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Chapter 1: Monstrosity Is Me

Bright golden rays filtered through the blinds of the windows, making me squint in my sleep as I stirred under the soft covers. On my nightstand, the alarm clock was going to give off in ten seconds.

"Just five more minutes." I sighed wearily, closing my eyes again. Five minutes is all I need to make up for the lack of rest I had last night. I almost began to drift away when the damn alarm buzzed. I let out a guttural sound at the back of my throat.

"Damn. It's morning already. Do I have to wake up now?" I grunted in displeasure when realizing today's agenda.

"The hell with this." I muttered, sitting up straight while slamming a fist on the clock's snooze button.

Getting off my bed, I walked groggily to the bathroom, and stared at my distraught appearance in the mirror. I hissed in revolt as my eyes scanned the hideous red lines engraved on both my arms and chest.

It's another day, and I'm still as monstrous as ever. "Why?"

I ran my fingers through my honey blond locks, as I scrutinized my disgusting reflection. Starting with my face, there were few rosy patches of scars trailing down my right cheek to the undersides of my jaw. My arms were completely horrifying to look at. Every time I flexed them, the red slashes resembled unnatural protruding veins. They looked like they've been stung repeatedly by dozens of jellyfishes.

My whole torso was a complete mess too. So much damage everywhere. "How could she do this to me?"

I took my hands away from my hair, and placed them on my chest. Sighing sadly, I let them trace along a large pink gash, that came across my heart to my left nipple. "Who would want this?" I thought, while running my other hand to the scars on my hard abdomen. "Any of this?"

"Who would ever want me?" I whispered to the mirror, watching the ugly blond monster mimic my own words. He was even copying my every move. Both his hands were on his disfigured body, and his face was distorted in disapproval at what he touched. From the bags under his eyes, he did not have a goodnight sleep. His dull blue eyes were so lifeless. There were slight stubbles of gold hair growing above his thin top lip, chiseled chin, and even the sides of his pale scarred face. "He needs to shave."

"Damn right I need a shave." I agreed with my mind, tearing my eyes away from my reflection to a nearby razor. I reached for it, now scowling at the ugly blemishes at the back of my hand.

Once I had the razor in my possession, I turned on the faucet to let the water run cold. I grabbed a fresh bar of soap that settled behind the faucet, and lathered it all over the rugged areas of my face.

I held the black manly device to my face, ready to remove all that unwanted hair. Pressing it firmly to the right side of my face, I slowly slid the razor up. I watched as the soapy suds were being wiped away as my mind wandered on to how the monster in the mirror became who he is.

Not so long ago in Texas, me and my girlfriend, Maria, were inseparable. It was very clear how my love for that woman would never cease.

Everyday I would come home from work and randomly sing about her. Isn't that what happens when you fall in love?

My twin sister, Rosalie, would get very annoyed with me. An unattractive frown would creep on her pretty face just as I bustled through the family room, chanting my lover's name.

"Jasper," she would say, flipping her glorious blond hair over her shoulder, "I swear I'll smack you upside the head, if you keep singin' about that goddamn whore!"

"She's no such thing!" I barked at her, flipping her off. "She's more of a woman than you'll ever be, Rosie!"

Rose turned away from me, while rolling her eyes.

Momma and Pop didn't mind me at all. They were just proud that I found someone who I can bother other than them.

"Maria, Maria, Maria." I sang, as I made it to my room. I threw myself on my bed and began to daydream about my woman.

Maria. How do I describe her?

Beautiful Latina. Well…that's a good start.

"Be more specific, Jasper." my mind tells me.

"Sure." I'd answer, a stupid grin forming on my lips. I closed my eyes, and began to visualize my Latin Queen. I loved the way her almond-shaped brown eyes lit up when she smiled. That gorgeous white smile of hers always sent shivers down my spine. I enjoyed grazing my fingers against her smooth tan skin. I especially adored how her long dark hair tumbled down her back.

Maria was the best thing that ever happened to me. I loved her more than life itself. I was so sure she felt the same way. She tells me every day and night about her never ending love for me. She completed me. She's my one and only…until one night, everything changed.

No one else was in the house, but me and Maria. She and I cuddled in my bed after our glorious lovemaking. I could stay like this forever. Maria traced smooth circles on the back of my hand. I kissed the top of her head and hugged her closer to me. She returned the hug and began placing soft kisses on my neck. I gently pushed her on her back and got on top of her. I groped her breasts as her long lean legs wrapped around my waist, pushing me into her hot wet heaven.

She moaned into my mouth and then out of nowhere, she ended up on top, straddling me. She wore a sexy devilish grin which made me thrust my hips up to hers.

"Mi amor?" she moaned, also moving against my quivering member.

"Yes, darlin'?" I answered, I always used my Southern drawl on her. It drove her wild. Maria threw her head back in ecstasy.

"Can we do something a little different?

