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After showing Alice the spare room, I decide it's high time to get cleaned up myself and haul my tired ass into the bathroom adjacent to my and Emmett's bedroom.

As I scrub away the events of the day and ponder the various deaths of Edward, I hear the bathroom door slide open and spot the tiny woman of my dreams as she shuffles in, clad in only a black satin bath robe.

"There more to all of this than you're telling me," she accuses in way of greeting as she lowers the toilet seat lid and sits down on it.

"When I was fourteen, I met this guy who had everything-money, looks, a big cock-his name was Royce King. And he wanted me," I confess, shutting the spigot off and reaching for the towel she holds out, "Wanted me badly."

"Royce King? Wasn't he the heir of King Enterprise, that big banking firm based in New York?" her expression is awed as she peers up at me, "I thought he committed suicide years ago."

"I'll get to that part," I motion for her to follow me back into my room, where I find my kimono style robe and shrug it on before dropping onto the bed in front of her, "Royce didn't seem to care about my age and I didn't give a damn about it either."

"At first, things were amazing-especially the sex-and he often indulged me in my taste for women, which I was grateful for. I got so wrapped up in him so quickly that I didn't even realize that I was losing my grip on the real world, or the fact that he was pushing that along. It took only a few months time before all I did was go on the occasional modeling job and have sex either with him or with people he brought home to watch me with."

"I am getting the distinct feeling that things didn't end well," she surmises when I pause to light a cigarette, "Stories like this never have a happy ending."

"If we all had happy endings, most of us wouldn't be where we are," I nod solemnly and blow out the acrid smoke, "The thing with Royce is that everything I didn't know about him eventually came back to bite me in the ass big time."

"About eight months after he had convinced me to move into his penthouse with him, I found out that I was pregnant. I thought he'd be happy, since he was always telling me how much he loved me and such. I was so wrong. He kicked the shit out of me the night I told him while screaming that I'd ruined everything-that people were paying him good money to get a taste of my young, tight little pussy, but none of them were going to want to fuck a pregnant whore-and how dare I embarrass him like this."

"Those people he was bringing home, they were paying him to have sex with an underage girl? That's horrible," the sympathy in her coffee hued orbs is almost too much to bear, so I divert my gaze towards the bedspread.

"I had been a prostitute the entire time and didn't even realize it," I finally confess, wiping a few rogue tears away with the back of my hand, "He finally did hit me enough to make me start miscarrying, but then I wouldn't stop bleeding so he had one of his goons drop me off at the hospital while he had his parents private jet shuttle him back to the Big Apple. The doctor on call thought I'd been raped and I was too out of it at the time to say any different. That turned out to be a good thing, in the end. The DNA they'd retrieved from the fetus helped them link Royce to more than a dozen more girls who he had done the same exact thing to. Girls who were paid by his family to keep quiet about what their son had done to them. I don't know the exact details of it, but once these girls started coming forward and the warrant was issued for his arrest, Royce decided he'd rather eat a bullet than go to trial. That little factoid never made it to the press, thanks to his mommy and daddy."

"But how does this explain why you want to help me? I'm just a nobody with an asshole for a husband," her thin shoulders slump as she utters the self depreciating words.

"Because you are a somebody to me Alice-a very important somebody-as cheesy as it sounds," I reach out and lay a hand on one of her porcelain cheeks, "And any motherfucker who thinks they have a right to hurt or abuse another person deserves to die."

"I don't know what to say," she murmurs, "Thank you, I guess." Suddenly I have my water fairy back in my arms, her lips insistently moving against mine. Her hands bury themselves in my wet hair as her tongue traces my lips and I open them eagerly.

Her strength makes another appearance as she forces me back against the pillows and I gasp into her mouth as our robes shift just enough so that our bare skin makes contact. Unable to help myself, I slip my hands into the split of her garment and glide my hands over the cool flesh of her ribs, eventually finding and palming her petite mounds, my thumbs caressing their pebbled peaks.

She responds by leaning into my touch and rotating her pelvis against mine. "F-feels so good t-to be touched again," she moans into my mouth as her uninjured hand drifts down and tugs our robes the rest of the way open, "I-it's been so l-long..."

Her dainty hand brushes over my sex and my hips involuntarily hitch in reaction. I feel her lips curl upwards in approval at the motion, then she dips a single fingers between the fleshy folds and rubs a slow circle around my cluster of nerves.

I try to resist letting my eyes roll back in my head when Alice unexpectedly pulls back, clutching her chest. "My h-heart," she whimpers, rolling off to the side and curling into a tight ball, "Rose, I need m-my medicine, it's i-in my b-bag."

In a flash, I'm up and racing to the spare bedroom, on the look out for the bag she'd brought in with her. Luckily it's sitting on the bed, so I upend it, spilling it's contents everywhere. Frantically I search for a prescription bottle and find three, so I grab them and bolt back to her.

"I found three, which one is it?" She extends a shaky hand and grasps one of the orange bottles then weakly tries to pry it open. Seeing her struggle, I snatch it back and open it before pulling out a pill and pressing it to her lips. "Here," I instruct then grab my bottle of water from the night stand and help her take a drink.

Once satisfied that she isn't going to pass out or die on me, I crawl onto the bed behind her and wrap my arms around her diminutive frame while she struggles against the pain. It seems like an eternity before she relaxes and her breathing slows to a less laborious pace. It's not until she rolls over, burying her hand in my hair and laying her head on my chest, that I discover that she's fallen asleep.

Too wired from everything that's happened, the only thing I can do is wait. And wonder what the hell I'm going to do now.

If you are reading this, know that I love you :-)