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Little darling, it feels like years since it's been here
Here comes the sun, here comes the sun
and I say it's all right

"Bella I can't freakin believe you…you have to be the luckiest bitch in the whole of Victoria!" Alice squealed as she helped me pack my suitcase.

My father, Charlie, is going to this big, seven day, all expenses paid conference in Bali for the Australian Pharmaceutical Industry and he got a plus one, as I am an only child and Charlie has no wife/partner, I am fortunate enough to be that plus one. Even more fortunate for me was the fact that I turned 18 two days ago and Charlie was extended our holiday for a further seven days as my 18th present…that and two year old black Suzuki Swift…which I hearted.

"Charlie, why couldn't you have taken me? You know that you like me better!" Alice yelled down the stairs in Charlie's general direction. "What, it's true!" She countered when I gave her an incredulous look.

"Alli I really appreciate all your help but if you're just going to bitch and moan the whole time then forget it, I'll call Jessi." Alice had been my best friend since the dawn of time, well since kindergarten. She practically lived at my house and was another daughter to Charlie, not that he minded he adored the tiny nightmare.

"Bitch please, you know that Jess would only pack your ugly clothes, which by the way you seem to have an awful lot of."

Did I mention that Alice is the Fashion Nazi, has been for the 14 years I have known her, I'll go so far as to say that the first thing she said to me at the tender age of four was something about my hideous denim overalls.

"Isn't it really cheap to buy stuff over there? I swear I have heard of being able to buy a dress for like $4 and a beer for 50 cents."

"How the fuck would I know? I haven't been farther than goddamn Echuca (only 2.5 hours from Melbourne) in my whole life" She griped throwing a pair of my bathers in the trash.

An hour and more bitching and moaning from Alice later, Charlie came upstairs to inform me that we had 15 minute before we were leaving for the airport. Alice and I had made an executive decision that I would just buy clothes over there, so in my suitcase at the moment was the barest of essentials.

"Hey, will that Cullen guy be going to this conference?" Alice asked Charlie as he turned to leave.

The Cullen's my families' sworn enemies. About 10 years ago my mother was dying of ovarian cancer, at the time Charlie owned the most successful string of pharmacies in the country, he made a decision to sell them so that he could stay at home with mum. C&J Cullen Pharmaceuticals purchased our business. Charlie only had one stipulation in the sale, he wanted to return to the business as Retail Manager, Carlisle and James, head of the company, happily agreed. My mother died ten days later. Three weeks after her death Charlie wanted to return to work, Carlisle and James on the other hand, had different idea's and fired him.

Luckily Charlie had made a lot of money from the sale and had a number of very loyal employees who followed him when he stated up another company, a company that is now nearly as big as the one he sold. And that is how Carlisle and James Cullen came to be the sworn enemies of the Swan family (that's us by the way).

"Unfortunately Alli I dare say they will be, I can't imagine the Cullen's would give up an opportunity to gloat and big-note. I hate those pricks" Charlie seethed.

"Charles, now that Bella is freshly 18 in Bali she will be able to drink, smoke and go clubbing." A huge smile spread across my face, I couldn't wait to go out, I hadn't a chance here yet as my birthday was on a freakin Tuesday…so annoying.

"There will be no smoking but I guess having a couple of drinks and seeing a few nightclubs wouldn't be too much of an issue, I know that a few of the others are taking their kids, some of them are around Bella's age." Alice and I both squealed and jumped up and down on the spot, warranting an eye roll from Charlie. "Not that he being 18 matters, there are no age laws in Bali." Charlie added.

"What? This is sooo unfair!" Alice squealed and stomped her foot, Alice was young for our year level, her birthday wasn't until February next year and she desperately more than anything wanted to go out to a club, that girl loves to dance. Alli begrudgingly helped us pack our bags into the car.

"I'm going to miss you so much!" She said throwing her arms around my neck.

"Fuck's sake Alice don't cry we will only be gone for two weeks" I said removing her from my neck.

"I know it's just that we haven't spent this long apart in…well…ever." As I thought about it I realised it was true, we hadn't spent longer than four days apart in the entire 14 years we had known each other.

"Hey Al, listen you know that you can stay here when ever you need while were gone. Just no parties."

Charlie had given Alice a key to our place years ago, she didn't have the best home life, her father was an alcoholic and her mum was…a pathetic excuse for a woman who allowed her fuckstick husband to beat her and Alice up.

"Thanks Charles. Have a great time guys. I'll miss you both!"

We waved to Alice who was still standing on our porch, I had no doubt that she wouldn't leave our place the whole time we were gone.

Eight hours later Charlie and I were standing in the Bali airport, in the long, long queue for customs. The first thing I noticed about Bali is the smell, it's a damp humid sort of smell, not offensive at all, it's just so different to anything I've ever smelt before. The second is that everyone goes in slow motion, no one is in a rush…at all. The airport was old and small but I expected that, I mean it is third world country. About one and a half hours later we were in the bus heading for our hotel.

"This place is out of control!" I said as I looked out the window at the traffic. The road was three lanes wide but you would never had known it, cars, trucks, bikes were everywhere, no-one seemed to be paying any attention to the lane allocation.

"Oh my god Bella, look at this!" Charlie yelled from his window, I scooted over and saw a family of six on a bike (Vesper), two adults and four kids, one of whom was asleep with his head on the handlebars.

"You have got to be shitting me" I immediately dug around for my camera, Alice would never believe this.

