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"Moira." Adam strode over to her desk and handed her a folded piece of paper. "I know you're incredibly busy but can you quickly nip downstairs and grab these files for me. It's pretty urgent."

Moira smiled and unfolded the paper to inspect the size of the list. Satisfied it wouldn't involve too much time away from Ruth, she nodded and folded the paper back up again, placing it in her back pocket as she stood up to fulfil her task.

Adam waited until Moira had disappeared away from sight before sitting in her and poking Ruth.

"Adam!" Ruth exclaimed loudly, swatting his shoulder playfully as she did so. "You scared me!"

Adam rolled his eyes and edged his way closer to her.

"Sorry." He smiled. "Anyway," he lowered his voice to a whisper. "I've found something which might be of interest to you." He watched as she whipped her head around to face him.

"What is that?" Ruth mumbled, giving him her full attention as she tried to rack her brain.

"I'll meet you in Harry's office, ten minutes for now." Adam quickly scanned the grid for prying eyes. "He's in Whitehall all morning; I don't think he'll mind too much." Ruth nodded slowly, an overwhelming feeling of nerves suddenly causing her to start playing with a pen that lay idly on her desk.

Adam placed his hand on Ruth's.

"Just be there, I promise I'll behave."

Ten Minutes Later

"Ruth," Adam called her name loudly as he strode briskly to Harry's office. "I have those files that we need to discuss!"

Ruth raised her eyebrows and Moira gave her a sympathetic smile.

"I think all this power is going to his head," Moira laughed slightly as Ruth simply shook her head and followed Adam.

"Close the door and lock it behind you, Ruth."

Ruth did as she was bid and followed Adam to the sofa.

"What is it?" She couldn't hide the nerves from her voice.

"It's Harry," Adam turned to face her. "Well, it's not exactly, but he's the prime target."

Ruth looked horrified, and as she tried to articulate some form of response her voice failed her and all she could do was nod.

"He's being blackmailed."

Ruth shook her head and stood up. She watched Adam's face for a sign of comfort, for anything to show her that this wasn't going to be a huge problem for them. He stared straight at her and waited for her to ask the most important question.

"By who?"


Ruth made an incoherent noise and ran her hand through her hair. She turned her face away from him and desperately willed her tear ducts to stop working for fear of giving too much away.

"Ruth," Adam tilted his head to one side and waited for Ruth to acknowledge him. When she did, he noticed instantly she was close to tears. It broke his heart to have to do this to her, but if he didn't get anything out of her, Harry and the rest of the grid could end up seriously compromised.

"What do you want to know?" Ruth asked quietly, her voice breaking slightly as she took her seat once more.

Adam put his arm around her shoulders and leant in to whisper in her ear.

"I'll tell you what I know, and you can fill in the gaps."

He squeezed her shoulder gently when she nodded in response and leant on him for comfort.


Harry stepped through the pods and scanned the grid with expectant eyes. Everything looked in order, and with a sigh of relief that the grid hadn't been subject to scandal whilst he was away, he removed his gloves and walked slowly into his office. He didn't get to sit in peace for long.


"Harry, come and look at this," Adam called hurriedly as he popped his head round the gap between door and frame.

Harry looked up from the file he was reading and read the urgency in Adam's face and tone. Sighing loudly, he pushed himself up off his chair and followed Adam quickly to the source of the panic.

"We found a telephone trace linked to the guy Zaf's chasing," Adam informs him, turning his head slightly to check that his boss was still trailing behind him.

"Where is the trace being linked back to?" Harry leant over Ruth's shoulder to get a better look.

"An office block in New Cross," Ruth mumbled, wavering slightly as the scent of Harry's aftershave wrecked havoc on her senses.

Harry turned to face his section chief.

"Adam, get on it straight away. Contact Zaf and tell him to meet you there." Harry turned back to face the screen and thought quickly.

"Moira, can you go downstairs and pull up everything we have on this guy's past operations, I have a feeling we might have missed something."

Harry straightened himself up and glanced at Ruth's reflection on her computer screen.

"Ruth?" He asked uncertainly.

"Hmm?" She craned her neck round to look at him standing awkwardly behind her.

He shook his head and berated himself for being so stupid.

"Nothing, Ruth. You're doing great."

He forced a smile and turned on his heel. He knew that she was hiding something from him and he knew it was going to take every ounce of strength to find out just what it was.