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When Gina and Sarai left the day after, Reggie went with them. She wanted nothing to do with the other inhabitant of her house right now, he was crazy and she was steadily growing sure that it was rubbing off on her. She wasn't sure what she was going to do when the day was over and she had to go home, but somehow felt it was best to get out of there for a while.

Grabbing a few clothes, she took one last look at his closed door, 'Wonder if she's still in there with him?' the thought came, but Reggie made no effort to answer it. It wasn't any of her business what he did at this point. She also knew that whatever feelings she had about him and this situation were nothing short of toxic and needed to be dispersed in its infancy. A part of her hoped time away from one another would help to clear his head and that slowly but surely they could get things back to what they were.

"So," Seth said, taking a sip of his soda, "What do you like to do for fun?"

Reggie, in spite of everything that was happening, was having a pretty good time. Seth, despite their 4 year age difference had turned out to be an awesome guy. The sweet, but real kind of guy Reggie looked for in a boyfriend. A skater majoring in digital arts, he had his own campus magazine, and he enjoyed pretty much everything Reggie enjoyed herself.

"You listed everything I like," she answered with a smile.

"You're a skater?" he asked, his eyes wide.

"I play hockey, soccer, skate, state board, bike, anything that has to do with being outside really," she answered.

"Sweet!" he said, "Most girls I know aren't into that stuff, they only stand at the sidelines- which is nice don't get me wrong, but to actually be able to do a vert pipe with a girl? That sounds great."

The rest of their date went off without a hitch. Reggie beat Seth in a few video games, he won her a stuffed rabbit at the carnival, she even told him about all her problems with boyfriends in the past. Seth was definitely a guy she could go for and would, if she had anything to say about it.

Night fell and soon the two had to part. Seth walked Reggie over to carnivals entrance. The two stood there, side by side watching the brilliant reds, green, and golds of the Ferris wheel lights slowly spinning against a starless black sky.

"Gina's going to be picking you up?" Seth asked, "I can give you a ride if you want."

"Nah, she just texted me that she was on her way, I don't want to make her turn back now." Reggie said, she looked down at the ground, "I had a really nice time tonight."

Seth grinned, turning to the violet haired girl next to him, "I did too."

"I'm glad I didn't bore you too much," she said, sticking her tongue out at him. Seth reached over and tucked some stray hair behind her ear, "You, my dear Reggie are anything but boring."

"At the risk of being forward. I should like to kiss you," He said with a really bad English accent. Reggie giggled, "O.k. Harry Potter."

Seth frowned, "Harry Potter? I was going for Pierce Brosnin."

"Shut up and kiss me," Reggie demanded playfully. She closed her eyes as the tall boy swooped down, planting a soft kiss on her lips.

"Until tomorrow then," he said, turning to walk away. He turned, still walking backwards, "Which will happen!"

Reggie waved to him before starting down the boardwalk. For the first time in ages, she felt truly excited over the second date.

She reached into her pants pocket, "I wonder if I should text him?"

She fished out her phone and was surprised to see a black iPhone staring back at her from her hand, 'Damn! I forgot I was holding it for him,' she cursed mentally. 'Maybe I can give it to Gina,' she contemplated. She then shook her head, 'No, this thing is new. If it gets lost…'

Turning, Reggie took off back in the direction of the carnival, he couldn't have gone far. With hope she could return it to him.

The carnival had been set up in a precarious location that year. A small section of North Ocean Shores bad been cleared of an old picnic area and diner between the boardwalk and a beach access. Unusual for the citizens of that city as the carnival was always on the boardwalk itself, 'The boardwalk is far too old to support the weight of the rides,' Reggie remembered her father telling her once. All the new location meant was that in order to park and get to the carnival, a person had to park at the beach access and walk down a concrete sea-side bridge.

Reggie stood at the start of the bridge, second guessing her ability to go through it. The walk never scared her in the past, but the lights were out, bathing it in darkness. 'Seth had to go through here, so it's probably safe,' her mind was sure, but her feet were not so convinced.

"WHOOO!" A loud cheer erupted from the direction of the carnival. Reggie turned to see a rowdy group of guys exiting the gates and starting in her direction. Scared, she sprinted into the darkness, 'I have to get to Seth. Make him walk me back!'

Reggie cleared the dark pathway in seconds and started behind a building to the parking lot. As soon as she turned the corner she could see Seth in the distance. As he passed some crates a hooded figure appeared and started after him. Reggie's heart jumped into her throat, she screamed to Seth, but the ocean waves caught her cry and swept it back out to sea. She broke into a run as the figure neared Seth and grabbed his shoulder.

