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From the Shadows

The sun vanished behind Death Mountain and night took over Hyrule. Creatures went back to their homes to sleep while Ganondorf-sama's monsters came out to terrorize the land. I watched the stars as they came into view. They were peaceful; comforting, unlike the earth that lays under it.

I blinked when I heard a scream. Looking around I saw a woman running from a bulblin. Not one of the smartest monsters, but they can kill disarmed prey. The woman ran pass me, not noticing my presents because of Ganon-sama's magic. She tripped over a tree root and screamed until the bulblin ended her life. It was her fault that she was walking around the forest, alone at night.

Footsteps where heard coming from behind me. I knew who it was so I didn't move. "Do you understand your mission?" Ganon-sama asked me sternly with his deep voice.

"Yes, Ganon-sama, I do." I answered. I turned and bowed with my right hand over my heart. "I will not fail you." I looked up and our crimson eyes met.

He nodded with satisfaction. "I will leave you then." Shadows of twilight surrounded him and soon after he was gone. Now I was visible to the world. I need to use my own powers for protection.

Quickly, I got to work. I merged with the shadows that the trees made with the aid of the moonlight. I moved through the darkness with great speed. Up, down, left, right, I made my way around Ordon. Finally I came to my destination: The Hero of Light's home.

I waited, still concealed within the dark shadows, by his door. I spotted him waving good-bye to someone out of my sight before he started to head towards me. He wore his hero clothes, green like his ancestors before him. Every generation there always seems to be a change in the outfit. In his generation he had bronze chain armour underneath as well as more detailed and high quality clothing.

He came up the ladder to his tree house. I watched as he opened the door and stopped. His pierced elf ears twitched in suspicion. His instincts are sharper than I expected. He walked inside calmly and I quietly followed in his shadow.

After lighting a lamp he searched the room with his sapphire eyes. He threw off his hat and glared. "I know you're there, you might as well show yourself." His voice was soft, but deadly. I couldn't help but chuckle at the sound of it.

"I'm surprised that you were able to sense me." I said. I stayed in hiding and enjoyed the sight of him trying to seek me out. "What do you plan on doing if you ever find me, hero?" I mocked him, wondering how much I have to push in order to piss him off.

"Depends," he said as he looked out the window still looking for me.

"On what?" I laughed as he opened a chest that sat in the middle of the room. "I'm not in there, stupid."

He ignored my comment and answered my question. "On what your intentions are."

His shadow was behind him and I took the advantage and came out with my sword in my right hand. I grabbed him by his white undershirt's collar and placed my blade on his throat. "What if my intentions are to kidnap you?"

He didn't say anything. He kept still like a good hostage and tilted his head up in attempt to get further away from my weapon. I smirked while I removed his sword from his back and any other items he had. He growled slightly and I snickered. "Did you gain that habit from being a wolf for so long?" I finished removing everything that could be used against me and spun him around so he could get a look at his captor; my blade now at the back of his neck.

His eyes widened in confusion, much like the way I knew he would. "Y-you're…" He stuttered. "You're me…! You tried to kill the other Hyrule heroes!"

I smiled. "Well, not me personally, but my ancestors, yes. Ganon-sama's ancestors made copies of the heroes to throw them off."

"It never worked though." His smile matched mine. "Ganondorf is quite stupid to try the same thing again and again when it's a failing plan."

I took that as an insult towards me and kneed him in his stomach. He grunted and fell to the floor in pain. "I'm not a failure!" I held his chin and jolted his head up to face me. "Watch your words. One more slip up can cost you your life." He seemed to shrink under my blood red gaze. I grinned, I liked him frightened.


I looked at the closed door; the direction the small voice came from. Link's expression showed some apprehension. "Colin…" he whispered under his breath. There was a knock on the door, smiled again. "A friend of your's?" I asked.

Raising my hand towards the door I used my magic to swing it open. A gasp was heard from the small blond child when he saw Link and me.

I felt a sudden pain in my gut and forgot about my hold on the hero for one second. He took that advantage to elbow me and escaped, running for the young boy. "Colin! Run! Get out of here!" He yelled. The boy immediately turned and started down the ladder.

