Chapter 1 - Too Young to Care

Her eyes were closed and her breathing was even if not slightly slow. Water lapped at her chest and around her body. Tristan sank deeper into her bath with a contented sigh, steam rising around her and getting her hair damp. Bringing her hands to here hair, she submerged herself under the water completely, feeling the heated water cover her completely. She didn't know how long she had been under but just as her body was crying out for oxygen, she heard a deep raspy voice mumbling something in rhythm. She burst from the surface, gasping and dripping wet, un aware of her naked front.

"Oh god, Tristan! Put it away!" yelled a voice and a door slammed. Tristan dropped back into the water before sitting back up and grabbing a towel.

"Thowra! Get out!" she fairly screamed. Thowra scuttled out and turned his back yelling as he went.

"Get a move on Tris! Reviewing KARRs' bodywork in 15 minutes!" his voice disappeared down the corridor and Tristan chuckled to herself and started to dry herself off and get dressed.

Fishnet tights and slightly ripped shorts, tight tank top with a studded leather jacket and gloves...all in black. Tristan pulled her still damp hair into a pony tail and moisturised her skin before draining the bath and making her way down to the main hanger, popping some mango and mint chewing gum into her mouth as she went.

KARR was sitting in his hanger in his current Mustang body and Thowra and a few mechanics where crowed round him looking at holographic board. She couldn't see what was on it from this angle but as she got closer and took prime seat on KARR's roof, she could see that there were four options on the screen: The VW Buguatti Veyron, the Ford Mustang Guigairo, the 2010 Chevy Volt and the Holden VE SS. Tristan lay on her belly on KARR's roof, snuggling down into the warm metal whilst paying attention to the schematics of each car and what they would involve.

To her own ears and eyes, the Holden was the most attractive and most powerful looking. A few of the technicians though it would be better to look like you were driving around in a 1000bhp Bugatti Veyron. Tristan had curtly reminded them that KARR could easily outrun a Veyron and it looked like a souped-up beetle which she was having nothing to do with. KARR had also turned the build down, point blank.

Sighing almost impatiently, Tristan ran one finger over where the windscreen joined the bodywork in a bored manner whilst Thowra and another nerd explained the scoped of the rest of the car to the audience presented to them. Tristan's mind wandered and she lay her head down and sighed softly again. Her mind was far away from the numbers and letters scrolling down the board but back on the events which had unfolded a year ago and the man who had been dead look at her from the flame and fury of the explosion whilst she sat in the safety of KARRs' cabin. A year and those images still hadn't left her. Did Torres know that he would have this effect, did he plan it....

"Trist! Hello, earth to the ginger kid..." a hand was waved in her face and she slapped it away hard. Thowra jumped back, wringing out his hands and grinning boyishly at her. Tristan return his expression with a death stare, she was in no mood for this sort of trivial crap. She rubbed her eyes briefly.

"For the last damn time, Thowra. I am not ginger." she explained in a tight voice. Her hair was just going back to it original dark colour since she had to dye it blonde for a drug raid cover-up and it had turned her into a fiery red-head. her natural colour was a deep liver brown. For now, she had kept the tips ginger though, which was what Thowra was getting at. She shook her head to clear it.

"What is it, anyway?" she asked drowsily and then her attention went back to the blue prints swirling before her eyes. She looked like a puppy that had just been dropped, the way she was sprawled out on KARRs' top. She raised one eyebrow and then narrowed her eyes. She couldn't tear her attention away from the SS. She gave it a cunning look before drumming her fingers on the roof.

"What were you thinking, big boy?" she asked, referring to KARR, who replied promptly.

"The Holden." he replied in that deep, smooth voice of his. It was the one that was void of emotion and filled with darkness, the one he used in public. "As long as we can have 'Bulletproof' written on the spoiler in white, we're all good." he finished.

There was a small scuffling from underneath KARR and a Doberman male crawled out, having heard his name. A few of the mechanics squeaked with surprise and moved away as Bullet looked around good-naturedly and then went to KARR's side and placed his front paws on the Mustangs' hood and sniffed the warm metal.

"Yes, I said 'bullet', you great lump, but I didn't mean you. Off!" reprimanded KARR and Bullet obeyed him, crawling back underneath the car and settling down again. Tristan only raised an eyebrow and then went back to the schematics, looking at the bigger model of the Holden that had been pulled up for their benefit.

The scanner bar was integrated smoothly into the grill with separate crystal LEDs' instead of the current "constantly moving comets" that KARR had now. She nodded and then spoke to KARR again.

"You sure?"

"I have chosen."