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As she was watching hundreds of her clones awaking, Alice was the most surprised to the fact that she didn't know half of what sort of projects Umbrella was doing. Sure she knew that Dr. Isaacs would've done anything to create the perfect bio-weapon, but to create thousands of clones of her was a bit of a stretch. Which was why she couldn't believe her eyes when she saw her exact duplicate floating in a sphere filled with some sort of watery liquid just an hour ago. She remembered how astounded she was by the sight of it and that she thought she was having a dream or something. A vivid dream that had seemed like a nightmare she still hadn't woken up from.

But now she was standing next to the exact same clone as before. She still thought it was bizarre to have a perfect copy of herself standing next to her, an image she just thought was impossible before, but it was even stranger to see even more of her naked duplicates waking up inside their spheres behind a glass window. It just freaked her out after a few minutes of watching the whole scene unfold, so she decided to walk away, hoping to have some time alone, sorting through the crazy things she'd seen and trying to find some sort of solution to the massive amount of zombies above them. Because if they needed to get out of these labs safely, the zombies on the ground above them needed to be removed, or else they'd all be killed. And that wasn't exactly the plan.

As Alice started to walk away, her clone noticed this. Wondering where her counterpart was going, she turned her head towards her.

"Hey, where are you going?" the clone asked.

Alice turned her head towards her clone. Despite the fact that she was looking at her exact lookalike, Alice was still glad that there was still one difference seperating her from herself. And that was the clone only wearing the brown leather coat she gave to her earlier, nothing else. An easy target for zombies, though.

However, since Alice hadn't seen any zombies since she'd arrived here, she estimated it was worth the risk of leaving her clone behind in this room. What else could there be in here? Infected mice? She checked everything in the room and there was nothing to be afraid of. Besides, they needed a way to get out of there, and getting help from the White Queen was the only way to achieve just that.

"Trying to get some help", Alice said.

With that, Alice continued on her way, while hundreds of zombies were walking around the house on the surface. Some of them were feeding, or actually feasting, on the pile of dead Alice-clones in the ditch. After such a long time of waiting behind a fence to get to a few dozen corpses to dig into, they finally got what they'd longed for: a pile of juicy meat. Bon appetite.

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