It's Not Too Late For A Second Chance

Chapter 2. Working It Out

Author: j_rock873/twin who likes to travel

Rating: PG-13

Summary: The girls try to fix their shattered relationship.

Disclaimer: I own nothing.

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A few minutes later, Jessie's bedroom

"So…I guess we still need to talk, huh?"

"I guess so," Katie agreed as she began to lie down on Jessie's bed and patted the spot beside her.

Jessie nervously bit her lower lip as she slowly walked over and lie down beside the girl she still loved.

"Should I go first?" Jessie asked.

"I want to know a few things first."

"Like what?"

"Before what happened today, did you even think about doing something other than faking your death?"

"Yes," the blonde answered as she looked down at her bed.

"And what was that?"

"Well…I thought about maybe posing for an intimate picture with Tad."

"How intimate?" Katie wondered as she took Jessie's chin in her hand and made the younger girl look into her eyes.

"One where we were sharing a hug and a kiss. Or…"

"Or what?" Katie questioned as she arched an eyebrow at her.

"Maybe make a video where I was giving Tad a lap dance," Jessie said before temporarily pausing at the shocked look on her girlfriend's face, "You know…The kind you see on those videos that can only be bought over the phone or the internet and…are only advertised past midnight," Jessie replied as she blushed a bright red as she continued to talk.

"Why didn't you do that instead?" Katie inquired between smirks.

"B-Because…Hey, stop that while I'm trying to explain it to you. I didn't because Tad wouldn't do that to you, and I didn't think you would forgive me for something like that," the blonde explained as the older girl tried not to laugh.

"How did you get that idea?"

"Because seeing that might hurt even worse. And even if we did make up, the memory of me doing that might never be forgotten."

"Ok," Katie sighed softly as she caressed Jessie's cheek, making Jessie smile at the gentle touch.

"My turn now," Jessie said as she reluctantly moved slightly away from Katie; breaking the connection, "I guess the first question is, 'Are you still mad at me?'"

"Yes, a little bit."

"Can you forgive me? Because I forgive you for cheating on me," Jessie admitted, but when she got silence yet again, she added, "Oh, ok."

"I know I hurt you, Jessie, but you were so quick to disbelieve me. Part of me forgives you, the other part needs more time."

"But she knew about that birthmark on your butt. What was I supposed to think?"

"You were supposed to trust me and think that she must have spied on me when I wasn't watching, which is EXACTLY what she did."

"How did you find out that Audrey was spying on you?"

"Well, I was taking a shower in the co-ed bathrooms when it happened. I was about half way through when I heard someone say, 'Hey, quit spying on whoever is in there, Audrey.' I quickly turned off the water, wrapped my towel around me, and stepped out to see Audrey smirking at me while Danielle looked back and forth between me and Audrey. I almost gave Audrey a black eye."

"Who's Danielle, another friend?"

"Uh, yeah and…"

"And?" Jessie continued after Katie began avoiding what else she wanted to say.

"And she's the one I slept with when I cheated on you."


"Uh huh."

"So then she's seen it too?"

"Yeah, she thought it was kind of cute," Katie revealed with a blush before seeing a frown on Jessie's face, "Sorry."

"Can you tell me more about her?"

"About Danielle?"


"Why do you want to know? Wouldn't it just make it worse if you knew?"

"Just tell me," Jessie pleaded.

"Fine, but don't say I didn't warn you," Katie warned her after rolling her eyes.

Jessie just shrugged, "So what does she look like?"

"She's around 5'7, has light brown hair just past her shoulders, and brown eyes. She's smart, funny, easy going, and has a very positive attitude."

"What about the rest of her?"

"What do you mean?"

"What do think I mean?"

"What does it matter?"

"It would be nice to now what my competition looks like."

"What competition? She's not into girls. It was just a one night stand between her and me."

