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Antonio Fernandez Carriedo, the son of a Spanish diplomat and a very popular second year at World Academy, was beginning to think that this could be the worst, most traumatically upsetting day of his life to date. This wasn't an uncommon observation on his part, considering how weepy he tended to be on even the best of days, but this time he swore on his own grandmother's grave that it was true.

"Have you seen Romano? Romano Vargas? He has dark auburn hair, a weird curl… No, no, not Feliciano! He has a scowling face like this?" Antonio was currently pushing through the huge crowd of people looking for his missing roommate, who seemed to have disappeared the second the assembly had finished.

Had it really only been a week since Antonio had met Romano and learned he was going to be his roommate for the year? It felt like it had been ages already; he couldn't remember anyone being more important to him than Romano was right now. How had he never seen him before? They were in the same year, and someone like Romano never would have escaped Antonio's attention if they had ever met.

"This school is too big, that's the reason…" Antonio half-sobbed, giving up his search and slumping against the nearby wall. He looked out of the window and sighed, running his hand through the thick brown locks of hair that had gotten into his eyes. "I guess he r-really hates me…" Tears pricked at the corners of his eyes and he quickly wiped them away with his wrists, though it did little to prevent them from flowing. "What did I do wrong…?"

"Oh my god, isn't that one of the princes?"

"It is! He's crying! What should we do, should we ask if he's alright?"

"No, no, we can't ask him anything! We can't talk to a prince, it's unacceptable!"

He barely registered the group of girls who had just walked past him. This was how it always was: "Oh, we're not worthy to be in the same room as a prince," "Oh, don't touch the prince," or "Oh, don't talk to the prince," or "Oh watch out, he's a prince, they're notorious for this and that," or something similar. Antonio was so, so sick of it. He sometimes regretted his choice of friends; it threw him into this untouchable category, "The Bad Friends", isolated as some sort of heartbreaking, perverted lady-killer. That wasn't him, and had never been him. All he wanted was…

"Hey, idiota." A familiar voice rang out from above him. Antonio looked up in alarm, having just realized he slid down the wall into a sitting position. "Stop with the public pity party already. We get it, you're so popular that it physically hurts." Romano was crouching in front of him, scowling, though something about the scowl looked a bit softer than usual.

"R-Romano? Romano, mi querido, I found you! Or maybe the other way around!" Antonio was suddenly grinning like an idiot, about to launch himself at his roommate for a hug, when Romano put a hand on his chest and pushed him back.
"Will you stop with the hugging already? How old are you?" he snapped. Antonio's smile dropped. Right, Romano was still angry at him.

"I-I'm sorry…" he said quietly, drawing back from him and feeling the tears coming back up. Romano started in alarm.

"Hey, no, don't start crying again! Christ…" he put a hand over his face with an exasperated sigh. "You're worse than Feli, you know?"

"Why do you even care? You don't want to walk with me, or talk to me, or be anywhere near me anyway!" Antonio finally snapped, looking supremely angry. It was Romano's turn to draw back. "You're just like everyone else in the end, huh? You think you have me figured out! I'm a 'prince', I don't value other people's feelings and I have none of my own, isn't that right? You can say you hate me when I did nothing but try to tell you how much I like you, and that's okay?" Antonio's voice cracked slightly and he fell silent again, sniffling. Romano stared at him for a long moment before sighing and lowering himself from his crouching position to sit down in front of him.

"How can you say embarrassing stuff like that with a straight face? Dio, you piss me off…" Romano said, pushing back his hair from his face and looking at Antonio dead on. "Look, Antonio, I don't… I didn't actually mean what I said this morning, okay? You make me nervous, that's all. No one has ever paid so much attention to me in my life, and it's… it's uncomfortable for me." Antonio looked up at him questioningly.

"Uncomfortable? How?"

"W-Well, I'm just not used to the hugging, and the crying, and the constant feelings being thrown at me… at least not from people who aren't my brother." Romano gave a small laugh as he listed his complaints. "People only get to know me so they can get to know my grandfather or Feliciano, so…" He finished with a little bitterness and a slight wave of his hand. Antonio caught his wrist.

