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Finally, today is the day. I showered and put on my best clothes for the event of my life, my usual black tunic with shined boots. My sword is at my side and my hat was on perfectly. Nothing can go wrong today! I will avenge you my fallen ancestors. Watch me!

I headed out with a hooded black cloak. Matching in with the crowd when the hero takes his final breath is the best place to stand. I can't wait to hear their gasps and weeps of sorrow, their cries for their hero to return to them knowing very well that he can no longer protect them. It'll be sweet music to my ears.

When I walked outside I breathed in the cool air of the early morning; the sun was just coming over the side of Death Mountain. I used my shadow powers to get to town square and stared at all the preparations for midday. For a while I watched people walk by to put flowers under the stage that a single wooden chair sat. They were all wearing black, all ready to mourn the death of the hero.

I wonder how the hero is doing right now. I once again used my shadows to sneak my way in prison and when I got there I found that old man that taught the hero how to swing a sword. He must have heard the news and came right away.

"Don't go through with this!" Rusl exclaimed. "If we have more time I can go out to other countries to find a spell to remove these cuffs."

The hero was being unchained from the wall and handcuffed so he couldn't attack anyone. "Rusl..." The hero stared at the floor. "We can't wait... It's only a matter of time before Dark will break me out of here and use me to kill everyone in town." He looked up and smiled softly. "Tell everyone I'm sorry... and that I love them all." Of course; his final good-bye... How did I see that coming?

Rusl shook his head and bit his lip. "Don't say that!" He took two rough steps towards the hero and grabbed him by the collar of his shirt. The hero seemed surprised by this reaction. "You have defeated monsters five times your own size. You have traveled back and forth through these lands with only little amounts of food and water. You saved this entire country and you're telling me it's all over because of these cuffs?" When Link didn't say anything Rusl continued. "Give me a week."

"No Rusl..." The hero murmured. "Trust me. This is the only thing I can do."

"Then what will happen to Hyrule when you are gone?" Rusl questioned. I smirked, he had the hero there. "If Dark Link is still around he can take down everything under the orders of Ganondorf. Once you are gone fire will burn down all the towns and monsters will take over our civilization."

I was growing bored with their conversation and decided to make things more interesting. "Attack..." I whispered.

Right away the hero started to struggle and managed to knock out one of the guards. "Damn it...!" I heard him curse. "He's near!" He looked around as his body continued to fight.

Rusl backed up a little and started to search for me. I chuckled and showed myself and brought the hero into my arms. "Settle down, my pet." I smiled and the cuffs stopped taking control. The guards took out their swords.

Rusl glared at me. "Let go of him." He commanded, taking out his own sword and pointing it at me.
"Is that really necessary?" I questioned. "He's going to die later today so why try to save him?"

The hero pulled away from me, but I held him tightly against my chest. "Rusl... everyone, get out of here." The hero warned them.

"We're not going to leave you with him!" Rusl argued.

"I can handle him myself." The hero said back. "I'm already a dead man; you have a wife and kids to take care of back at home. Go! I don't want you to die because of me!"

I grinned. Rusl seemed to be having a hard time with this. "I'll bring him outside when we had our little talk." I told him. After a moment Rusl put his sword away. "Good."

"You better know what you're doing, Link." He and the other guard picked up the other guard that Link attacked and they all left.

Finally we are alone. I released the hero and he stumbled down to the floor. His feet were chained so he couldn't walk properly. "What are you doing in here?" He questioned. "Isn't it enough already?"

I knelt down and forced him to lie down on the cold ground. "I thought it would be fitting to have one more time together before you are put to death." I told him. "Let's removes those clothes, shall we?" I chuckled as I started to pull off the hero's clothes. He didn't struggle as I ripped the fabric to get it off around the chains that the hero had placed on him.

"It's never enough for you, is it?" The hero spoke. He gasped when I stroked his member, but other than that remained calm.

"You should know that by now." I said while playing with the ring pierced through the tip of the hero's member. I pushed down my pants to reveal my own member to him. "Suck it, hero." I ordered as I pressed his head down, forcing him to his knees. He looked adorable like that, his hands chained behind his back and his pretty mouth around my manhood.

I held his head still as I did most of the work, thrusting in and down of his mouth. He grunted, I think he's choking, not that I cared; I love hearing him choke. I soon kicked him away on his back, crushing his arms behind him as I lay on top of him. "Ready?" I questioned with a smirk, thrusting inside his tight hole fast and hard.

The hero gasped in slight pain. I would have expected him to fight against me, but since his friends were just outside he probably thinks I will kill them if he doesn't co-operate. No matter, I'll take him with or without a fight.