"I still want to know. I mean she had to have a decent body for you to want to have sex with her. Was she bigger in certain areas?" Jessie babbled as she tried not to see Katie's reaction but eventually looked at her. Katie had to hide the laugh she wanted to let out at Jessie's reluctance to talk about another girl's body like that, "It's not funny."

"When you suddenly can't say words like butt, ass, chest, breasts, and any other descriptive words for those 'certain' areas of another girl, it is."

"Fine, was her chest and butt bigger or smaller than mine?" Jessie responded before glaring at Katie's attempt not to laugh.

"Her chest was a little bigger. However, her butt was the same size as yours. And I would say average weight for her size."


"Yeah, not too skinny, but not fat."


"Any other questions or comments?"

"Just a few. Why didn't you want to kiss me outside the front door? And you can call me Billie again."

"Because I felt we should talk first. I will start calling you Billie again when I'm completely over the whole faking your death thing."

"Katie," Jessie felt torn on what to say, so she just relented, "Ok, I think I can wait. I just hope it's not too long."

"Thanks, now kiss me."

"Ok," Jessie complied as Katie pulled Jessie closer and kissed her softly on the lips.

After breaking the kiss to catch their breath, Jessie went downstairs to ask Rick and Lily if Katie could spend the night. Rick was hesitant at first. When Jessie promised that they wouldn't do anything they weren't supposed to be doing and agreed to call Karen to let her know what happened between the two girls, he agreed. Jessie let him and Lily listen to the conversation. After she ended the call, Jessie shared a smile with Rick and Lily and then headed back upstairs. The girls spent the rest of the night watching TV and listening to music. As they prepared for bed, Jessie lent Katie a pair of pajamas to sleep in. They turned around to give each other some privacy while they changed clothes. After climbing under the covers, Jessie decided to start up another make out session. Jessie leaned in to kiss Katie and was rewarded with a soft kiss. When Jessie tried to intensify the kiss and slowly put her hand on Katie's stomach under the pajama top, she was gently pushed away.

"You don't want to?" Jessie mumbled as she was a little surprised at being rejected.

"No," Katie confessed before lying back down and getting comfortable.

"O-Ok," Jessie stuttered before turning away, lying on her side, and starting to cry about a minute later.

"Don't cry," Katie whispered into Jessie's ear.

"I'm s-sorry. I d-didn't m-mean to," Jessie assured her between the soft cries, "It's just that I didn't expect you to say no like that."

"Don't be in such a rush, it'll take a little more time before we can be like the way we were before…"

"I know. It's just that I missed moments like that despite of everything that has happened since then."

"Me too."


"Yes," Katie informed as she moved closer to the blonde and wrapped her arms around her from behind.

Jessie pulled away and turned back around to see Katie looking her with a slightly raised eyebrow and a small look of concern. Jessie slowly moved as close to Katie as she could, laid her head on Katie's chest, and wrapped her arms around the older girl. Katie smiled as she welcomed the embrace.

"I missed this too," Jessie confided before she closed her eyes and smiled.

"Yeah," Katie asserted as she hugged the girl beside her.

The girls were lulled to sleep by the warmth between the two of them.

The next morning, around 8:00 AM

The girls woke up at the same time and kissed briefly before changing clothes and heading downstairs for breakfast.

"What would you two like for breakfast?" Lily asked too cheerfully in both girls' opinions. This was shared with Grace, who rolled her eyes as soon as Lily turned away from them.

"Scrambled eggs will be fine," Jessie announced happily as Katie patted her on the leg under the table.

"Ditto," Katie stated as Jessie did the same thing to her.

"Ahem," Grace grumbled a little too loudly as the couple leaned in to sneak a kiss behind Lily's back.

"Is there something wrong, Grace?" Lily implied as she turned back around to face them again.

"Just clearing my throat."

"Alright," Lily told her before turning back to the stove.