"Romano, I wouldn't do that! I like you because it's you, and you are adorable!" Antonio chimed. Romano slowly turned red in the face and tried to tug his hand away.

"And again with the touching. I guess none of the rumors are true, then, you really are just a huge, sappy crybaby. I thought it was some sort of act to draw me in." he laughed, and Antonio looked at him thoughtfully for a moment.

"…Was I drawing you in?" he asked carefully.
"What? W-Why would that matter?" Romano eyed him suspiciously.

"Maybe not all the rumors are untrue…" Antonio said quietly, leaning forward and grinning. "At least, the pleasant ones may not be." He didn't stop until their noses were nearly touching.

Okay, that was definitely within Romano's personal space.

"What the hell are you going on about?!" Romano said, his voice a lot higher-pitched than he intended it to be. Antonio blinked, snorted slightly, and suddenly started to laugh, burying his face in Romano's shoulder to stifle it. "H-Hey, what's so funny?!"

"I was trying something, but I had to stop b-because your face looked like a tomato!" Antonio was laughing hysterically. "So red~…"


"Dio mio, you stupid… I'm going to check the class lists, don't follow me!" Romano shot up and began walking briskly away.

"Ooww, Romano wait! Why did you hit me in the head?" Antonio got up and followed, grinning like he was the happiest person on the planet, even as Romano was still protesting and holding him at arm's length.

Antonio was beginning to think that today wasn't as bad as he had thought.

All he wanted was to be touched, after all.

"Wow." Alfred said, whistling at the class lists. "Looks like you don't have to call your Gramps after all, Feli." He remarked, reading the names again to be sure of his class.

Class A-2: Room 150

Homeroom: Helena Karpusi, World Literature

Arlovskaya, Natalia

Beillschmidt, Ludwig

Galante, Raivis

Haraldsson, Adam

Hassan, Gupta Muhammad

Im, Yong Soo

Jones, Alfred F.

Kensington, Giselle

Linden, Adelgonde

Lorinaitis, Toris

Lucasiewicz, Feliks

Vargas, Feliciano

Von Boch, Eduard

Zwingli, Liliane

Alfred sighed at the last name on the list, hurriedly scrawled in permanent marker, like an afterthought:

Williams, Matthew

That's Mattie for you... late to arrive for the first day of school, AND almost forgotten.

"... Feli, did you text the Superintendent while I wasn't looking?" Ludwig shot a glare at Feliciano, who looked rather scared.

"I swear I didn't do anything! Nonno is still unconscious, isn't he? Don't get mad!" Feliciano protested, clinging to Ludwig's shirt in earnest. The taller boy could do nothing but sigh and shake his head, unable to sustain beyond a few seconds of anger towards the ridiculous, weepy display.

Meanwhile, Arthur and Eli stared at their class list, faces looking deathly pale.

Class B-2: Room 210

Homeroom: Kebi Hassan: World History

Abrahamsen, Niklas

Beillschmidt, Gilbert

Bonnefoy, Francis

Braginski, Ivan

Carriedo, Antonio Fernandez

Edelstein, Roderich

Hedervary, Elizabeta

Honda, Kiku

Larsen, Axl

Linden, Lars

Martinez, Cedro

Oxenstierna, Berwald

Vainomoinen, Tino

Vargas, Romano Lovino

Zwingli, Vash

Alfred walked up and slung his arm around Arthur's shoulders as he glanced at the list. "Hey, Artie, Eli and Kiku are in your class! At least you'll have people you know now…?" the unobservant Alfred had finally noticed that his friend looked a bit off. "H-Hey Artie? You've got a weird look on your face. Are you okay?" he said with some concern. Arthur blinked and turned slowly to Alfred.

"Me? I'm fine. It's okay, it's fine. I…" he frowned slightly. "I'm going to the toilet now. Be right back." He broke away from Alfred and walked a little too quickly into the nearest boys' restroom.

"Y-You know what? Me too!" Eli laughed nervously, absconding to the girls' lavatory beside it. Sesel and Alfred looked at each other in confusion.

Eli and Arthur simultaneously locked their stall doors and slammed their backs against them with heavy sighs.

"Damn it… why him...?"

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