Getting up, I laughed. "You're not going to get away that easily, hero!"

He jumped, not bothering to use the ladder and ran behind the boy known as Colin. I walked over to the top of the ladder and, with my magic, sealed all the exits with walls of twilight. Now they are both my prisoners.

Someone new came to the sidelines of the scene. A middle age man with blond hair wearing those ugly Ordon clothes. He called out to Link getting his attention. "Rusl!" he called back. "Don't go near the wall!"

I hopped down to the ground and with my evil grin, walked towards Link and Colin; I ignored Rusl. Link guarded the child by standing in front of him like I knew he would. Of course that won't save the kid. I ran the last few steps and swatted Link away as if he were just a fly. I then grabbed the kid by his throat and hosted him up off the ground.

"Colin!" Rusl shouted.

Link came back and rammed into my side. I dropped the kid and fell to the dirt. "Leave him out of this!" Link demanded. "This has nothing to do with him! It's me that you want!" I observed as Link checked the child over to make sure I didn't hurt him too much. The kid coughed as he did so. I stood up, he followed like a mirror's reflection. "I'll go with you quietly if you let him go free."

"Typical." I spat. "You heroes are all the same. As long as one life will be spared you'll do everything in your power to save it. Even if it means your own self destruction." I advanced forward, closing in on him. Once my face was in front of his, knowing he could feel my breath, I continued. "It's will be entertaining to see your expression when you realise what you got yourself into." I snapped my fingers and the twilight wall busted into a gold mist.

Rusl ran to Colin and Link. I had to really listen to hear what he was saying. "What are you thinking, Link?" He whispered.

"I'll be fine," Link told him. "I'm sure I've been in worse situations. Besides, I don't want him hurting anyone in the village."

"Didn't Ganondorf die?"

"I guess not."

I grew bored and melted into the shadows. I came back up behind Link and took a tight hold on his arms placing them at his back and used a handy spell to keep them there. "If you don't mind, we'll be taking our leave now." I said to Rusl.

Link looked tempting and vulnerable, his neck wide open. Slowly I licked it and received a beautiful gasp of surprise. I looked at Rusl who seemed sickened by my action. I saw anger in his eyes as he threw a punch, but before it could hit I sank into the shadows again, this time with Link. We appeared near the exit that lead to out of Ordon.

The hero panted with his eyes closed tightly, he also began to lose his balance. I smirked. "Get use to the shadows, little hero." I said with amusement. "That's how we are going to travel for a while."

I flicked my black hair out of my face. I then turned my gaze at Rusl. "Follow us and I won't hesitate to cut the boy's head from his shoulders." I nodded my head at Colin to show who I was talking about. Rusl glared at me, but he appeared to understand for he stayed where he stood. Without another word I took Link and faded away into the darkness once more.


Kakariko village was completely at peace. Everyone was asleep with their doors and windows shut so tiny bugs wouldn't crawl inside. The moon sat high up in the black sky for the stalhounds to howl at. The sound made me wonder if the hero howled at the moon while he was a wolf. I chuckled at the thought.

Looking around I found a old warehouse, the closes building to Eldin's pond. I think this will be a good place to make twilight and torment the life out of the hero like Ganon-sama instructed me to. I placed the unconscious hero down on the ground. He couldn't withstand the suffocating feeling of darkness and had passed out a long time ago. Hopefully he won't wake up until I finish making twilight and get him inside.

I turned my back to Link and faced the warehouse. Closing my red eyes I focused on the twilight that came from the other realm. Good thing Ganon-sama gave me both his powers as well as Zant's, otherwise I wouldn't be able to do this. Carefully, I made the barrier. If I make it all around the village it wouldn't be much of a loss for me, but it can cause some problems. I rather avoid those troubles, what ever they may be, for I would like my job to be simple.

Opening my eyes I examined my work. The twilight wall was perfectly placed so it covered the warehouse and only the warehouse. Since I'm done with the twilight I went to back to the hero and threw him over my shoulder again. After, I walked though my twilight wall and laid him down on the dusty floor.