Reggie was feet away when the figure spoke, "Have a nice time with Reggie?"

The teen girl ducked behind the crates the figure walked out of and listened.

"Yeah…who are you again?" Seth asked.

"None of your business, that's who. I'm just here to tell you to stay away from Reggie."

Seth crossed his arms over his chest, "What are you, a jealous ex or something? I don't see why I should stop seeing her."

The figure's fist shot out and caught Seth on the side of his head. Seth flew back from the sudden blow, crashing against the cement railing. In a flash the figure was in front of him, pinning the college guy against the ocean below. A knife was pulled from the boy's hoodie and held against Seth's neck, "I won't tell you again, stay away from Reggie, do you understand?"

Reggie bolted out from behind the crates and charged the figure, pushing him away with all her might. The boy fell to the ground, rolling over a few times and dropping the knife.

Seth jumped up and started running towards the carnival. He grabbed at Reggie, trying to pull her with him, her shoulder jerked in the direction he was pulling her in but Reggie wouldn't budge, "What are you crazy? Let's get out of here!" He shouted. He tugged on her fruitlessly a few more times before deciding the best option was to get a cop and took off towards the carnival.

Reggie plucked the knife from the ground and pointed it at the figure as he rose. "Who are you?" she asked, the figure remained silent. "Are you the reason boys have been avoiding me? How many times have you done this in the past? Since the beginning?" Her words grew louder with each sentence, still he said nothing.

Rage consumed her. "Who are you!" she screamed.

Reaching up, the figure grabbed the hem of his hood and brought it down.

The knife fell from Reggie's hand as soon as she saw his face.


Sure enough his head rose in recognition, those clear black eyes gazed at her from underneath his thick dreads.

"I told you…didn't I? I told you you belonged to me?" he asked.

Her anger boiled over, with all her might she threw Seth's phone at Otto, hitting him square in the chest, "How long Otto?"

"Since the beginning."

"The beginning?" she screamed, "You've been fucking with my life from the start?"

"I NEVER-!" he began to shout, making Reggie jump. He relaxed, "I never meant for this to happen." He looked at her, flashing her that famous Otto grin, "Who does, y'know?"

The boy then took a deep breath, touching the one thing that until this point had been the elephant in their room.

"When I got sick…everything changed, Reg. I couldn't go out anymore, no one could see me whenever they wanted, I couldn't go to school. It was like Otto Rocket suddenly disappeared off the face of the earth."

Reggie's shoulders relaxed, "O-Otto..."

"You were the only thing that reminded me I was there. You sacrificed so many hours when I was sick, cancelled so many dates when I had relapses. I saw your isolation Reg, don't think I didn't."

Reggie laughed and sobbed at the same time. She thought she put on the perfect facade back in those days. There really were somethings she coudln't hide from Otto.

"When the feelings started, I tried so hard to purge them. I went to therapist, psychologists, anyone who could help me." He looked up at the night sky as dark clouds filled the sky, thunder began to roll in from the east, and the humid smell of rain filled the air.

"But you can't fix who you fall in love with, especially when you realize you've been in love with them long before this all set in."

Reggie looked up at him in shock. The threats of rain gave way to action as a shower swept over the land. Beads of water penetrated Otto's dreads, escaping at the bottom. Reggie's tears were washed away. Both were getting soaked, but neither made a move for shelter. Nothing existed at that point, nothing but the person in front of them.

"It's not an illness, not a stage of insanity, people fall in love all the time. The term "Siblings" is just a mark, a tag, just superficial. When it comes down to it I'm a man who fell in love with a woman. Is that so wrong?"

"Well aren't you the philosopher?" Reggie spat, "Man or woman, brother or sister, it doesn't make it right to try to keep me chaste while you fuck around with every girl under the sun!"

"If you must know, I sent Tanya home." He said, "I couldn't go through with it and sent her packing."

An unsettling wave of relief washed over Reggie when she heard those words.

Otto kept walking towards her, "But that poses an interesting question in my mind. Are you mad?"

She pushed the relief aside and glared at him, "Of fucking course I am! Fucking with my life-,"

"Not that," he cut her off and stopped two feet away from her, "When I went into the room with Tanya, did that make you angry?"

"Yes," she said, Otto was the one who looked surprised at that moment, he never expected Reggie to tell him the truth so easily.

