Plot Twist


"Ow, that hurt!" Chris exclaimed. "I swear if it wasn't one thing for the lights in the elevator to explode, now I'm knocked on my.... on my...... What in the?"

Chris stood up and looked around. He was in a dark room, much larger than the small dorm elevator he had just walked into. "This is messed up," he told himself. He began to fumble around aimlessly searching for a light switch.

"SONOFA-!" Chris yelled as he stubbed his toe into a solid steel wall, "Man, if I could just get the lights on in here, I wouldn't bash my foot to pieces." At that moment, fluorescent lights turned on in the room. There were many boxes of various sizes and colors, although none appeared to be labeled. Chris looked to see where he had stubbed his toe and noticed that it wasn't a wall, but a large door.

"Well, now I can see. Let's see if I can get this door open." Before he could even examine it, the door before him slid down into the floor. "Now that's service!" Chris looked down the corridor in front of him. There were at least 8 doors on either side and the corridor ended in a staircase. "Well, crap. Where should I go from here?"

"Sir, I have illuminated a suitable path along the corridor. I highly recommend you follow it," came a cool female voice over the intercom. "Oh jeez! Okay, first of all who are you? Second of all, where am I?" Chris demanded.

"In response to your first question, my name is Alex. I am the one currently in charge of this base. In response to your second question, I am not at liberty to answer," the voice responded.

"Not at... Now listen here, Alex, unless I've been kidnapped I believe I have a right to know where I am. Now tell me, am I kidnapped or what?" Chris asked, irritated.

"Sir, you have not been kidnapped. I am simply not allowed to answer a majority of the questions you must have. However, if you follow the illuminated path, it will lead you to someone who is," Alex answered, apparently unfazed at Chris's anger.

Chris let out a sigh and began following the path. It took him down the corridor, into an elevator (a rather large one at that), and then to what was labeled as the middle level. As the doors opened, the illuminated path continued. Chris followed it and eventually wound up in a room with a large conference table and an even larger TV.

As he walked in, the door quickly shut and locked behind him. Well isn't that just peachy?, though Chris. "Please, sir, take a seat at the table," Alex asked kindly. As Chris sat down, the TV came on, showing only a shadowed figure. The figure then began to speak.

"Hello, Christopher Kennedy. I hope you didn't hurt yourself on the way in." The voice was clearly male, and seemed to be rather aged. Perhaps he was in his 50s. "Oh, no, it was very comfortable falling flat on my ass," Chris retorted.

"A smart-ass, huh? Then my memory hasn't failed me," the voice said in an almost nostalgic way. "So, what is it you want with me? Who are you? Why am I here? Just where IS here?" Chris asked quickly. "Calm down, boy. I'll answer all your questions in due time. For now, I'll only answer your second question, but not directly. I want you to figure it out," the old man teased.

"Great, kidnapped and now I've gotta answer a freaking riddle," Chris groaned. "You aren't kidnapped. Once our conversation is over, you may leave of your own free will, although I highly doubt you will wish too. If I told you I was a Kessler, what would you say?" Chris could see a small grin on the shadowed figure. "What the hell is a kessler?" Chris asked, annoyed. "Come now, can't you think of anything named Kessler?" the old man asked as he chuckled.

Chris sat in the conference chair and pondered. After about five minutes it hit him. "Wait a minute, I know what Kessler is. He was the bad guy from that game inFAMOUS." Chris answered. "Indeed he was. But I said I was a Kessler. What was Kessler in inFAMOUS? He was the future version of the main character, Cole. So what does that mean to you?"

There was now a large, obvious grin on the shadowed figure's face. Chris closed his eyes and said, "It means, that you're..... me?" Chris ventured a guess, not entirely serious.

When Chris opened his eyes, the figure was now longer cloaked in shadows. It was almost like looking into a mirror, except he had graying hair and a few wrinkles. "Bingo."