"Bolded in Quotes" – Japanese, spoken

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Harry was just several feet from the familiar hut of the Hogwarts groundskeeper when the characteristic explosion from a blast-ended skrewt greeted him. He smirked, reminiscing the days when he, as a fresh faced 13 year old, first encountered the dangerous creatures Hagrid had tried so hard to seem lovable in the eyes of his doubting students. He heard another explosion as he came to the steps, and an animated voice cried out, "Hagrid-san, Hagrid-san! Couch! Fire!"

"Git the water here and put it out!" Hagrid's booming voice ordered.

Harry stopped momentarily, wondering just who that was in Hagrid's tent in the evening. The voice seemed young, slightly husky, though not entirely matured and strongly accented. Curious, Harry knocked on the door, and for several seconds the door didn't open. He knocked again, and this time the door flung open, the doorway completely overtaken by Hagrid's large form.

"Harry!" he exclaimed brightly, "Why! Didn't know yeh were comin'! Shoulda told me! Come in come in!" He ushered Harry in. "Jus' put the skrewts back into their crates. Though the living room is a bit…uh…" He looked around his living room, which, Harry noted with an airy smile, was turned upside down with a few rather large burn marks. The already cluttered room now had barely any space on the floor to tread.

"Skrewts, huh?" asked Harry with a smile, "Remember those really well."

Hagrid smiled. In the past 20 years, the only thing that changed about Hagrid was the color of his hair and beard, which now sported streaks of white and gray. He was still the sweet, loyal, lovable half giant that Harry knew since the day of his 11th birthday.

"Sit, I'll get to git somethin' ta drink. What yeh want Harry?"

"Just tea is fine, Hagrid, thanks." Harry sat down one on the couches, carefully pushing the clutter away to make a small spot for himself. He looked around, wondering where the owner of the unfamiliar voice was.

His curiosity was satisfied immediately when a blond teenager came bursting through the backdoor just seconds later, shouting, "Hagrid-san! Done with feeding the thestrals! Let's-" He stopped abruptly seeing Harry, and at first gave him a strange, confused look. Harry stared back with curiosity. The boy looked around 16 or 17, with sun-kissed blonde hair and bright blue eyes. However, what interested Harry the most were the three horizontal marks on each of the boy's cheeks. They looked like whisker marks. Were they tattoos? Odd choice for tattoos, and on the face too. Kids were getting bolder everyday, weren't they?

"Ah! Visitor!" the boy said suddenly, his face breaking into a sunny smile, "You are?"

"Harry Potter," he answered, which was answered with an enthusiastic, "'Boy who lived?" from the boy.

Harry cringed slightly at the name, and nodded, "Guess so."

"You hero!" he exclaimed, blue eyes shimmering with awe, "Hagrid tell me everything! You beat evil wizard and save everyone!"

Harry could never really get used to the praise, and even at this age he could still blush slightly, muttering, "It's not as heroic as it sounds. And I wasn't the only one. Anyways. You are?"

"Hmmm…" he seemed to be thinking, which surprised Harry. Who has to think about their own name? "Er…name is…er…Ugal!"

Harry couldn't help but think that he made the name up on the spot.

"What yeh changin' names again, boy?" came Hagrid's voice. The half giant came into the room carrying a tray of tea and food.

"Don't like other name," the boy whined, "Hmm…but don't like Ugal either!"

"Choose a name and stick wit' it," Hagrid said sternly, shaking his head, "Kid chooses a new name every hour. Usually I call him Nat, so you could call him that too." He set down the tray on the table (after clearing it with a sweep of an arm), and handed Harry his tea.

"Don't like Nat!" the boy shouted, and muttered something he couldn't understand. It took Harry awhile to realize that he was talking in another language. "James-kun said Nat is a bug. Annoying bug."

"That's gnat with a 'g', yeh idiot," Hagrid said with roll of his eyes, "They just sound alike." The boy, however, seemed confused and unconvinced.

Harry looked between the two of them, looking very lost. Hagrid picked up on this and started to explain, "The kid's got amnesia. Can't remember a thing, not even his name, and he won't settle on a new one either. I think he's gone through what…15 names…but everyone else sticks with Nat, so…there ya go."

"Amnesia?" said Harry with an arch of his , "Really?" He looked at the boy who was now biting his nails with so much concentration that made Harry want to laugh.

"Yup," said Hagrid glumly, "As you've probably figured out, he's not exactly English. Spoke only Japanese when I took him in."

"Japanese?" repeated Harry in surprise, "How did he end up here?"

"Long story actually," Hagrid replied as Nat sat on the couch next to Hagrid and grabbed a cookie from the tray, " Luna Lovegood."

Harry blinked, puzzled. "Luna?"

