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One day, in Palumpolum...

Well, wasn't this great?

PSICOM soldiers had surrounded Hope and Lightning almost instantly when they exited the elevator, leading to the ground level. Yes, as usual, they were in quite a bit of a fickle. It was... meh, about the 2198322 time Lightning should have thought of using Odin, but instead decided to make life increasingly hard for herself and team for the just and noble cause of angst.

Luckily, Snow and his companion Fang showed up just in time to save the day. Snow, who miraculously is the only one who uses strategy this chapter, decided to do the intelligent thing, and summon his Eidolon to clear out the PSICOM soldiers. Lightning did wonder if he even realized he was literally riding two women right now, who were folded into each other in a way that would make a Kamasutra master jealous.
It was one of the many reasons she wouldn't let him date her sister. Well that, and his rather disturbing habit of shouting Serah's name at the most inappropriate times.

Despite the death of most PSICOMs in the area, Lightning felt the urge to run off on her own anyway. Sticking together only worked in horror movies after all; and they were in a linear game. Now, she only had to find someone to take care of Hope... Maybe Snow. Hope only hated his guts, and wanted to see him dead, preferably as soon as possible, after all.

Made perfect sense.

Lightning turned to Snow. 'Here, you take care of him,' she told him, shoving the silver-haired boy in his direction.

'What? But you promised me you wouldn't abandon me just ten minutes ago in the underground sewer system!' Hope said indignantly.

'I was hoping you wouldn't remember that. Err, I mean, I'm not abandoning you, Hope. I'm leaving you in the care of the guy who dropped your mom off the bridge, and some violent-looking woman I've never even seen before, though she's gonna magically turn up next to me later this chapter. Well, good luck to you!' With those last words, Lightning ran off on her own.

'Gee, I know I'm all about the "It's just something you do speeches" but there are just some thing you don't do!' Hope moped.

With Lightning...

'Hey, Lightning!' a voice called from behind her. When she turned, the wild-looking woman named Fang was standing there, her hand on her hip.

'Wait a moment,' Lightning thought out loud, 'If you're here (for no apparent reason, we don't even know each other)... That means Snow's alone with- Oh, snap.'

Fang shrugged. 'Don't blame me. You're the one running off like that. I just followed you so I can check out your boob- Brand. Your brand.'

Lightning raised one eyebrow. 'Right...'

'It's called fanservice. Haven't you heard? We're the new flavor of the week in the fandom. Everyone's writing about us, so they get loads of reviews! They even came up with a pairing name!'

'... Fandom? Us? Pairing name?' Lightning echoed, with a puzzled face.

'What? You prefer Hope then? If you ask me, the pairing name for that should be Lightning Felon,' Fang snickered.


'Ah, never mind.' Fang waved her hand dismissively. 'Moving on with the plot; here's the phone so you can talk to Snow. You know, about getting back in the group again, because separating was pointless in the first place.'
Fang threw the phone at Lightning. The latter caught it, and held it against her ear.

'Hey sis, is that you?' Snow's voice sounded on the other side of the line.

'I'm not your sister!' Lightning snapped, 'Now let's work out our rendezvous point.'

I'm feeling like I'm forgetting something important, though Lightning thought, as they elaborately discussed the meeting area.

The Yaag Rosch cut scene? No, they already had that. Maybe it was a Serah rant? Snow hadn't met his quota for saying her name this chapter yet...

Then, it finally hit her.

Ooooh right! Homicidal Hope hot on Snow's tail because of her. Gee, how could she fail to mention something so important right away? Silly her.

'Hey Snow, there's something you should know.'

'What? Li- Krggggrggg.'

'Dammit, the signal's gone!' Lightning growled.

'Come on, don't tell me you didn't see that one coming from miles away. Standard revenge plot.' Fang rolled her eyes.

Lightning shrugged. 'Yeah, I guess I could have known that was kicking in when I suddenly thought it would be a good idea to leave them alone. And failed to mention the whole revenge scheme right away. So, we're going to look for them now?'

'Nah, first I'm telling you my background story. It even has a flashback! Don't worry about them, we got time. Hope wouldn't go off killing Snow without giving one of his long, profound speeches first. He's safe, at least until the next big cut scene.'

So, Lightning knows Hope is out for blood, and promised not to abandon him. Then she gives him to Snow who she deems totally irresponsible AND fails to warn Snow about the impending doom right away over the phone. What. The. Hell. Seriously, re-watch/play the chapter.
Oh, and by the way, about the slight pairing bashing: I don't hate either, they're just easy targets. Nothing personal~ Plus, I wanted to make the chapter a bit longer because I hadn't updated in so long.