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Well, guess what I decided? I'm going to write a high school AU fic! 8D *SHOT*

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I'm going to try to make the AU as NOT annoying as possible, okay? Just tell me if it's getting annoying and I'll try to improve!

Featuring chiefly… THE BAD FRIENDS TRIO! To prove to my delusional Turkish friend once and for all that the Bad Friends are just as sexy as the Fail Bros! Take it away, Antonio~!

Spain: Mikai doesn't own Hetalia, obviously. Because if she did I would get a lot more screen-time.

Mikai: Yeah, you… And dat ass. 3 Anyway, this will switch POV around A LOT. So be prepared, hahaha…

~You, Hey, You! Chase after it! Gehwer, und, Blut! Fa-ll, down, into Hellll~*CLICK*

"Ugh… I don't want to get up yet…" Gilbert Beillschmidt buried his face in his pillow after slamming his hand down onto his alarm clock snooze button. So what if he was going to be a second year in high school today? He was awesome enough to sleep in on the first day…

His door slammed open, and he cracked open one eye to see his always serious and always punctual little brother scowling at him from the doorway.

"Bruder, it's six o'clock. Wake up." The blonde, blue-eyed boy said impatiently. Gilbert blinked his unsettlingly red eyes, then turned over in bed again.

"Five more minutes, Ludwig~…" he groaned. His brother frowned even more intensely, and turned from the doorway.

"Fine. If you want to make us late for our first day of school, then you don't get any pan-" Ludwig was suddenly pushed out of the doorway and into the wall as Gilbert sped past him. "…cakes. Ouch."

"Sorry, Ludwig! Don't come between the awesome me and my pancakes!" Gilbert threatened cheerfully from the bathroom. Ludwig just sighed and shook his head.

"Eh~? Romano has been avoiding you lately?" Francis Bonnefoy held a cellphone between his chin and shoulder as he tied his shiny golden locks in a ponytail with a black ribbon. He leaned forward to look into his vanity mirror and admire his own handsome face. "Merde~, how terrible!" he said coolly in his lilting French accent.

"I know, Francis! I just don't know what to do if my cute little tomato of a roommate stops talking to me! Ay~, I think I'd die of heartache!" the voice on the phone cried pitifully into Francis' ear in a very attractive Spanish accent, and he smirked.

"Ah, Antonio, please don't die! Let big brother heal you with l'amour~!" he said smoothly and chuckled, curling a stray blond curl around his finger.

"F-Francis… You're always such a wonderful friend!" exclaimed the very dense Spaniard on the other line. Francis hung his head, sweat-dropping in defeat.

"I guess I should have come to expect that… Ooh!" Francis' phone beeped to signal an incoming call. "Antonio hold on, si'l vous plait! Gilbert's calling!" He pushed the talk button. "Salut, mon ami!"

"Hey, Bonnefoy. You awake?" the all-too-familiarly rude greeting met him on the other line courtesy of his albino German friend.

"Why yes, I am! Isn't it six thirty? We have about an hour to get to school."

"Aw, shit. And here I'm still in my underwear, stuffing my face with pancakes." Gilbert swore from the other line. Francis' smile immediately lit up.

"Oh really? Mm, what color are they?"

"Like hell I'm telling Francis Bonnefoy what color my awesome underwear is." Gilbert replied wryly. Francis pouted.

"Ah, you and Antonio are no fun! I hope there are much more willing freshmen this year…"

"Knowing you, you will have no trouble finding some guys and girls with yo-yo panties among the fresh meat. You always seem to weed 'em out." Francis gave a proud laugh and tossed his hair.

"Oh, you flatter me, mon cher. But beyond that, perhaps you should get dressed? Antonio and I will be waiting for you once you're done, I'm sure."

"Ja, danke. I'll be ready, don't worry." With a click, Gilbert had hung up. Francis sighed and put the phone to his ear again.

"Antonio, we're walking with Gilbert today. I'll come by to pick you up." After one more impassioned Spanish exclamation about Romano, Antonio also hung up. Francis leaned back in his chair. A new year had begun, this time as an upperclassman. Another school year of his reign as one of the princes of the school, one of the famous Trio...

Random Gilbert is random. XD;;; He's so awesome that he needed to have the first section of Chapter 1. Unfortunately, his POV doesn't show up again for a little while.

He and Francis are so easy to write for! Spain is a little harder, which is why I'm not focusing on him too much yet.

Next Chapter we get some AlfredxArthurxFrancis action going on! And, by the way, Arthur and Alfred are gonna be new students. Hoo boy, I am WAY in over my head. ;;;

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