*Author's notes*

**This story shows the perspectives of a girl who experiences a problem that wouldn't be common in an everyday crisis. What happens to her can be possible to anyone, but to most people it would be surreal in a non appealing way, they couldn't ever imagine the hardships she'd been through happening to them. This story has been told in different versions because to some people it had happened to, but not necessarily the same way, only some girls abused this way recover as quickly as the girl in this story.**

I was running into the cold dark night with all the energy I could summon, and yet I still heard him breathing down my neck. "I'll get you for this, hag! You'll never escape me!" those were his threatening words which echoed through the deserted bushland. The menace in his voice had been a guarantee to me that- obviously- he wasn't going to give up that easily. I was sure that he heard me; my breathing was loud, laboured and irregular. My heart was pounding chaotically, its noise unbearable as though it was deliberately giving me away so he'd find me. My heart was announcing to the terrifying man my whereabouts-"She's over here! She's over here! Come and get her!" I knew I couldn't stop running, otherwise I would have been caught. Was he still following me? Could he see me now? Was he trying to trick me into thinking he wasn't there? I was oblivious to the wind whipping past my face, causing my thick long hair to perform a wild dance of rippling black silk behind me.

My muscles burnt and complained, begging me to stop as I ran blindly through the textured leaf litter. I must have missed a step or stumbled violently as something suddenly ripped within me, the stinging sensation was located in my shins, and I found myself lurching through the bitter air, the experience dreadful as though an icy knife was slicing through my body. Within the same quarter of that second (although it felt like a century) I was sprawled on a soft, rather fluffy textured surface- like a haystack, face down. Weakly lifting my head, I managed to get a slight glimpse of where I was, somewhere deserted, a type of building, it looked abandoned. I was too exhausted to take in any more details and with every slow, painful breath I took, everything around me became fuzzier and the distance between me and my surroundings seemed greater. My body was disconnected from me, so there was no chance I'd have been able to get up and continue running. The last thing I saw- before falling into a terrifying nightmare- was up high, a circular orange window, tinted by the hours of darkness just enough so that the moonlight filtering through lost its comfortable glow. I closed my eyes and the demon-like faces began to play back in my head, my nightmare had begun...

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