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Chapter 48: Eight Months Later...

Another tiring day from work flew by really quickly as I drove my way back home. The corners of my lips quirked up at the thought of home...well in truth, I thought about my Alice. She was my home. As soon as I parked my car in our driveway, I got out and sprinted inside the house, anxious to see my woman's beautiful face.

I lit up like a kid receiving his Christmas gift when I saw my little angel just sitting in our sofa with her laptop right on the armrest. She was too busy working on one of her amazing designs that she didn't notice me walk over to her. I dropped my suitcase next to her on the sofa to get her full attention, and it worked. She gasped and snapped her laptop shut.

"Jasper!" she squealed, her eyes wide when she looked up at me. "I didn't expect you home so early. Crap, you scared me!"

I apologized and leaned over to kiss her sweet luscious lips. The kiss was supposed to be a quick hello, but I guess it turned out to be more than that. Her lithe arms wrapped around my neck as I deepened our kiss. I detached my lips from hers to kiss down her delicate neck and smiled against her flawless skin at the adorable sound of her soft mewls.

"Didn't expect me so early, huh?" I teased, my cock wanting to fuck her senseless.

"You usually come back from work by 3." she answered, her breathing becoming more like pants.

"Early dismissal." I informed her, my desire taking over as I continued to ravage her.

She giggled and then pulled on my tie to bring my mouth back to hers. Just when things started to get intense, Alice broke away from me.

"Oh my god." she gasped as she rubbed her belly, which was now ready to explode at any given moment. "He's kicking way too much."

Although disappointed by the disruption, I couldn't help but smile at the thought of having a son. I couldn't be happier. Somewhere in the month of June, Alice and I went to our ultra-sound appointment. I remember how nervous I was that day. She took my hand and told me it was going to be okay. Once the technician showed us an alien looking figure in the screen, my breath got caught in my throat. I couldn't believe that inside my tiny Alice, is an actual living person. And then learning that it was a boy...shit, I was fucking happy. As soon as we left the clinic, I took Alice home and worshiped her all night long. The next day, I took her out to a very nice (expensive) restaurant, and then brought her home to worship her again.

"He's jealous his beautiful mommy is getting all the attention." I joked, kissing her more chastely while massaging her blossoming belly. My heart swelled with joy when I felt the little slugger kick. "Yep, he is jealous."

Alice giggled adorably and raised a delicate hand to me.

"Help me up, Jazz?" she said, her voice innocent as the first night I made her mine.

I took her little hand and brought it to my lips. I kissed her palm before carefully pulling her to her feet.

She smiled sweetly at me and walked out of the lounge to the kitchen. I followed her, desperate to not have her out of my reach. Even though today at school was an early dismissal, I couldn't bare to be separated from my angel.

"Are you hungry, Jazz?" Alice asked, standing in front of the open fridge. "I can make you something."

"I'm okay, baby." I told her, walking behind her. "All I want to eat is you."

I wrapped my arms around her so that my hands rested on her swollen stomach. I placed a couple kisses on her neck once she leaned her head back against my chest.

"Jazz..." she sighed, her hand tugging at my hair as I continued to nuzzle her neck.

"The things I want to do to you, darlin'..." I groaned, inhaling her intoxicating scent as my hands decided to move from her stomach to somewhere a bit more needy and promising.

I heard her gasp. I took that as a good sign and continued to move my hands south until hers stopped them.

"Jasper, something is wrong." she said but I didn't listen, the head between my legs needed relief.

"I know." I groaned. "You're still wearing clothes."

"Jasper!" she shouted. "Stop it!"

I grunted in annoyance and took a step back from her. She turned around to face me, and the look on her face had me very worried. Her gorgeous brown eyes were wide and her flawless skin was a bit pale.

"What is it, Alice?" I questioned, reaching out to touch her shoulders. "What happened?"

Still wide-eyed, she answered, "My water just broke."



"Jasper, you're not fucking speedracer!" screamed Alice, in the backseat as I drove like a maniac. "Slow down!"

"Fuck!" I shouted, stomping on the breaks when the light quickly turned red. I swore again when I realized that I didn't have my seat belt on and then checked to see if Alice was alright in the rear view mirror.

"Alice, are you okay?"

She stopped her frantic breathing and glared at me as one of her hands massaged her belly.

"Do I look like I'm okay, Jasper?" she retorted. "Jesus! The father of my baby is a fucking idiot!"

"What the hell, Alice?"

"Oh, shut up and drive the damn car!"

"It's a red light!"

"Make it green, you ass!"

"Why are you acting this way?"

"I'm in pain! Let's switch places and see how you like it-Ow!"

"Contraction, darlin'?"

"No shit!" she yelled, and then winced when another one hit her so bad she started to cry. "I'm sorry I'm being a bitch, Jazzy. This hurts so much, make it stop..."

"I'm sorry, darlin'." I lamented, wishing I could be back there to help her, but I couldn't. "Just hang in there. I believe in you, baby."

The light finally turned green and I took off. I will not stop for anything as long as Alice is safe in the hospital.


After the second most painful hours of my life ended, I welcomed my newborn son with open arms. He was so beautiful, just like his mother, who passed out right after he came out of her. Poor Alice, her tiny body couldn't handle so much of the pain. I whispered words of adoration once she collapsed out of exhaustion.

"Darlin', I love you so much..." I said to her, kissing her sweaty brow and flushed cheeks.

I sat next to Alice's bed with the baby in my arms. Because she was resting, I took my time admiring the little bundle of joy his mother and I created.