Reggie wrung her hands together, "I was furious…when I saw you go into the room with her. I felt betrayed, I felt like she was…"

"Like she was…?" Otto asked.

Reggie fought for a moment to keep the rest of the sentence inside, "Like she was touching something that belonged to me…"

Something inside Reggie snapped. Otto lifted his arm to touch her face, but Reggie moved back, this was crazy; this was all just too crazy! She bent down and picked up the knife, "Stay away from me!" she screamed.

Otto kept advancing, eventually trapping Reggie against the wall of the diner. Reggie kept the knife pointed at him, "It's your choice Reg," he pressed his abdomen against the knife, allowing the sharp piece of metal to penetrate the top layer of his skin. Reggie gasped as small droplets of blood stained through his hoodie and started a small river down the blade to her hand.

"I won't change. So kill me, or love me." His eyes stared into hers, unafraid and terrified all at the same time.

Reggie plunged the knife into his (Ha! Just kidding)

The knife clanged loudly against the cement floor between the two of them. She made her decision.

With a sob she closed the small distance between them and threw her arms around Otto's neck. The first kiss was a forced one; this was, after all not something she ever imagined herself doing, but like every first it grew easier and more passionate with every break.

The rain, which doused their bodies slid between them, washing away the uncertainty and hesitation. Otto pressed Reggie against the wall of the diner and planted a soft kiss on her lips, sliding her to the side of the building that was bathed in darkness. Seth would not be coming back, the coward. Even if Otto never loved Reggie the way he did, there was no way in hell he'd give her up to someone to weak. Rain caught in their mouths as their tongues clashed against each other. Thunder mimicked the roar of lust surging through their heated bodies.

Reggie loved Otto, she loved him in a way she no longer understood. She could tack it up to pity, but no amount of pity would warrant a sane person to commit such an incestuous act. That was another thing, was she just insane? She didn't feel insane. She also never believe she was one to break that easily, she was in her right mind that much she knew and, she decided, she loved the man kissing her.

Otto was slower to move than Reggie. Perhaps he was afraid she would stop him at any given moment, she would regain her senses and reject him with everything she was. The teenaged girl had absolutely no intention of doing so and proved it by grabbing Otto's hand and placing it at the hem of her skirt.

"Touch me," she whispered against the lobe of his ear. When Otto didn't move she lifted the skirt and took his hand into her own, sliding them both underneath her sheer, white underwear.

Otto finally found himself and took over, parting the petals of her sex and stroking the pink bud inside. His fingers tickled at her, teasing her at a slow and tortuous pace. His other hand unbuttoned her blouse, fondling the tan mound of flesh beneath her bra, kneading it to where her erect nipple slipped between the space where his middle and ring finger converged. Reggie panted at first, hating loud monkey-like moans that people seemed to make during sex, but became a living contradiction as he sped up the pace. She moaned his name into the rainy night as her body shook to it's core and was swept away in a wave of pure ecstacy.

Wasting no time, Otto unzipped his jeans, lifting a leg onto a nearby crate to keep his pants from falling down. Reggie would not undress either, rather she moved the crotch of her underwear to the side. Otto lifted her up, allowing his lover to wrap her legs around his torso and slipped into her with ease. Both moaned in unison as their bodies connected, her sensitive sleeve encompassing his hard member. Their mouths found each other as he slowly slid out of her and re-entered, continuing the act over and over again. It was never Otto's intention for their first time to be a quicky on the side of a diner, but he felt in the end that it was a perfect homage to a someone unusual start of a relationship. "God, Otto, stop fucking with me!" she whimpered against his mouth. Otto complied and grabbed her ass, ramming himself into her at a faster and harder pace. Reggie screamed in pleasure, clawing at his back. Deciding to go all out, Otto moved her to the ground and pounded in to her with all his might. Groaning her name into her neck, he waited until her walls tightened around his member to fall over the edge as well and climax.

Their bodies remained frozen in the spiral that consumed them. Otto was the first to relax, panting against Reggie's chest in pure and complete exhaustion. She followed suit and relaxed as well, embracing his head and kissing the top of his dreads.

Looking up, they gazed at each other. "I love you Otto," Reggie whispred.

"You don't know how good that sounds," He said with a grin, "And I love you."

"Come on, let's go home."

Her choice carried many burdens, many problems, trials and tribulations, but with time her heart came to love him as passionately as he loved her and all the problems were harsh, but bearable. Their relationship took them on many different adventures, but that my friends, is a whole other story.

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