After getting cleaned up, the girls returned to the family room and informed them they were going to see a movie since they changed their minds about seeing one last night. Rick and Lily told them to have a good time and to call if they needed anything. When the girls returned, they saw Rick as he watched a baseball game. Lily sat beside him and was reading a book. The girls held in a chuckle when Rick sighed as the Cubs were losing another game. Lily gave him an occasional look of understanding his frustration while inside she wanted to laugh just as much as the girls did.

"Did you two want something?" Rick declared when he noticed both girls had been staring at him for a few minutes.

The girls shared a look as Jessie gave her a slight nudge with her right arm.

"Uh…yeah, I do. Can I ask you for a kind of huge favor?" Katie mumbled as she began to get nervous at what he could or would say.

"I guess so. How huge?" Rick responded as Katie now had the attention of both Rick and Lily,

"I would say probably the hugest one I've ever asked for from either you and Lily or Karen," Katie mentioned before starting to lose the courage she had at the moment.

"Just get to the point," Jessie encouraged as she gently grabbed Katie's hand in support.

"Well…," Katie started as she couldn't miss the smile on Lily's face at the cuteness of Katie's slight fear, "I need to go back to New York, and I was kind of hoping that you'd let Jessie come with me."

Lily smiled even more as Rick joined in at the sight of Katie blushing.

"And why would we allow that?" Rick stated as he tried to act stern but a smirk was fighting to show on his face.

"B-Because you trust both of us, and Jessie's almost an adult. After all, she's starting college in the fall."

"She's got a point, Rick."

"Yes, but in my mind. Jessie will always be 'my little girl'."

"Please, Dad," Jessie playfully whined while following up with a look he could never turn down.

"You just had to do that, didn't you?" Rick groaned as Jessie just gave him the same look, "How soon, how long, and where will you be staying?"

"T-Tonight if we can find an open flight," Katie exclaimed before temporarily biting her lower lip, "And hopefully until the beginning of August. We'll be at an apartment I will be sharing with two other students at NYU."

When it appeared that Rick really wanted to say no to something as big as this, Jessie spoke up.

"Please, Daddy," Jessie begged in the sweetest tone she could use.

"That's just cruel. You know that, don't you?" When Jessie just nodded, he concluded with, "If it's ok with your mom, it's ok with us."

"Thanks," Jessie said before kissing Rick softly on the cheek and running into the kitchen.

"It's not funny, Lily," Rick complained, "Just wait until Grace or Zoe ask for something just as big or bigger."

Rick turned back to the game and rolled his eyes as he heard the crack of a bat and had to watch the opposing team send a ball into the left field bleachers. Lily could only giggle and pat him on the shoulder before walking into the kitchen and grabbing something to drink. It only got worse as he learned Jessie had gotten her mom to let her go away with Katie as well. Katie and Lily both laughed as Jessie explained that Karen said as long as they didn't run off to Massachusetts and get married instead, it was fine.

That night, Chicago-Midway airport

Katie could barely hold in the excitement as they waited to be let on the plane.

"I still can't believe they said yes."

"I'm not. They could never turn this face down," Jessie laughed before doing the same thing to Katie that she had done to Lily and Rick.

"Hey, no fair, stop that."

"I will if you call me Billie again."

"No, I said not until I'm ready," Katie instructed before giving Jessie an identical look.

"Fine," Jessie conceded, "How about a kiss at least?"

"Sure thing," Katie concluded before kissing Jessie softly on the lips.

