Authors Note: Sorry for the massive absence, I'm back on track and updates will be slow but they will be there. Just to recap, Alex Torres is back and he's warned Tristan about the Power Plants and has disappeared and is trying to get himself back into FLAG as his former position of "big boss".

KARR is back to his Mustang self and has a new attack mode which will be ILLUSTRATED.

Parts of the story will be ILLUSTRATED, the link will be given out when the story is completed, so please be patient with that.

The plot line has been revised and cleaned up as well, the title of the story is going to be changed and the content of this little fic shall not be for all eyes. Can't handle swearing, fading to black, not fading to black, violence and general asshattery? Move along please!

There will be a few lines from comedians, mainly coming from the cars themselves, KITT is going to revised a bit, having more attitude and personality, more like the KITT of old.

A lot of the content will be music inspired as well as media inspired, so bear with that.

All in all, this story will be greatly improved, and maybe, if I feel like it, I may re-write a few chapters from "Make Love to Something Innocent"

~ Peace out,