Hey Everyone! I thought that since I can't really RE-WRITE a CHATROOM, I'd just repost only the original chapters in a new story! So, you can re-read this if you want…But it's not really anything new! Anyway, I'm gonna get to updating my other stories! :)

Twilight Chatroom

Bella: Edward's Girl

Edward: Bella's Adonis

Alice: Shopping Pixie

Jasper: Jazzie

Emmett: Big Teddy Bear

Rosalie: Beauty Queen

Carlisle: Dr. Dreamy

Esme: Loving Mother

Jacob: Vampire Killer

Sam: Alpha Wolf

Billy: Wolf Dad

Mike: Golden Retriever

Jessica: Mike's Gal

Angela: Sweet n' Kind

Ben: 3 Angela

Charlie: Chief Swan

Renee: I 3 Phil

James: Tracker 4 Life

Victoria: Hot Head

Tanya: In 3 with Edward

Edward's Girl has signed in

In 3 with Edward has signed in

Shopping Pixie has signed in

Edward's Girl: WHO IS THIS?

In 3 with Edward: Tanya.

Edward's Girl: What are you doing here, Tanya?

In 3 with Edward: Looking foe Eddie-kins!

Edward's Girl: I don't know an Eddie-kins, but Edward is out hunting. And btw STAY AWAY FROM MY BOYFRIEND!

Shopping Pixie: Yeah, stay away from my brother. HE'S. NOT. INTERESTED. IN. YOU.

In 3 with Edward: I'm coming Eddie-kins!

Bella's Adonis: Is she gone?

Edward's Girl: Yeah, she went to look for 'Eddie-kins'

Bella's Adonis: She scares me

Shopping Pixie: She is creepy

Bella's Adonis: How are you, love?

Edward's Girl: I'm fine Edward. I love you.

Golden Retriever has signed in

Golden Retriever: Bella, r u there?

Edward's Girl: No

Golden Retriever: Stop trying to trick me, Bells!

Edward's Girl: What do you want, Mike?

Golden Retriever: Edward's not here, right?

Edward's Girl: Why?

Golden Retriever: I just, sort of, kinda wanted to ask you something.

Edward's Girl: UGH!

Golden Retriever: What?

Bella's Adonis: *Growls*

Golden Retriever: Who just growled?

Edward's Girl: Edward

Golden Retriever: WHAT? Edward's here?

Bella's Adonis: Yes, Newton. And leave Bella alone!

Golden Retriever: How'd ya know I was going to ask her out?

Bella's Adonis: It's not hard to guess

Golden Retriever: I'm gonna go now, later Bells! ;)

Edward's Girl: Whatever.

Golden Retriever has signed out

Edward's Girl: You read his mind, didn't you?

Bella's Adonis: How'd ya know?

Edward's Girl: Like you said, it's not hard to guess ;)

Bella's Adonis: True

Vampire Killer has signed in

Edward's Girl: Hey, Jake what's with the name?

Bella's Adonis: What are you doing here, Mutt?

Beauty Queen has signed in

Big Teddy Bear has signed in

Beauty Queen: Ugh! What's the mutt doing here?

Big Teddy Bear: Calm down, Rosie

Beauty Queen: Let's go, Emmett!

Big Teddy Bear: But, Rose!

Beauty Queen: As long as the Mutt's here, I'm not!

Beauty Queen has signed out

Big Teddy Bear: See ya guys!

Big Teddy Bear has signed out

Wolf Dad has signed in

Wolf Dad: Jake, Sam's looking for ya

Vampire Killer: Ugh! Can I not spend 5 minutes alone with Bella?

Bella's Adonis: You will not go near Bella! Goodbye, Mutt!

Wolf Dad has signed out

Vampire Killer: What's the matter Edwhimp? Jealous?

Bella's Adonis: Says the pup that could never get a date with Bella before Bella started going out with me, or while I- never mind

Vampire Killer: You what? Left her? Here! Read this! *Thinks about when Edward left Bella*

Edward's Girl: STOP JACOB!

Alpha Wolf has signed in

Alpha Wolf: Jacob! Log off now, I think Victoria's near!

Alpha Wolf has signed out

Vampire Killer: See ya, Bells!

Vampire Killer has signed out

Bella's Adonis: I'm going to go, love. Jasper's calling me. Probably wants to wrestle again.

Edward's Girl: You're coming over later, right?

Bella's Adonis: Of course, love

Edward's Girl: I love you.

Bella's Adonis: And I you. Bye Bella.

Edward's Girl: Bye, Edward.

Bella's Adonis has signed out

The Author signed in

Author: Hello, Bella! Hey, Alice. I'm going to bring Tanya back.