New York City, New York

For the first few weeks of her stay, Jessie was nervous around Katie's roommate, Amanda. Amanda would openly and playfully flirt with Jessie. After briefly patting Jessie's butt and a warning from Katie, Amanda never teased her like that again. Katie's other roommate, Megan, wasn't as crazy and hyper like Amanda and Katie. But she still knew how to have a good time and was really friendly to her. The remaining time there, they all got along relatively well. Whenever they got some free time during the day, Jessie and Katie would try to see the sights of the huge city. They had seen everything they wanted to see and even took in a few night games at Yankee Stadium. Megan was a pretty big baseball fan, and her family had season box seat tickets. She had no problem sharing them with her friends when her family didn't want them. Whenever Katie and Jessie were able to get some time alone for the two of them, they tried to make the most of it. Jessie hadn't gotten Katie to start calling her "Billie" yet, but they were getting closer to the way they used to be before the painful break up. Jessie chose not to reveal where she would be going to college in less than a month since she had yet to hear the nickname that she had grown to love.

The night before Jessie's flight back to Evanston, Illinois; Katie's bedroom

"I'm going to miss you so much, Billie. Can you please tell me now where you're going to college this year?" Katie almost pleaded as the couple lie on the bed while taking a short break from the heated make out session Jessie had gotten Katie into with ease.

"Since you called me Billie, I can tell you. I decided on Columbia."

Katie fought the urge to shout for joy, so she could make a joke first.

"I know you wanted to get away from your parents when it came time for college, but isn't South America a little extreme?" Katie commented with a straight face.

"You know I meant Columbia University here in New York," Jessie scoffed and added an eye roll.

"Of course I did. Just teasing you, Billie," Katie joked, "How about we make this night extra special since I won't see you for at least three weeks?"

"What's the plan?"

Katie smiled as she removed her sleepwear before helping Jessie with hers, which just happened to be an identical pair of slightly oversized "I Love NY" t-shirts. Katie then pulled both of them under the covers. Jessie let out a slight giggle as Katie repeated the same thing with their underwear.

"Good plan," Jessie determined as Katie leaned into to kiss her.

Around twenty minutes later

The girls became tired and agreed to call it a night.

"I love you, Billie. I always have and always will. And I promise to never hurt you again like I did before."

"I know, sweetie. And I'll never doubt your love for me from now on."

They shared a soft kiss and a few tears of happiness. A few minutes later, they fell asleep in each other's arms with smiles plastered on their faces.

The next morning, Katie's bedroom

Katie awoke to Jessie's head lying on her chest while the blonde snuggled up against her. She couldn't help but smile at the love she had for Jessie as the blonde smiled innocently in her sleep. She glanced at the alarm clock to her right and saw it was about to go off. She turned if off and decided to play a joke on her girlfriend.

"Billie, you need to wake up, If you don't get up, you'll miss your flight," Katie suggested in what she hoped sounded like a worried tone.

"Huh," Jessie grunted as she started to yawn, "Wh-What time is it?"

"It's 11:00 AM. That means you have about an hour to get cleaned up, dressed, packed, catch a cab, and be at the departure gate. And it will probably take about half the time at the airport alone. If you don't hurry, it will leave without you," Katie lied as she cleverly blocked the view of the alarm clock.

"How can it be that late?" Jessie complained as she quickly sat up and looked at Katie.

"I guess we overslept a little," Katie explained as she faked still being tired.

'YOU GUESS!" Jessie shouted as she jumped out of her side of the bed in a panic and tried to think of the quickest way to get everything ready. She started to panic as clothes were all over the floor and her suitcase was nowhere to be seen, "WHAT HAPPENED TO THE ALARM CLOCK, and where is my suitcase?"

Katie tried to hold in a smile at how Jessie was running around like a chicken with its head cut off; which angered Jessie.

"What are you SMILING at? I'm running late, I need to get home, and you're just sitting there while doing nothing. HELP ME!"

"Take a second to look at yourself," Katie remarked and pointed to a mirror on one of the walls.

Jessie turned around to look at the mirror and saw her self standing there almost naked and gulped, "OH MY GOD! You knew I looked like this and let me run around without saying anything."

"Yeah," Katie chuckled as she watched Jessie quickly put on her bra before adding, "And one other thing."

"And what's th…" Jessie began to say as she was putting on her shirt but was interrupted by the opening of the bedroom door.