I stared at his unconscious body. "If only you could see how pathetic you look right now." I said to the lifeless being. Actually, he looked… kind of cute like that; so vulnerable. Is it wrong to have sexual feelings towards someone that looks almost exactly like you? Oh well, if it is, it's not like I ever play by any rules.

I kicked his boot in attempt to wake him up. Since he's in the twilight barrier he can't escape from me. While I, of course, can leave when ever I wish. "Wake up." I ordered sternly as I saw him move his head to the side.

His bight blue eyes finally opened. He looked around seeming lost. He then saw me. He then got up and tried to punch my face. With his weaken state it wasn't surprising that I caught his fist before it could make contact. I sighed in slight disappointment. "Is that really all you got up your sleeve?" I bent his wrist and forced him to kneel in slight pain. He gritted his teeth but let out no sounds to show his misery. "Your weak from the shadows. Being so pure will make it difficult for you to be in that dimension."

"What do you want from me?" He asked calmly, getting straight to the point.

I chuckled a little. "It's not I want really. It's what Ganon-sama wants. And what he wants is your life."

To my astonishment he echoed my chuckle. "So you're going to kill me?"

"I fail to see how this is funny to you." I said oddly. "It's your life that's in danger."

His snicker died down a bit. "I'm just laughing at how things like this always happen to me. Even after I killed Ganondorf."

"You didn't kill him." I told him. Yet he did greatly injured him and his dark magic hasn't been to good lately, but I wasn't about to let the hero know about that.

I tossed his hand downwards and kicked the hero in the chest. He let out a small yelp and fell to the floor on his back. I then stepped over to him and knelt down and grabbed his shirt to host him up so he would meet my gaze. "Don't think that your going to simply die, hero. I have been ordered to torment you to your breaking point once we get to Ganon-sama's castle." He kept a serious look, but the way he was slightly shaking told his real emotions.

I smirked and leaned in so my cheek pressed against his. "In the mean time…" I whispered gently in his ear. "You're going to be my personal slave."

"What…?" I felt him tense up. He was shaking more now.

"You heard me." I said with a smirk on my face. "Everything thing I tell you to do you are to obey. If you don't…" I paused for a moment. I cupped my free hand between his legs and squeezed non too gently. He took in a sharp breath and tried to move away from the unwanted touch, but I kept him stationary. "… there will be a punishment." I finished. I then started to lightly bite his pointed ear.

He growled like the animal he was. "I don't care about me. I was ready for you to just kill me. What's a little torture before hand?"

I hummed in thought. I then found out how to get him to listen. "What about your village?" He flinched and I knew I had him caught. "Without you there to protect them, I can easily order a bunch of Ganon-sama's monsters to destroy the little helpless village, and all of those people living there will die along with it."

He tried to shove me off him. "You bastard!" he yelled to my surprise.

"My, my, hero. Quite a mouth you got." I laughed. "Such harsh words shouldn't be coming from your pure lips." I rubbed my thumb over the said lips. So soft, pure and untouched. Well… until now that is.

He grabbed the hand on his crotch. "Let go of me." he weakly commanded. Apparently, he still doesn't understand his place.

"You will obey my orders." I explained to him. "Refuse, and your village goes up in flames. Understand?" I stoked his member lightly through the fabric of his leggings.

The hero bite his bottom lip because of my touch. I repeated my question in a slightly threatening matter. Slowly he nodded his head. "Yes…"

"Good." I smiled at my achievement. "Now show me your understanding by striping." I released him so he could do so and sat leaning against the random statue in the middle of the room that I knew lead to a secret escape root.

There was no answer from him. He simply stood up and ran his fingers through his dirty blond hair. Without that stupid hat-- that I even refuse to wear --he looked adorable. You could see how young he was without it. He can't be more than eighteen or nineteen years old. I watched him as he removed his belts and started to look at our differences. Of course, I had black hair and crimson eyes while he was blond with bright sapphire eyes, but there are others. He had a tan from being in the sun all that time trying to save the land, while I have very pale looking skin from never being out in the sun. I always stuck to the shadows. I don't even know what the sun's warmth feels like.

