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It has been 10 years since the events in this book have occurred and I think it only fitting that I bring everyone up to date.

Renee's 6th Birthday Party

I look up from the plate of fairy bread I am making as I hear the sound of hysterical laughter ringing from the mouth of my baby girl. Now to say that her laugh is like a chorus of fairies or a tinkling of tiny bells would be a complete and utter lie, she snorts and spits and coughs, it is one of those laughs that makes everyone else laugh because of how absurd it is. She somehow strangely inherited it from her Uncle Emmett.

Speaking of, he is currently stuck half in the jumping castle half out, naturally our group of tiny feral little beasts are kicking, punching and generally mauling him, led by Alice and Jaspers ring leader from hell, Riley.

Riley has just turned 10, when we all went to Bali to settle the house Al announced that she was pregnant. Her pregnancy was a little difficult and she spent a fair amount of time in hospital. Riley however was perfect, an incredibly beautiful baby. Jasper's blonde hair, Alice's bright eye's and button nose. 5 years later they became pregnant again.

The doctor initially told them that due to the complications of Riley's birth that it would be hard for Alice to get pregnant again so they threw caution to the wind and decided if it was meant to be it was meant to be. And apparently it was because she became pregnant with identical twin girls Alex and Bree. They are the mirror image of their mother. Alex is a little tomboy and is currently sitting on Emmett's back smacking his ass, a wicked grin on her face. Bree is standing beside me in the kitchen helping with the food. They may look identical but they are chalk and cheese.

"Liam, cut it out! Seth let go of Daddy's shoes. Jared!" Emmett bellows at his three boys. Jared is 9, clearly a honeymoon baby. Liam 7 and Seth 5. I do not envy Rose the slightest, living with 4 boys, it must be exhausting. Rose is laughing her hand rubbing her very swollen stomach; she is due to pop any day now. We are all praying to god for a girl but I have a sneaking suspicion it is another boy. She is watching her little troupe with such love and pride.

"Boys! That's enough, leave Dad alone." She commands with the authority of a military commander. Immediately the boys jump off the castle and rush to her, hugging and kissing her. She smiles brightly at them before telling them to go get changed into their bathers. Seth looks down at his shorts and must have decided that they are appropriate for swimming, he then runs and throws himself into the

Jake , jumps straight in after him, grabbing him and throwing him into the air, Seth in a fit of manic giggles. Jake is single again, poor thing. He was seeing a girl from work, Vanessa, but we called her Nessie for a while. She was 8 years younger than him though and eventually the age difference drove them apart. He maintains that he is happy and that he has the best of both worlds, during the day he gets to be a family with us and then he can still go out and pick up chicks. I however am very aware of how lonely he really is.

Billy passed away late last year and Jake decided to keep his place and move into it, so now he is only about 5 minutes down the road, which is fantastic.

"Muuummmmmm! Is it time for cake yet?" Renee whines sticking her head in the door. I pick up and piece of fairy bread and stick it on the end of her nose. She screams before grabbing the bread and shoving it in her mouth.

"I must have missed that chapter in the Parenting 101 handbook," Edward says walking into the kitchen and placing a quick kiss on my forehead. "These ready to go out?" He asks pointing at the meat for the barbie. I nod handing him another plate of food.

I sat at the big table watching my entire family, that's what they have become to me now, family. We have been on quite a journey together all having over come various hurdles in the past few years. We are all still very successful in our careers although some are on a slightly different course.

I am still a writer for the Herald Sun, however I have taken a step back from being the primary AFL journalist, the hours were just too hard with a baby at home, I do however write for various magazines now which keeps me busy and paid.

Emmett's agency kept going from strength to strength, yet he was having issues finding people he could trust and with more kids coming he decided to enlist the help of people he trusted and who have a unique perspective on the sports person. For 4 years now Jasper and Edward have been working for Emmett and last year the three became equal partners in the agency. Edward has never been happier.

Jake is still teaching it and loving it, he had a record 13 women proposition him at the parent teacher interviews last year. All our kids are or will be attending Jake's school. It is insane how good he is at his job; he has plans in the next 2 years to become a Vice Principle, still with teaching duties and eventually, many years away, a Principle.

Rose had to quit modelling for obvious reasons; she was however the face of Meagan Gale's maternity swimwear range. She gave up mechanics not long after she found out that she was preggas with Jared, they bought a place with an 8 car garage so that she can still tinker with her cars.

Rose teamed up with Alice and they now have a very successful kids clothing company, they started off with one boutique store and now have 25 stores across Australia and are launching a store in London, New York and LA later this month.

"Hey B, are you noticing how well Nay and Jared are getting along?" Rose asks pointing her bread roll out our children, Renee is trying to wipe sauce on his face and he is trying to stick fairy bread in her hair.

"Don't even start Rosalie, Jared is too old for her and she is 6, I want to wait 10 years before I have to start thinking about this." I chastise.

"There is 3 years difference, that's nothing."

"It is when he is in year 8 and she is in grade 5."


We continue eating until we all feel sick, and I mean us parents not the kids. The kids start a game of go fish at the table which leaves us to sit back and relax, which let me tell you with all these kids isn't very often.

We are all chatting about the upcoming Easter and what our plans are when I notice Rose and Al having a silent conversation.

"What are you two not talking about?" I question which halts all other conversations, even the kids turn to look at us.

"Umm, well we kind have some news" Rose says looking at Alice who nods.

"Oh god, I knew spending all that time together would turn you two into lesbians." Emmett blurted far too seriously.

"But mum I thought you were a Pisces." Liam asks slightly distressed.

"Don't worry baby, dad is being a dofus, I'm still a Pisces."

"Thank god, I don't think I get along with lesbians," Liam continues which causes us all to laugh uncontrollably, Alice even spitting her drink out into the table.

"Anyway what we wanted to say was," Rose continued after the laughter resides, "yesterday Alice and I signed a deal with Myer." The adult portion of the table erupts in screams and cheering.

"As of July, Boys don't sparkle will be available in all Myer stores throughout Australia." Alice squeals proudly. The next 40 minutes was spent excitedly talking about BDS.

"Guy's, Edward and I also have some news." I say looking over at Edward, who has a big smile on his face.

"Do you realise that we all saw each other yesterday…what's with all the news on one day, space it out people." Emmett jokes.

"Anyway, we…"

"Mummy and Daddy are making me a baby sister." Renee butts in, to be honest I am surprised she could keep it quiet this long.

"Or brother." Edward and I say in unison.

"Yeah but I really hope it is a sister, boys suck."

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