"Look at me, hero." I ordered. He kept his eyes shut though. With a harsh slap across the face and a repeat of my command he opened his bright blue eyes and glared at me. "Who do you belong to?"

"You..." He murmured, the word coming out of his mouth as if it was poison.

I slapped him again; his right cheek was turning red from my beating. "Louder, and moan for more. Beg for it!"

It took him a moment, but the hero did as I pleased. "You are, Goshujin-sama. Please... F-faster...!" He was saying the words, but it was easy to tell he wasn't meaning them.

However, I went faster and harder, his member was growing hard against his will. I chuckled and stroked it, earning a groan from the hero. A part of me might miss this, but oh well... It was good while it lasted.

After a few more thrusts I came inside him. He hissed at the hot liquid flowing into him before I allowed him to rest; not bothering to give him a release. He panted, gaining his breath quickly. I smirked.

"It's been fun, hero." I fixed my clothes and walked out of the cell where I found Rusl talking with the princess. I slammed the hero's cell door loudly to make myself noticed. "He's all yours." I said before vanishing from their sight.

I watched as they rushed towards the cell and opened it to find their hero worn out and naked in the middle of the room. The expressions on their faces were priceless, but the hero wins the competition. His eyes widened almost double the normal size and he got up as quickly as he could, covered himself up and blushing like mad. He's ashamed, he has always been ashamed. Before when I used his mouth he was able to hide what had happened before the princess could notice, but this time he was in full view.

For a while nobody moved, too shocked to do so. The princess was the first to step forward. "Why didn't you tell us...?" She questioned. The hero didn't answer her; his bangs were hiding his eyes now. "Link..." Slowly she knelt down and touched his red cheek.

"Always carrying everything on your shoulders..." Rusl took off his jacket and placed it over the hero's body.

The princess hugged the hero gently. "I'm sorry... when he kissed you that other time I never thought that..." Her voice trailed off.

The hero pulled Rusl's jacket closer to his body. "I'm alright. There's no point talking about it now." He looked up at the two. "Just give me some clothes and let's get on with this."

The princess and Rusl looked at each other. "There's no need to go through with this." Rusl murmured.

"Rusl, I have two choices." The hero's voice seemed on the edge. "I can die and let Dark do what he wants to Hyrule, or I can let Dark take control of my body and use me to do what he wants to Hyrule. What do you think is the better choice?"
"There has to be another way!" Rusl yelled. "Like I said; if you give me more-"

"There isn't any more time to waste!" He finally raised his voice. "I rather die than let him force me to destroy everything!" I can see the fire in the hero's eyes. He was serious about this. He's accepting death, in a way asking for it. The princess looked up at Rusl who was silenced by the hero's outburst. The hero continued. "I can't be the one to kill a bunch of people that I once saved. Please... kill me before he makes his move." There was an odd look that the hero gave to the princess. I don't understand it, but I guess it doesn't matter.

There was a long silence with a lot of tension. I was beginning to wonder if they were going to stick with the plans I had for them, but then the princess spoke. "Okay..." She said quietly. "Let's get this over with." I saw tears in her eyes.

Say your final prayers to the goddesses, people of Hyrule. By tomorrow morning this land will be in ruins.


I can't express how excited I am for this. People were gathered around, mostly men; a lot of women were inside their homes with their children. Of course the death of the Hero of Twilight shouldn't be seen by young eyes. If you looked closely enough though the small ones were in hiding; watching from rooftops and from inside of barrels sitting on the side of the road. Guards were out on the lookout for them but of course the guards aren't ones to search very hard for things.

It won't be long now. Soon the hero will sit down on that chair, be injected with deadly poison, then our biggest threat will be out of the way. None of my ancestors have came this far! I'm this close to succeeding, this close to becoming Ganon-sama's best creation! The only way to beat someone is to have someone as strong and intelligent as the one you're trying to defeat. Eventually only one will come out on top, and in this time period it will be me.

I bet that Ganon-sama won't be pleased with the humane way of killing the hero, but I don't want to destroy him physically. I want to destroy him mentally. I want him to see the tears in the eyes of the town's people. To hear them sob and weep. To top it off their screams of pure terror when I reveal myself to them right before he dies will make him feel absolutely useless. I can't wait to see his expression as his bright blue eyes dull and close.

After waiting for what seemed like forever the Hero was brought out, now dressed in his green hero clothing. He held his head high, like I thought he would, and looked out to the people. Once he stood in front of the wooden chair, Zelda stepped forward.

