Plot Twist

Chapter 1

"I wasn't being serious when I answered that question." Chris said, slightly shaken.

"Ah, but I am being entirely serious right now. I am you, but about 25 years older," Christopher answered.

"You'll excuse me if I call bullshit on this," Chris retorted.

"You are excused. I understand your hesitance in accepting the current situa-," Christopher began. "Now see, that's the first problem right there. You talk too proper. I don't talk like that," Chris said quickly. "Indeed, you do not. At least not at the moment anyway. Later occurrences will change that. For now, I believe an answer to a question only you would know the answer to would suffice."

"Alright, smart guy, if you're really me in the future, then you would know exactly the question I would ask in this situation," Chris smarmed.

"Indeed, and the answer is 'alphabeticalization'," Christopher answered.

Chris just stared at the monitor in disbelief. "I…well…okay then. How are you talking to me though?" Chris asked.

"It is a very difficult thing to explain. I use a device that allows me to view into the past, allowing me to film myself in a way that makes it appear I am speaking to you live. This is actually a recording," Christopher explained.

"Interesting. Well then, how about answering my other questions?"

"One has already been answered. You know who I am. I am afraid I cannot tell you where 'here' is, but I will answer your other two questions."

"I do not know how this all began. Such is the case with time loops. With what you already know about time-travel, you realize that it is always best to prevent the time stream from changing. That is why I have brought you here. I am afraid that I cannot directly reveal much to you. That is why Alex was programmed. She will be your 'guide' as it were. In fact, this is where I must leave you. Further recordings will be revealed to Alex to be shown to you when the time is right. Farewell."

With that, the screen went dark. The lights in the room rose to normal levels. "Well, this is heavy," Chris murmured.

"Considering your current situation, that is an excellent pun, sir." Alex chimed.

"So you're actually an AI or something?" Chris asked.

"That is mostly correct. I believe the closest equivalent you are currently aware of would be EDI from the first half of Mass Effect 2," Alex responded. "However, there is no method to 'unlock' me per se."

"Figures. So what is even the point of this place?" Chris asked.

"Please follow the lighted path. All will be made clear."

The conference room door unlocked and sunk into the floor, revealing a new path along the corridor. Chris followed them around the corner into what appeared to be a science lab. "Please take a seat in the chair near the rear of the room." Alex spoke cooly.

"Not until you tell me what it does," Chris demanded. "The chair functions similarly to the Ancient Knowledge Database in Stargate. However, it will not cause the same 'overload' as seen in the show. You will be perfectly fine," Alex explained.

"I'm still skeptical, but seeing as how future me is apparently OK, I suppose it's safe enough." Chris sat in the chair and waited. After about ten seconds, a helmet covered his head. He could feel the knowledge being placed in his brain for about five seconds before he fell unconscious.

He woke up several hours later, still in the chair. "Damn, I imagine this is what a hangover feels like. I can't think of anything I learned though, what's the deal?" Chris asked. "The knowledge unlocks on a need to know basis, in an effort to reduce mental strain. Now if you would please follow the lighted path to the next location, there is something you must see."

Chris took a minute to gather himself, then walked along the path back to the elevator. He was headed back down to the bottom level. As he continued along the path, he finally came to a large door labeled 'IDT Room'. He pressed the switch to open the door and followed the path a little further. When he finally reached the last marker he said, "Okay, now what?" Alex responded, "Please wait while the room is brought online."

Chris could hear the whirring of generators powering up. The lights in the room began to get brighter. Then, in front of him, he saw it. For lack of a better description, it was a very futuristic looking stargate. But of course it wasn't a stargate. The knowledge in his brain told him that. It was an InterDimensional Tunneler.

And now, it was his to do with as he wished.