He was almost done taking his clothes off. Only his leggings remained. I saw his face flush in embarrassment. I grinned. "Come on, hero." I darkly encouraged. "Lose them."

"I-- I--" he stammered cutely. "W-why do you even want me to do this?" He tried to glare at me.

My grin grew into a smile. I took off my belt and pulled down my leggings a bit to release my hard member. I observed in amusement as his eyes widened slightly before closing them and turned his head away. "What's wrong, hero?" I chucked loudly. "It's no different from your own."

"Your's…" His voice was so low I could barely hear him. "It's… a lot bigger…" He finally got out.

I stared at him in curiosity. "What? Don't tell me you never even pleasured yourself before." I got no answer from him and it shocked me. Almost a fully grown man has never masturbated before? "I see…" My smirk disappeared for a moment, but soon came back again. "Come here." I ordered as I held out my hand to him.

He opened his eyes again and stared at my waiting hand. Slowly, he stepped forward and took it. He gasped as I pulled him to his knees. "I guess I'm going to have to teach you how to do that." I smiled, thinking of him pleasuring himself in front of me. "But, that will have to wait until we get back to Ganon-sama's castle. As for right now…" I pushed his head down to come face to face with my awaiting crotch. "I'm demanding you to suck me off."

The hero looked a little frightened. He took in a deep breath and gradually released it. The warmth of his breath felt good as it gently blew against my member. He took the tip in his pure mouth and I couldn't help but thrust myself all the way in. He gagged and choked as I forced him to deep throat me; what a wonderful sound. I watched with lust filled eyes as he tried to calm himself and suck me the best he could with me shoving in and out repeatedly. I held the back of his head and pushed in as far as I could go. I bet he's having a hard time breathing right now, but Goddesses this felt so good.

I was feeling myself about to release. I grabbed the hero's blond hair tightly and held him still. "You… will swallow…" I panted out. I moaned low in my throat as I came in his mouth. He did what he told to the best of his ability as I settled my breathing. I ran my fingers through his hair and allowed him to pull away. He coughed harshly, trying to catch his breath while his face screwed up in revolting way.

I pulled up my pants and pulled him closer. He made a small noise of disapproval, but it doesn't matter what he wants. I made him sit in my lap with his bare back pressed up against my chest and wrapped my arms around his waist. I kissed the nape of his neck almost lovingly before biting down on it. He yelped, but didn't try to stop me. I sucked on the tiny wound I made and licked off the blood. Afterwards, I looked at my handy work. A dark red hickey marked his skin, showing that he belonged to me.

"You're mine, Link." I used his name for the first time. "No one else is allowed to touch you without my permission." He glared slightly at the floor. "Tell me who you belong to." I commanded as I bit his ear ring and tugged on it lightly.

He barred his teeth. For a moment I thought he was going to refuse. I was proven wrong. "You, Dark." He said smoothly.

I smiled and licked the inside of his ear. He shivered from the action. "That's not the right name a slave should be calling me. Try again." My voice had a soft, but evil tune in it.

There was slight hesitation again. Finally he said, "You, Goshujin-sama…" (1)

"Good, Sureibu." (2) I patted his head like a pet. "I'll let you keep these on until we get to the castle." I pulled on the hem of his leggings. "The moment we get there, they come off."

The hero didn't respond so I assumed he understood. "Get some sleep." I told him. "You'll be needing your strength tomorrow. As you were shown today the shadow world weakens you're body quite a bit."

I listened to him exhale through his mouth. I chuckled a bit before standing up and walking away from him. "Don't even bother to try to escape. I sealed this building with a wall of twilight so you'll be just wasting your time. And don't think I forgot about the secret escape root under that statue your sitting against. I locked that up too." When I got the end of the room I turned to face him. "I'll be leaving for the shadow world now. Enjoy your first night as a prisoner and slave." I then let the shadows cover me like a thick mist and vanished from his sight.

I saw him stare in the direction where I had disappeared from for a good minute or so. He then looked around at the windows and glared at my twilight barrier. Lowering his head in slight defeat he laid on the dusty floor and closed his eyes.

"Sweet dreams, my little pet."


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(1) "Master"

(2) "Slave"