl was more calm Sora moved them into a more comfortable position on the tiny hospital bed. Sora lay on her back head resting on the pillow with Reiko resting ontop of her. "Thank You Sora" came the quite voice of Reiko as she moved up to kiss her knight on the lips before snuggling back into the girl. Sora blushed and held the girl close she soon feel asleep along with Reiko both dreaming of the peace to come.