Story: Want To Be Your Slave

A/N: Hey everyone! I'm LordYouko and this is my second SessInu fanfic. Those who have read my other story "You're My Everything" are familiar with my style although this one will not be quite so angsty. Bit it will still not be lovey-dovey coz I like Sess the way he is- badass and slightly sadistic *drools* Anyway, I hope you guys enjoy this one as much as 'You're My Everything.' Feedback greatly appreciated. Enjoy!

Title inspired by the song "Slave" by Silverchair.

Disclaimer: I don't own Inuyasha, Sesshoumaru does ^.^ I make no money from the writing of this fanfic. I also don't own the song "Slave".

WARNINGS: This story will contain yaoi, shota (sex with minor), BDSM, slave, humil, male dom, oral, anal, masochism, sadism, and probably other things too. Each chapter will contain the appropriate warnings so you can skip the ones you are not comfortable with. This chapter is more or less safe except for some violence.

Summary: Inuyasha is an abused slave forced to endure humiliation and pain that breaks his spirit. However, when Prince Sesshoumaru buys him for himself, will the icy Lord feel anything for the little hanyou?

Chapter 1: Might is Right

"Argh!" The cry fell from the lips of the chained hanyou as the captor's iron rod made contact with his knee-caps. He collapsed on the ground.

"Shut up!" growled the man pulling him up by his long, dirty white hair. The thin boy got to his feet shakily.

One of the people in the crowd came forward. Shoving a couple of coins in the slaver's hand, he grabbed Inuyasha's ears and twisted. Once more, the boy cried out piteously but the men laughed. The boy, who was a hanyou, had two triangular puppy-like ears on the top of his head and they were very sensitive to touch. The man was brutal and the boy could not suppress the cry of pain.

"Do it again!" urged one of the others and the man smirked and complied, paying no heed to the sobbing hanyou.

"He deserves it, the bastard," remarked one of the on lookers. "A sin of nature, that's what he is. A crime, an abomination." The others murmured their agreement.

"Tell me, boy," sneered someone from the crowd. "Were your parents as filthy as you are?"

The boy whimpered and kept his head bowed.

"'Course they were," growled another, laughing. "Boy's got 'slut' written all over him! Got it from your mother, did you boy?"

Inuyasha, for that is what the hanyou was called, lowered his head still further. He had endured pain – physical and mental – he was used to their talents and insults but somehow, this hurt more than anything else. He knew he should keep silent, not say anything but he could not help it.

"N-no please," he began in a tremulous voice, "She was-"

But his words were cut off with another cry of pain, for the captor had once again hit him on the knees, this time harder. He collapsed.

"Little shit!" he screamed. "How many times have you been told to keep your damn mouth closed? Now up! Stop lazing around!"

Inuyasha tried to get up, but his legs would not co-operate. He touched his knees with his chained hands and gasped at the sharp pain. His legs were broken at the knees.

"Is he alright?" asked a concerned voice in the crowd. "He'll be fine, sir," assured the slaver. "He's just a slave. Needs to be collected like that. Ain't no other way of teachin' them somethin'. If you wanna have your fun with him, it'll only cost you a couple of coins." He grinned toothily.

"How do you control him?" asked someone curiously, "He is a hanyou. Surely he is powerful."

The slaver threw back his head and laughed. With his other hand, he removed the whip from his waist band and struck the hanyou's bare back hard. The boy whined like an injured puppy.

"He ain't powerful, sir," the slaver said earnestly. "Been a slave all his life. We managed to beat any evil outta him."

Indeed, Inuyasha, now around 11 years of age in human terms, had been a slave as far as he could remember and had never shown any evidence of demonic powers. He had claws and fang, but a lifetime of forced servility and obeisance to those more powerful and stamped out any hint of aggression in him. Now, he was merely a curiosity, a freak of nature on display for people's amusement, forced to turn tricks like a dog, beaten and humiliated for the spectators' twisted pleasure who seemed to love watching the "half-breed" get what he deserved.