"Well, she was in Japan last summer and picked him up there," said Hagrid with a slight shrug, "The boy had seen a thestral an' Luna figured he was magical, but…of course, having amnesia, knew nothing about it."

"What happened to him?" Harry asked, looking at the boy, who was now occupied with the rock cakes Hagrid had just brought. Another part of Harry's mind marveled at the very fact the kid was eating them without losing a tooth.

"Well…" Hagrid glanced at Nat, "No idea. A Japanese muggle family found him all bloody an' scratched up an' injured in the forest. He can see thestrals, so yeh can guess something not good happened to him. Japan has no major magical school, maybe a small private one here and there…strangely, no one had wanted to take him. Luna even offered to pay his tuition, which is amazin' of her in me opinion, but they refused. So, she brought him back here ta Hogwarts."

Nat seemed to perk up at the word Hogwarts, "Hogwarts awesome! Moving stairs, ghosts…whoosh! Talking pictures! Wands too!" He took out his own wand and waved it around proudly, "Magic awesome!"

"His English is developin'," Hagrid said, chuckling at the boy's enthusiasm, "He's not doin' all that bad in his classes either. Especially in charms…I heard from ol' Flitwick (yeah…the man's still teachin'), that Nat here's got an awful amount of magical energy in him, though that accent of his doesn't help." Nat beamed at the comment. "For now, Hogwarts pay for his books an' stuff. In return he helps me out around the grounds. Pretty good helper…idiot sometimes, air headed, but stubborn and eager."

"Wow," Harry said, astonished, "That's quite a story. Has anyone tried to find his family."

"Yup. Headmaster tried. No luck. Looked for any matching missing children from Japan an' other places. Nothin'. And uh...he's pretty noticeable, with those lines on his face and all but nothin'. Lucky he didn't end up in a muggle orphanage, though, I guess he should be thankful of that."

Harry nodded and added, "Lucky Luna found him."

Nat nodded, "Lucky. But…BUT, no..not lucky 'cause I remember, er, not remember, my realname, or parents, or where I'm from! But but…Hagrid-san and Luna-san and Professor Veralong-san all nice! James-kun, Gerry-kun, Hugo-kun, Jill-chan, Lily-chan...Rose-chan…and…Al-kun, all nice too, good friends."

"James and Al?" Harry asked hearing his sons' names, "You're friends with them?"

Nat nodded, answering, "Good friends!"

"Well, considerin' yer boys like to come down here a lot they gotten along well with Nat," Hagrid explained. Harry nodded, wondering what kind of rubbish and trouble his boys would be feeding to an amnesiac person. Poor kid, thought Harry, watching Nat happily chat with Hagrid. To be found all beat up and not just alone, but not knowing his own identity. Harry could only imagine the horror and loneliness of Nat's situation. Being able to see thestrals was definitely not a good sign either.

"Hagrid-san! I go eat dinner at Hogwarts?" Nat's voice cut into Harry's thought. The boy jumped to his feet, "Better food than here!"

"Yeah yeah, yeh ungrateful brat," Hagrid said waving a hand at him. Nat smiled broadly, ran to the door, waved to them and said to Harry, "Bye Harry-san! Come eat at Hogwarts! Better than Hagrid-san!"

"Shuddup you!" Hagrid growled, but he was smiling and shaking his head, "Go on an' eat!" But Nat had already left the hut. Hagrid turned to Harry and asked, "So, what yeh here at Hogwarts for, Harry?"

"Seeing the kids," Harry answered, "And Neville. I'm leaving for Japan and I won't see them when they get out for the summer."

"Japan huh? You too?" said Hagrid with a thoughtful nod, "So it's really true?"

Harry nodded, "For the first time in 100 years, the Hidden Continents have contacted the outside world. The Ministry is excited and everyone's busy. The purebloods are predictably enthralled with the idea of finally making contact with a whole continued of purely magical folks, as we think they are. Some of the Japanese wizards have joined too, though most do not want to deal with them at all. What's amazing is that they are asking for assistance."

"Really?" Hagrid said in surprise, "Them?"

"Yeah," Harry answered, "They just finished a major war, it seems. All the countries were involved and all of them have taken a lot of damage."

"What help do they want?" asked Hagrid, "Thought they were all powerful all…what was the word…oh, yeah, xenophobes."

Harry shrugged, "We're not sure yet. We should be getting a second contact soon with one of their leaders."

"As head of the Auror Department, guess you have to be there, huh?" asked Hagrid.

"Of course," Harry smiled, "Old Shacklebot personally included me. And Hermione and Ron will also be joining me. Hermione, well, she's Hermione...giddy as a school girl about this. And Ron for old time sake, since he's retired from being an auror."

Hagrid chuckled, "Ah yes, the golden trio. Well, give them Japanese a good dose of the boy who lived, huh?"

"Hagrid, I'm way past the point of being called a 'boy'!" Harry said, laughing.

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