"My good people," She began, sorrow filling in her voice, "it is a sad day for all of us." Not for me, but do carry on princess. "There have been rumors going around about our hero and if he has betrayed us or not. He has never betrayed us, but he has been cursed." Murmurs were coming from every direction within the crowd. "Ganondorf had one last trick up his sleeve, and with that trick he has caused Link, the hero of twilight, to become a lethal weapon against his will. We have tried many spells and charms to break this curse, but none of them were enough. This execution..." She paused, having some trouble getting the words out. "This execution was his noble decision to protect us. And once again," She turned to face the hero a little. "I thank you for everything you have done for this country." The hero simply smiled at her, as if to say that a 'thank you' was not necessary.

As a man dressed in all black and a bag like mask took a step forward, the hero sat down and scanned his bright eyes along the crowd. He was searching for me and when he found me he smirked. I'm assuming it is his final attempt to piss me off, but that's not going to work. I smirked back at him, we both know that I am the winner of this time period and there's nothing he can do about it.

I watched as the executioner pulled out the lethal injection and gently poked the hero's arm. His smirk never wavered. My smirk only widened to a grin. I could almost feel how that drug was entering him, but instead of a deadly poison, this feeling was filled with excitement and pride. It was flowing through my veins and taking over my entire being. Now is the time to show myself to the people.

I tossed away the black cloak and with my magic, I lifted myself into the air. "People of Hyrule," I shouted. Many gasps and screams from women were heard. "Send your last fruitless prayer to the Goddess' above, for today is your last day living as free people! Ganondorf's time as ruler has finally arrived!"

I turned my crimson gaze over at the hero. But... why is he still smiling? I chuckled and floated over to him, knocking the princess away as I did so. "Look at your hero!" I told the people. "He knows that his country is about to be put into ruins and be rebuild as a new empire and yet he smiles. He's-"

"It's over, Dark." He said. Does this guy ever know when to give up? His eye lids were growing heavy already, the drug was on taking its first stage and putting him to sleep. "You lost..."

What is he talking about? How did I lose? "I'm about to take over Hyrule by Ganon-sama's command and you're about to die. You're the one that has lost, Link, hero of twilight."

Before the hero could say anything else, his eyes closed and his head hung low, he's asleep. Soon his breathing and heart will be stopped and he will be dead. Nothing can save him or the people.

Suddenly a pinch of pain came from my chest. I turned around thinking someone had tried to hit me, but no one was close enough to do so. It came again, this time more painful. "What's going on...?" I looked down and a shining spark of twilight was coming out of my chest. Every few seconds it grew bigger! "What is this?"

The princess stepped up with a serious expression. "My magic from that day you came to 'visit' Link." Wait... that spell wasn't a dud? "I combined your soul with his and as he dies... so do you."

I took a second of shock, before reaching out to her and grabbing her by the throat and lifting her off the ground. "You bitch!" I was about to kill her with my magic, but that hole in my chest grew wider. I dropped her and turned to look at the hero. He stopped breathing.

When the agony became too much and I fell to my knees. Twilight poured out of me, making the hole in my chest bigger until it took over my entire midsection. "Damn it!"

The hero died and the twilight took over my body, tearing me apart. I screamed out in frustration, anger and pain before everything vanished. It was all over...


They knew this would work this whole time... However they must have known I was spying on them or they would have told Rusl about their plans. I managed to kill the hero... but ended up getting myself killed in the process. Without me Ganondorf can't make his move... Even with two triforce pieces.

Now I'm floating around in a white abyss. With a blink of my eyes I saw the Goddess's appear with dark expressions. Of course they hate me. Why wouldn't they. The hero stood in front of them with that damn smile of his. He held out his hand and the full triforce appeared in it. I was confused by how he had it, especially in this realm, until it scattered in three pieces and downwards; down to the people next to hold their power. Now Ganondorf don't have any of the pieces. Damn the Goddess's... Damn the hero! Even though I damn them, I'm the one that's damn to be forever lost in this abyss. I hold no power in this world.

The Goddess's turned and walked away, and the hero was about to turn as well. However, before he did he couldn't help but wave to me. That angered me, but I believe that was the point. I tried to run after them, but no matter how fast I tried to move they were able to walk away and get further than I can ever go. I cursed under my breath.

"One day hero..." I murmured, mostly to myself since he was out of hearing range now. "One day you will fall and Ganondorf will rule Hyrule! You can't win all the wars! Our time will come and when it does Hyrule will be Ganondorf's to control!"

I looked around in the white realm, my new prison for eternity. I might as well get comfortable...

Forgive me, my Lord... I have failed you.


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