Hi there,

This is the start of what I hope becomes a nice collection of little stories about all kinds of FF13 oddities, WTF moments, and other things I couldn't help but wonder about during the game. Not in chronological order.

Warnings: maybe just a tinge of OOCness


One day, at the top of the Tower of Taejin, Gran Pulse...

'Take this!'

With one final well-aimed slash, Lightning finished off the fal'Cie Dahaka. It dropped to the floor in a scrappy mess, twitching a few times before it finally stopped moving. Lightning landed next to its remains gracefully. Boy, that thing had not gone down easily. Even with its tail chopped off by the giant stone man, it had trashed about until the very end.

'Whew, I'm glad that's over,' Sazh wheezed, stashing away his guns in the holsters. The little Chocobo in his Afro squeaked in agreement, before diving back into its safe nest.

Well, come on, time's a wasting. We have to get to Oerba,' Lightning said with her smooth voice, seemingly unaffected by the harsh battle.

'Ah, hell no! We've been running and fighting for hours, without a single break!' Sazh protested incredulously, before letting himself sink to the floor.
'I ain't going nowhere without resting for a moment first.'

Lightning crossed her arms in front of her chest, eventually muttered a 'fine' and leaned her back against the wall.

'Heh, I got to agree with you old man, that was a pretty challenging climb. With all those forced detours, and broken elevators...' Snow sighed, plopping himself down next to Sazh for a moment.

'Not to mention all the monsters inside that place, itching for a chance to taste some fresh L'Cie meat,' Vanille added with a nod.

'And when we finally got out, there was only a very pissed off fal'Cie waiting for us as a reward,' Fang said with a smirk.
'But hey, why are we complaining? We all made it out in one piece after all.'

Snow, Sazh, and Vanille couldn't help but smile at these words. She was right, they were all alive, together, and still going strong. Even Lightning's stern face had softened a little at the thought.

'You know what really is the best part?' Hope suddenly piped up.

Five heads turned to the silver-haired boy's direction curiously.

'Fang could have just summoned her Eidolon. We could have flown over the tower, and not deal with any of this at all.'



Seriously, the FF13 cast makes life so difficult for themselves sometimes. *shakes head*

This idea popped up in my head during an exam. Couldn't focus anymore for the last hour because I wanted to write. XD

Next in line: It's official now; all PSICOM soldiers suffer from attention span disorders.