In the 45 minute trip to our hotel our bus was hit by bikes a total of three times, I feared for my life at least six times and Charlie said fuck an uncountable number of times. All in all, I fuckin loved Bali! You could see that they had established basic road rules but then completely ignored them. For example they did have the occasional traffic light, by that I mean we saw one the whole trip from airport, however if the light was red the other motorist would allow you to disobey it as long as you beeped your horn…a lot.

Our resort was honestly like nothing I had ever seen before, well except for on The Great Outdoors. The first week, the week of the conference we were staying at The Grand Hyatt, a five star all inclusive repost in Nusa Dua. The style of the resort is what you would call traditional Balinese but with a contemporary twist. The foyer was enormous and completely open, there were no walls. Charlie and I just couldn't fathom it. No walls!

The staff are so lovely and welcoming and they gave us a complimentary drink on arrival so I was totally loving them. They went through all the features of the resort, it had five restaurants, three bars, six swimming pools, a full day spa and its own private beach. I had truly died and gone to heaven. Before we were shown to our room, the Ocean View Twin room, the concierge informed us that Charlie had to go to the grand ballroom in 20 minutes for registration and a short information session, she suggested that I book at treatment at the spa while I waited for him…I couldn't disagree with that.

The spa was incredible, it was like a floating city, all the rooms were off the main lobby and you had to take stepping stones across the water to get there. Everything was white sandstone and dark wood, it was stunning. I opted for a one hour 45 minute treatment pack. I had never been to a spa before, not really a spa type of girl plus it costs a fortune to go to one back home where are this two hour session was costing me, well Charlie, a whole 45 bucks.

"How was the spa kiddo?" Charlie asked as I sauntered back into our room.

"I am having one of those every single day that we are here. Seriously Charlie, it is amazing…let's go get one tomorrow." Charlie just laughed at me as he picked up the conference itinerary.

"Sweetheart listen, for the first two days I am going to have to leave you on your own for a bit, I have two solid days of listening to guest speakers. So I have organised for us to go to dinner tonight with some people from work who have bought their kids that way you can get to know them and then perhaps you can spend the days with them. What do you think?"

"I feel so awesome after that treatment that you could tell me my ass is on fire and I would think it was great."

"Well in that case I had better let you know that the Mallory's are here."

"For fuck's sake. And they are coming to dinner aren't they?"

"Ease up on the language and yes they are. Bella that was a long time ago, you have both grown up so why don't you give her a second chance."

Lauren Mallory and I didn't get along, no scrap that I hate Lauren Mallory. For years we have had little altercations but it all came to a head four years ago at Charlie's work Christmas Party. I was speaking to this really cute boy called Jacob, we were getting along really well when Lauren decided that she wanted Jacob. So instead of just butting in like a normal person would, she, while carrying a fresh bowl of punch, pretended to trip and dumped the entire bowl all over my…WHITE…dress. I turned around and pulled her hair and then we ended up on the ground trying to claw each others eyes out.

"I'll give her one chance to redeem herself." I turned and headed to my bedroom to get ready.

"That a girl…oh and Jacob is here." Instantly my face blushed bright red, an annoying trait that prevents me from lying or playing any forms of poker.

Jacob Black. Jacob's father had been one of the loyal employees that followed my father as a result they have become great friends. I have known of Jake since I can remember but really only met him three times. He is a year older than me and he is gorgeous, I mean he is probably the best looking guy I have ever seen. He is really tall and tanned, in fact I think he might have a bit of islander or something in him, last I saw him he had long dark hair and eyes so bright that they sparkle from across the room. His smile is what gets you though, its like the sun.

Suddenly a little more concerned about what I was wearing to dinner I ripped my suitcase open only to curse Alice. The only suitable outfit she packed for me to wear was a tiny strapless black bandage dress. I immediately picked up my phone to message her when I realised that it wasn't working. Fuck! I had completely forgotten to get international roaming connected.

I hurriedly got dressed and did my hair, and by that I mean I ran my fingers through it and left it out, sometimes having curly hair is a blessing, most times is a curse but tonight it was working in my favour. I exited the bedroom and went straight for the computer.

"Isabella Swan you are not…"

"Don't even Charlie." I interrupted Charlie knowing exactly what he was going to say. "Fucking Alice only packed one dress. Tomorrow I will be going to the markets to buy some dresses so don't stress."

"I really don't feel comfortable with you going out in that"

"Well it's this or a bikini, and if it makes you feel better I don't feel comfortable either." We had about six minutes before dinner so I quickly logged in and wrote Alli an email.

Mary Alice Brandon.

You are in sooooo much trouble, I will no longer be getting you a present.

You fucking know how I feel about this dress and now I am going out for dinner with Jacob and it's the only thing I have to wear.

Yes you read right Jacob Freaking Black is here, I'm so nervous, actually maybe this dress will work in my favour. Oh Lauren Mallory is here too! BITCH.

Anyway I promised Charlie I would give her a second chance…whatever.

Oh yeah Bali is amazing, I went to a day spa today…I know! Me a day spa.

I gotta go Charlie is yelling at me…he says hi.

I'll email you pictures tomorrow.



P.S Still angry about the dress.

We arrived at Salsa Verde, one of the five restaurants in the resort, it was Italian which is my favourite. The restaurant was beautiful, again no walls, the best part was the fact that you looked out over the water.

Oh, that's something that I havent even mentioned yet. It is hot here…like hot, hot. It is 7:30pm, the sun has set and I am still hot, Charlie is sweating, that's how hot it is…I love it.

As we walked into the main dining area, Charlie waved at a group of people across the way, I took a deep breath to settle my nerves and then tried to causally follow Charlie . As we reached the table my eyes instantly met Jacob's.

"Bella hi…wow!"

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