Chapter 3 Not Meant for Cooking

Kevin and Checkmate were playing Chess then Kevin said, "Checkamate!...Checkmate."

The Chess set wrestler was just silent. Croe suddenly came running in.

"Comrade-er-Kevin! I need you and Checkmate to cook today's lunch. Robin has something to do and I have to help him."

"Okay Lord Flash! We'll do it!" Kevin said.

"Wonderful I'll be seeing you two later!"


"So, what dost thou haveth in mind?" The Chess set wrestler asked the British wrestler.

"What about…Macaroni and Cheese?"

"Sounds good."

Kevin turned on the microwave and popped in the Mac and Cheese. KABOOM!

"Kevin you dolt! Thou art supposed to take it out of the package! What now?"

"I s'ppose…We can go for Chinese take out then!"

Checkmate's eyes stared at Kevin like daggers.