Edward's Girl: NO!

Shopping Pixie: WHY US!
Author: he he! I'm evil.

In 3 with Edward: I COULDN'T FIND EDDIE-KINS! Author, where is my Eddie-kins?

Author: Mars

In 3 with Edward: Alright! Byeeeeee!

In 3 with Edward has signed out

Edward's Girl: Thank you for getting rid of her!

Shopping Pixie: Umm, Bella?

Edward's Girl: Yeah, Alice?

Shopping Pixie: Edward is on Mars

Edward's Girl: WHAT?

Author: Yup. That's where he and Jasper are wrestling.


Author: She's very annoying. It was the only way to get rid of her.


Author: Oh…right. I'm gonna go before you kill me

Author has signed out

Shopping Pixie: Uhh, Bella?

Edward's Girl: Yes, Alice?

Shopping Pixie: Edward will sign on in 3…2…1

Bella's Adonis has signed on

Edward's Girl: EDWARD!

Bella's Adonis: Hello, love.

Shopping Pixie: And Tanya will sign on in 5…4…3…2…1

In 3 with Edward has signed on

In 3 with Edward: Hey Eddie!

(5 hours later)

In 3 with Edward: Anybody there?

(Another hour later)

In 3 with Edward: Whatever. I'm leaving

In 3 with Edward has signed out

Author has signed in

Jazzie has signed in

Shopping Pixie: Yay! Jasper you came!

Big Teddy Bear has signed in

Beauty Queen has signed in

Loving Mother has signed in

Dr. Dreamy has signed in

Big Teddy Bear: Dr. Dreamy? Is that you Carlisle? Wow.

Dr. Dreamy: It was Esme's idea.


Dr. Dreamy: I love it, Esme.

Vampire Killer has signed in

Alpha Wolf has signed in

Wolf Dad has signed in

Beauty Queen: Great. The Mutts are here.

Vampire Killer: Beauty Queen? Wow. More like Leech Queen

Beauty Queen: Shut up, DOG!

Dr. Dreamy: Everyone calm down.

Big Teddy Bear: Alright, Dr. Dreamy! lol

Golden Retriever has signed in

Mike's Gal has signed in

Sweet n' Kind has signed in

3 Angela has signed on

Big Teddy Bear: Oh, no! HUMANS!

Beauty Queen: Shut up, Emmett!

Mike's Gal: Hello, Bella. Mike told me you asked him out earlier.

Bella's Adonis: WHAT?

Edward's Girl: I'm sorry Jess, but HE asked ME out, and then he signed off because Edward growled at him.


Golden Retriever: *Scoffs* No… she asked me out, I said no she started pouting so I signed off

Bella's Adonis: Jessica, Mike's lying

Mike's Gal: I knew it! WE'RE OVER!

Mike's Gal changes her name to Gossip Gal

Sweet n' Kind: Hey, Ben?

3 Angela: Yeah?

Sweet n' Kind: Want to go out tomorrow?

3 Angela: Sure.

Chief Swan has signed in

I 3 Phil has signed in

Edward's Girl: Oh, no! PARENTS!

Chief Swan: Bella, is Edward in this chatroom?

Edward's Girl: Maybe.

Chief Swan: Isabella Swan! Leave this chatroom right now!

Edward's Girl: Mom!

I 3 Phil: Charlie, she loves Edward. Cut her some slack.

Chief Swan: Fine. 1 hour!

Edward's Girl: Thanks, Dad.

Author has signed on

Author: This is really boring. I know! I'll just bring James and Victoria back to life!

Vampires, Wolves, and Bella: NO!

Humans: Who are they?

Author: *Evil laugh* Too late!

Sweet n' Kind: I'm gonna go now, coming Ben?

3 Angela: Sure.

Sweet n' Kind has signed out

3 Angela has signed out

Gossip Gal: Whatever. I'm out.

Gossip Gal has signed out

Golden Retriever: Wait up for me Jess! I'm sorry!

Golden Retriever has signed out

Chief Swan: I'm gonna head to the station now. Bye Bells. Remember, 1 hour!

Chief Swan has signed out

I 3 Phil: Oh, Phil's home! Bye, Bella!

I 3 Phil has signed out

Tracker 4 life has signed in

Hot Head has signed in

Tracker 4 life: Hello, Bella.

Bella's Adonis: *Growls*

Tracker 4 life: Don't worry, I'm retired from tracking. Now I'm an underwear model.

Shopping Pixie: An Underwear Model?

Tracker 4 life: Want some pictures?

Everyone except Hot Head: NO!

Hot Head: Sure!

Tracker 4 life: Here's the link: . ;)

Everyone else: EWWWW!