"Anything you want." I hope it was something kinky.

"How do you feel about a threesome?" I stopped my thrusts. "That's way too kinky." I thought as she stared down at me, with hopeful eyes.

"Darlin'?" I tried to reason with her, "What are you on about?"

"How do you feel about a threesome?" she repeated. "Nettie seemed interested when I asked her."

I hesitated to say something. I opened my mouth once or twice, but nothing came out.

"What do you think?"

I only stared at her. Is she for real? This is too good to be true. Nettie was one of Maria's closest friends, and she was well…hot. Very hot. How could I turn this opportunity down?

"Sooo? Mi amor, what do you think?" She urged on. She slowly slid up my cock, and slammed down on it. I moaned in response.

"Fine!" I yelped, as she slammed herself again.

She grinned while getting off me. Maria walked naked around my room in search for her flowy red dress.

I groaned in disappointment as she threw the blasted material on her beautiful nude body.

"I'll be right back in a few, cariño ." She told me, making her way to the door. I watched in awe as she swayed her voluptuous hips.

"Promise?" I asked, trying my best not to run over to her and make her mine again.

"Te lo prometo." She left and closed the door behind her. I miss her already.

A few minutes have turned into hours, as I kept waiting for her. What the hell is taking her so long? What could she possibly be doing?

"Ugh." I grunted in impatience. "What's going on?"

Very desperate and impatient, I scurried off my bed and threw on a woolly sweater and a simple pair of blue jeans.

"Maria?" I called out, while going down the stairs. "Maria, where are you?"

I was at the bottom of the stairs, looking left and right for that little minx. I sniffed something odd in the air. Why does it smell like an old gas station?


Still no answer from her. " Something is not right." the voice in my head warned me.

I ignored the faint warning and kept searching for my lover. I almost made it to the living room when a swishing noise stopped me from behind. I turned around to find Maria standing in the doorway. She was smiling wickedly at me and there was a small match in her hand.

"You really want that threesome, don't you?" She said quietly. Her usual sweet voice was now bitter. My stomach felt uneasy when I noticed her lightly dragging the match on the rough edge of a small cardboard box.

"Maria?" I spoke, carefully walking to her with outstretched hands. "Don't mess with that."

She smirked while she pressed the match more firmly on the box. I edged a little closer.

"What are you doing?" I held out my hand for her to hand over the dangerous crap. "Give me that, Maria."

"Answer me." She hissed, sliding the match across the box. My eyes widened as I saw a blueish spark.

"Maria, cut it out."

"Do you know the meaning of a relationship, Jasper?" She asked, making another attempt to light the match.

"Of course I do… stop doing that!" I shouted, diving forth to swipe away what's in her hands. Maria backed away before I could touch her.

"Apparently you don't. You don't want me. You want Nettie." She assumed, fuming madly through her nose as she made a third attempt.

"You're being ridiculous." I scoffed, walking closer to her. She continued to back away.

"And you're a cheating bastard." She managed to finally light the match. She held it in front of her to keep me from coming any closer. The tiny orange flame, danced dangerously on the tip of the worn out match.

"I never cheated." I confessed. "You seemed so serious when you asked me."

"And you thought about it, didn't you? You wanted it." She glared at me as she took a step forward, almost trying to poke me with the flickering fire. I could easily take it away from her, but I didn't want to hurt her. Momma always taught me to always treat a lady properly…even if the lady is being more of a man than I am.

"Yes, I did think about it. Why would you ask me that in the first place?"

"It was to test your faithfulness." She answered. "You failed. And for your information, while I left you waiting…I took the liberty to steal gasoline from your garage and poured it all around the house."

I gaped at her in horror. No wonder it smelled funny. Okay, this clearly wasn't the sweet Maria, who I've fallen in love with. This was someone else. "Have you lost your fucking mind?"

"No!" She shouted, stomping as she stepped further in my direction. "I've lost my boyfriend to a two cent whore!"

And with that, she threw the match over my head. It landed on top of momma's favorite knitting chair, and the whole thing lit on fire. After hot demonic flames devoured the chair, the fire began to disperse quite rapidly.

To make matters worse, two thin hands on my back, shoved me into the burning inferno.

"Now you can be with Nettie." She slurred. "Just like you wanted."

"Ouch!" I exclaimed as I drew the razor away from my shaven face. My chin stung a little. I put the razor under the faucet and let the cold water wash the hairy residue from the sharp blades. I rubbed my thumb over the blades to get rid of the hairy gunk a lot quicker.

I looked up to the mirror again when I finished cleaning the razor. The miserable man still looked terrible though he was now free of unwanted facial hair. Now the pinkish scars on his right cheek were more evident for the world to judge. It was a bad a idea to shave after all.

"Well," I spoke to the mirror, "enough moping and get ready, Whitlock. Rose is waiting for your sorry ass."

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