Chapter 1 Hot Chocolate

"Jaeger mein boy, vould you mind making hot chocolate for us? It is…Getting cold outside." Brocken Jr. said.

"Ja! Right away, mein Herr!" replied the younger German.

"Just get ze big chocolate bar I brought out in the kitchen, put it in ze sauce pan, und heat it."

"Ja, okay Herr Brocken!"

The green-clad Chojin ventured into the kitchen. He unwrapped the chocolate and put it in the sauce pan. He then put the sauce pan on the stove.

"Now how do you turn zhis on?"

Jaeger stared at the stove for a couple of seconds.

"Forget it! I'll use…Red Rain of Pain!"

His right hand glowed red and he dunked it into the pan. Big mistake.

Right at that moment, Brocken Jr. heard an explosion from the kitchen as his student emerged from it. Parts of his face and body were covered with chocolate. The old Legend regretted what he'd done.

"I'm sorry, mein boy. I should've helped you in ze kitchen Now go clean yourself up, ze chocolate might stick to you."

Jaeger obeyed his foster dad and cleaned up the kitchen afterwards.