Unfortunately, his highly emotional and sensitive nature was the one thing his captors had been unable to suppress and soon, they let him be as the people seemed to find greater enjoyment when the slave writhed and cried and pleaded.

"I said get up!" the slaver shouted as he grabbed him roughly by his arm and hauled him to his feet, ignoring the child's pained sobbing. As soon as he was left to his feet, however, Inuyasha collapsed back to the ground, crying uncontrollably.

"Well, waddya know? Slut boy's useless as well."

Inuyasha shut his eyes tightly and tried to ignore the voices. He knew his mother had not been a slut. His mother had been a beautiful princess who had fallen in love with a youkai and had run away with him. The youkai, who had been a lower class demon, had been challenged and killed for his decision to mate with a human, leaving a pregnant hime to fend for herself. Alone and helpless, the hime had given birth to Inuyasha and died during the birthing, leaving Inuyasha alone in the world, with no legacy except the story of his parents. The hanyou had been tended to by the hime's maid, who had helped in the childbirth and chosen to remain loyal to her mistress in the face of ostracism. She had lovingly tended to the little boy till he was about five years old in human terms. She had told the little hanyou the story of her courageous parents who had sacrificed everything in the name of love. Soon after, the woman had died and the boy, not quite five years of age had been captured by slavers and crafted into a slave.

As his captor realized that the boy's legs were broken, a cruel smirk came on his face. He brought out a piece of cake from his bag and held it just out of reach of the thin, half starved hanyou.

"Come and get it, boy," he invited. As Inuyasha reached for it, desperation and pain in his eyes, the slaver chuckled and jerked it out of his reach and the hanyou with the broken legs could only beg and plead for the piece of food held so tantalizingly out of his reach.

Inuyasha whimpered and looked down helplessly. He had to beg because it was a part of the entertainment. If he didn't, he would sleep without any food that night. A cake was either way, out of question. Besides, what did it matter? There was nothing left of his pride anyway.

The villagers taunted and laughed, the children threw stones at the little half-demon. Inuyasha cried brokenly but his tears only incited amusement from his tormentors.

"What is going on here?" asked a deep, quiet voice laced with power and authority.

The slaver froze with the cake raised above Inuyasha's head and the crowd turned towards the voice, then parted as the figure walked slowly, with measured steps towards the centre of amusement.

"L-lord Sesshoumaru," the slaver stuttered as he was pinned under the glare of the fearsome Lord of the West.

The Lord waited silently for the slaver to find his tongue.

"W-we are merely…that is – this is…" he blabbered helplessly, finally gesturing towards the still crying hanyou.

"Is that a child?" asked the Lord, voice icy and dangerous.

"It is merely a hanyou, my Lord!" the slaver hastened to explain.

"Hmm…a hanyou…" The demon Lord looked curiously at the boy on the ground.

The slaver kicked Inuyasha harshly. "Bow to the prince, you worthless piece of shit!"

Inuyasha whimpered and bowed his head to the ground before the imposing figure. He knew who he was, of course. Everyone knew who Lord Sesshoumaru was. Stories of the young prince's cruelty and strength and beauty were told throughout the kingdom. The only son and heir of the filthy rich Lord Inu no Taisho was a legend in his own right; a worthy son of a noble father. No one in their right mind would do anything to offend the young prince. Lord Sesshoumaru answered to no one.


Inuyasha straightened hesitantly at the command but kept his eyes to the ground as he had been taught.

"Look up."

Inuyasha started at the command and raised hesitant, teary eyes at the prince.

Sesshoumaru's heart clenched at the sight of those innocent golden eyes looking so pathetic and pained.

"Come here."

Inuyasha whimpered and looked away, biting his lip.

"H-he can't, milord," the slaver put in. "His legs are broken."

Sesshoumaru leveled an icy glare at the slaver. "You broke his legs?"

The slaver gulped and backed away a little,. Uh-oh. The demon Lord looked pissed.

"W-we had to, sire! He was misbehaving."