"Hey, little guy." I said to him, smiling from ear to ear once his tiny fingers wrapped around my index finger.

As I continued to stare at my son, I noticed just how much he had of Alice and I. He does look like his mother when he pouted his lips, and he kinda looks like me when his brows pulled together. His eyes and hair were the only things that were different. His hair was light brown while his eyes were a little gray from birth, but I could make out the little specs of hazel. That didn't matter though. He's a little piece of me and Alice.

I chuckled heartily when he slowly dragged my finger to his mouth.

"You've been out of the womb for for 5 minutes and you're already demanding food." I joked, deeply enamored by this tiny miracle. "Just wait for your mother, okay, buddy?"

Right on cue, I heard Alice sighing and stirring in the hospital bed. I tore my gaze from my son over to the amazing woman who's given me everything I never could have dreamed of having.

"Hey, darlin'."

She lifted her hand and waved lethargically at me whilst a tiny smile on her face.

"Did I wake you?"

She nodded, her smile widening when she saw our son in my arms.

"Wanna hold him?"

She nodded again, love emitting from her as she slowly sat up, her eyes never leaving the baby.

I chuckled and brought our baby over to her. I kissed her cheek and whispered words of love once I carefully placed him in her awaiting arms.

"My baby." she sighed, her beautiful eyes tearing when she cradled him. "My baby."

"Hey, he's mine too." I teased. "I helped make him."

Alice giggled and kissed me. It was a simple kiss, but it held passion.

"Thank you, Jazzy." she told me, kissing me again and then kissed the baby's cheek.

"I should be the one thanking you, darlin'." I confessed, staring at her lavishing our son with soft little pecks.

"You are my little angel." she cooed, tapping his nose lightly. We both laughed when he responded by opening his mouth.


"Mhm?" she answered, very much distracted by the baby.

"What should we name him?" I asked, my mind rattling with so many names that could possibly be suitable for the baby.

"I dunno..." she replied, giggling when the baby began to nuzzle Alice's left breast. "I think he's hungry."

I frowned, wondering if we ever bought baby formulas or if the nurses prepared a bottle somewhere.

Alice laughed at my confused facial expression. She then carefully pulled the baby's head away from her chest, and took out her left breast from behind her hospital gown. I was shocked by this and urged her to make herself decent until we got home. She only laughed and placed her rosy nipple in the baby's mouth. I raised an eyebrow when the soft sucklings began.

"That's mine, buddy." I growled playfully which made Alice laugh in amusement.

"There's no need for jealousy, you silly man." she teased me. "This is called breastfeeding."

"I know, but still-"

"What should we name him?" she interjected. I frowned at her for cutting me, but let it go to think back at some names that swam in my head.


"That's a horrible name, Jasper."

"Not funny, darlin'. I'm still thinking."

"Hehe, I know."

I kissed her for the hundredth time and continued thinking about the perfect name for him.

"I like your name." she said, looking up at me with hopeful eyes. I smirked and kissed her nose.

"Sure, that can be his middle name."

She beamed and stared back at the baby, who was still happily sucking my woman's breast milk.

"What about something that begins with an A?"


"Because it's not fair that he has my middle name. Shouldn't he have a name that involves his mother's as well?"

"Don't be silly, Jazzy." Alice scoffed, nudging my side playfully."He's already my son. That should be enough for me."

"But it's not good enough for me, is it?" I challenged, wiggling my eyebrows at her, earning a small blush from her.

"I guess so..."

"So it's settled then!" I exclaimed, causing the baby to stop feeding and to look up at me. "His name should be Al or something."

Alice shuddered in disgust while the baby scowled and returned to her breast.

"I thought you agreed?" I asked, slightly hurt.

"I do agree, but I don't like Al." she confessed. "It's weird."

"Don't people call you Al?"

"Ew. It's usually Ali."

I stayed quiet for a while, still thinking of a name we could agree on. So far, we both agreed that it should begin with the letter A, and that it should start of with Alice's name. Shit, who knew naming a baby was this hard?


"Yes, darlin'?" I answered.

"What about Allen?" she suggested.

I raised an eyebrow at the mention of it and stared directly at the baby who was in his own little world.

"Allen?" I repeated, watching my son intently as he turned his head away from Alice's chest.

"Yes, Allen." she said, adjusting the front of her shirt right after the baby was done feeding. "I kind of like it."

"Well, if you like it..." I sighed, softly touching my son's light brown hair, "then I like it. Allen it is."

"Yay!" she cheered, kissing me first and then the baby's forehead.

"Excuse me!" shouted a nurse from outside our room. "Only two visitors at a time!"

"Joyce, it's okay." said a voice that sounded a lot like Alice's father. "They're with me."

"Oh sorry, Dr. Cullen."

The baby began to cry as soon as Emmett's booming laugh neared the doorway, followed by Bella's, Esme's and Rosalie's "awws". They all came in pairs, one by one. First was Dr. Cullen and his wife, my sister and her husband, and Edward with both Bella and their recently born daughter.

I swore under my breath at the people who made my son cry. Alice got Allen to quiet down by "feeding" him again.

"Where's my nephew-oh shit! Alice put that away!" yelled Emmett, making Allen cry once more.

Alice's eyes narrowed at him while Rosalie slapped him upside the head.

"What did I do?"

"You're an idiot." she replied and quickly smiled at Alice and I. "What's his name?"

Alice and I grinned at everyone and happily responded. "Allen Jasper Whitlock."

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