TITLE: I Wish upon a Star

DISCLAIMER: Joss Whedon owns Buffy, James Cameron owns Dark Angel, Davis Panzer/Gregory Widen owns Highlander, other crossovers to come.

PAIRING: Xander/Cordelia, Willow/Oz

RATING: M and Heavy R for violent content, language and nudity.

SPOILERS: Dark Angel is set at the end of season 2. Buffy is set during the season 3 episode The Wish. Highlander is set after the Series, during Endgame.

Summary: A continuation of Its about Trust and the rest of the series. The group has to learn to work together while another crisis is on the rise. And additional family member either has to help or get out of the way.

AUTHOR'S NOTE: This is based on Challenge 1405: Not so broken world submitted by Ladeia, Challenge 400: Immortal Revelation by Teri on Twisting the Hellmouth.


…Under a Violet Moon…

Buffy and Faith had decided to patrol together and give the rest of the gang the night off for once. Xander and Cordelia would take patrols around the next night to give the Slayers a turn to have the night off.

Xander had Jonathon and Oz over at his house and the guys were bonding. The transgenic could easily picture Jonathon as Sky and Oz as a distant Joshua. The werewolf got furry once a month, so the young man could vaguely draw a slim to nonexistent parallel.

Adam had gone to Europe this week and should not be back for a few weeks.

Amy and Willow were studying together that night. It was a good thing when the young witches could bond, even though it might be over studying.

Giles studied a manuscript late at the library, translating some ancient text a contact had sent to him.

...The Swamps of Home…

Cordelia sat alone at a table in Willie's Alibi Room, nursing a corona.

Cordelia Chase sat at the table drinking her second corona of the evening and thinking of the past. Her purse, a Prada bag that had been a birthday present from her father, sat on the table in front of her. She really did not need such an expensive gift, and could probably fence it for a lot of cash. She was sorely tempted to do that.

She sighed heavily and frowned as she thought of Logan Cale. Xander was right; it never would have worked with the ordinary no matter how much she would have liked to be normal.

She thought of her brothers and sisters: Jondy, Krit, Syl… She thought of Zack's amnesiac generated psychosis. She wished that he could be normal again, well, what constituted normal for a genetically created super soldier.

She gave a sad smile as she thought of Joshua, Mole, Luke and Dix. Big Fella had been a silver lining in the dingy, dirty underbelly of Seattle's mean streets. While the others had almost been a comedic relief that kept laughter in the dark places.

She frowned as she thought of Biggs and Ce Ce. She thought both were killed too early in life.

She thought about her best friend OC. Original Cindy had been her first friend when she moved to Seattle. They had been through some tough times but had stuck together through it all.

She even spared a thought for Colonel Donald Lydecker, though fleeting that thought was.

She missed her friends and family…

"Nice bag," a young woman said as she moved to stand in front of Cordelia's table, "Prada?"

The transgenic scoffed as she said, "Yeah, sure is."

"Do you mind if I sit?" the young woman asked airily.

"Sure, no problem," the brunette said as she took another pull from her bottle of beer.

The blonde sat down and smiled in a fake, happy manner.

"I'm new in town and I just wondered if there was any happening places around here," the blonde said with a perky smile.

"The Bronze is a nice place for young people to go," the transgenic said distractedly as she frowned and looked over at the bar.

"Is it about a man?"

"What?" Cordelia snapped her attention on the young woman who sat in front of her.

"Usually when someone has a face like that its either men or money."

The X5 frowned at her as she really got a good look at the young woman, "It's neither." She pointed to the necklace the blonde wore, "Is that Mignon Faget?"

The blonde fingered the pendant and smiled, "No, it's actually something my dad gave me, very old, very delicate."

'Very expensive,' Cordelia thought as she nodded and smiled. 'Too bad I don't steal from ordinaries anymore.'

"So if you had a way to get it all back, what would you wish?"

"Excuse me?" the transgenic asked, head cocked to the side.

"I mean…" the blonde sounded too perky, "Don't you just wish…"

Cordelia frowned and looked down at the table, "You know what I wish…"