Sesshoumaru's face remained impassive but the contempt in his gaze was clear. The slaver broke into a cold sweat.

Inuyasha glanced wonderingly from the prince to his captor. The slavers were cruel but strong. They had to be, to control some of the more unruly demon slaves. Inuyasha had never yet seen them hurt by any attacks or wounds perpetrated by slaves or even bandits who sought to steal their 'merchandise'. And yet, here was this young Lord who, with one look, had the cocky slaver stuttering.

"P-please, I-"

Both sets of eyes turned on the hanyou and Inuyasha broke off under their gaze. Relieved to find a convenient target to release the tension and his fear, the slaver sneered and slapped Inuyasha.

"Idiot! Don't speak unless you are spoken to!"

He turned to Sesshoumaru, more confidently. "You see, my Lord? He simply won't listen. That is-"

He broke off as the prince narrowed his eyes and walked towards him. He backed away even more. The crowd backed off behind him, watching the spectacle play out. Sesshoumaru halted a few feet in front of the frightened slave-master. The slaver fidgeted and glanced at him nervously.

"M-my prince-?"

"How much for the boy?"

The slaver started. "I-I beg my Lord's pardon…?"

Face impassive, Sesshoumaru backhanded him across the mouth. He was knocked to the ground, blood trickling from the side of his mouth.

"Pay attention when you are spoken to. I said, how much for the boy? I wish to buy him."

The slaver held his cheek where he had been struck and whimpered.

"B-But milord, he is but a dirty hanyou! I-I have finer specimen if your majesty wishes for a slave!"

Sesshoumaru was silent for a moment as he stared at the cringing and whimpering man.

"Stand up," commanded the demon Lord quietly.

The slaver stood up slowly.

Poisoned claws slashed him across the chest and he cried out stumbling back. Clutching his chest, he fell on his knees as he lost his balance. Some people in the crowd gasped. The Lord flicked blood idly from his claws.

"Do not presume to question me. Only answer what you are asked. How much for the boy?"

The slaver thought quickly and named a high price. The Lord threw a few coins at him without looking at him. The slaver tried to crouch down and collect the money but could not bend due to the wound on his chest. The Lord glanced at him in amusement.

Resentful and terrified, the slaver shakily handed him the hanyou's leash. The Lord looked thoughtfully at the trembling hand offering him the leash. Then with one flick of his own wrist, his poison whip struck the slaver's hand, neatly severing his hand at the wrist. The slaver screamed and several people in the crowd cried out. Some ran away.

"Wh-why Milord?" the slaver cried cradling the bleeding stump. "What have I…"

"Hmmm," the Lord looked at him thoughtfully, as if considering his own motives. "Because you annoy me," he replied. Then he turned regally and nonchalantly walked back to his carriage, gesturing to his servants who hurried forward and carried the injured hanyou to his carriage.

The slaver panicked as he felt the poison from the gashes in his chest spreading, causing the muscles to spasm, eliciting a cry of pain.

"M-my Lord," he whimpered, still on his knees where Sesshoumaru had left him, not having the courage to stand up.

Sesshoumaru glanced at him briefly.

"It will heal…eventually," the demon Lord said.

"B-but my price, the poison…"

"It will not kill you," Sesshoumaru assured him. The slaver let out a breath he didn't know he had been holding.

Then Sesshoumaru smiled and the unfortunate slaver almost pissed in his pants. "But you will wish it did."

Then the Prince of the Western Lands got into his carriage and disappeared with his entourage as the villagers watched silently.

A/N: As you guys probably realized, Inu and Sess are not brothers in this story. I feel that if Inuyasha really was the son of his father's concubine, Sesshoumaru would find it damn near impossible to feel any sympathy for the boy and so, for the purposes of this story, they are not related. I cannot write a kind and forgiving Sesshoumaru coz, really, he's not. And that's why I love him ^_^. Hope you liked the story! It will still involve Sesshy dominating poor Inu-chan but this one has more fluff and less angst. Lemons will arrive eventually.