Harry stood defiantly before the angry Dark Lord. "Potter," Voldemort spat venomously.

Harry smirked briefly, looking very much like his adopted father. "Hello, Tom. I suppose you want to know how I survived the killing curse again?"

"It couldn't be your mother's protection this time. I share that with you."

Harry smirked again. "Nope. It was your protection."

Voldemort's eyes widened in surprise. "WHAT?"

"It was the 'blood of the enemy, forcibly taken', Tom. When you used my blood in your resurrection ritual, you became an anchor for me, like your horcruxes were for you. I can not die while you live." Harry's tone then became serious. "Neither can I live while you do."

Harry circled with his opponent, continuing his explanation. "The diary, the goblet, the diadem, the locket, the ring, the snake Nagini. These were your horcruxes, Tom. Well," He smirked. "Not all of them." He pointed to his scar. "The final one was me.

"When you failed to kill me on that Halloween night, your soul had been split by the murder of my parents, and while you escaped to Albania, the other piece went to the most potent magical object available- me." Harry laughed. "Funny how you were trying to kill me all this time when I was one of the things keeping you alive, albeit against my will."

Voldemort sneered confidently. "I can always make more, Potter. Maybe I'll make one out of your little girlfriend. I understand she's had experience as a vessel. Or maybe that American muggle you have called your father."

Harry did not rise the bait, but smirked again. "You'll have to beat me first, Tom."

"An easy task, then. Behold, the elder wand!"

"Which you have yet to master."

"I have killed Severus, Potter. I have killed its master."

Harry's smirk grew into a laugh. "Have you? Oh, Tom. You have made yet another blunder. Yes," Harry stated like a teacher to an ignorant student, "Snape killed Dumbledore, but on Albus' orders. The plan was to make the curse of the Elder Wand void. Albus wasn't defeated by Snape, but by Draco Malfoy." Harry took Draco's wand out of his pocket. "By disarming Dumbledore, he became the master of the Elder Wand," he explained, gesturing with his own wand at the one in Voldemort's hand. "And since I took Draco's wand from him, I became the Elder Wand's Master."

Voldemort's eyes widened in rage, but before he could do anything, Harry stopped circling. "One more thing, Tom. Did I ever tell you my father is a sniper?"

A shot rang out, and Voldemort's nose gained a new nostril, not that he'd ever breathe from it. The final fall of the Dark Lord seemed to slow time as his body dropped to the ground, propelled slightly forward by the momentum of the bullet, which was currently rattling around in Riddle's skull, tearing the fragile brain tissue to shreds.

When everyone had finally stopped staring at the corpse, they turned to the source of the shot, who had by now lowered his rifle and was backed by a group of NCIS Agents and British SAS.

Leroy Jethro Gibbs looked at his adopted son and smiled. "Are we late?"

"Don't worry about it, Dad," Harry assured him, smiling back. "You arrived precisely when I needed you. I really didn't want to test my theory out."

Mike Franks looked around at the gob-smacked witches and wizards around him. "Let's get theses people processed, Colonel," he called as he took out a cigarette.

"Ageed." Colonel Frey of Her Majesty's SAS began issuing orders. "Lieutenant, get rid of the body. Staff Sergeant, get these people's names down. Sergeant Holland, collect the dead and identify them."

Gibbs took his son aside. Food began appearing as people were went to different tables for processing. Gibbs grabbed a slice of pizza. Harry had requested it years ago from the house elves, and the eager-to-please servants did well to remember.

Harry took another slice. "What took you so long to get here, anyways?"

"I thought I was right on time."

"You were, for when I really needed you. Where were you from the battle's get go?"

"Mike and I had to come by helicopter from the closest military base to the front gate, Harry, and had to make our way up here on foot."

Harry nodded. "Okay. I'll give you that."

Ginny plopped easily into Harry's lap, having just finished being processed. A tag swung freely from a cord around her neck with her personnel information on it. She shamelessly took a bite of Harry's slice of pizza. "So, the muggle government didn't say anything about you galavanting around Britain with us during the horcrux hunt?"

"The Prime Minister was quite helpful after we explained everything," Jethro replied, smiling at the sight of his son and Ginny. "The Director is asking whether he can expect you as a full agent at NCIS after college, Harry."

Harry smiled, recalling the NCIS badge- that stated he was a deputized federal agent- on his belt. "You tell him that he bet his a** he can. I look forward to it."

The three laughed together, something they hadn't been able to do much for a while. The body of Voldemort was being bagged up by none other than Dr. Donald 'Ducky' Mallard to be carted off to be autopsied. Mike Franks was enduring the inquiries of Arthur Weasley. The magical folk were chatting amongst each other with no prejudice on blood or house.

Things were looking up for Harry James Potter-Gibbs again.