**WHO IS IT? .....well...there ya go...here's who it is:

A boy was there...sitting at a table looking all alone...his face was.... the one I admired that night," a curly haired angel, his dark hair surrounding his olive toned skin like a halo, his face was soft featured" when he looked up and saw me, his face lit up ....and he smiled. He got up and approached us."I'm so happy you came, Antonio, without you we wouldn't have had an idea where our daughter was. We just wanted to thank you properly... Darcie, say hello to Antonio, we'll leave you guys to it."

My mood improved as I talked to Antonio at our own table, he was so polite and gentle. I'd almost forgotten how tender men were capable of being. He told me that the woman I saw before- when I first saw him- was in fact his sister who was carrying drinks to another table to her friend.

His charisma enchanted me as he told me what he saw when I walked into the cafe that previous night: "An angel had just lit up the room with her brilliant glow... when I saw you, I was certain you were the one for me... when I saw you leave the place, I was eager to find you, to be with you, and here we are..." We talked ...and talked, and soon I'd forgotten that my parents were still watching over me, just as they promised. The next thing that happened shocked me, as our chat became more vigorous, the physical space between us filled up until our foreheads were touching......no one seemed to care...within a few more tantalisingly slow seconds, our lips met...and they "somehow" ended up pressed hard against each other, startled, I drew back, noticing my place and the fact that we haven't known each other for more than a couple of hours.

I was so close to him now that I felt the heat of his breath which caused warm tingly sparks to play across my skin. A lava hot current surged between us. It was then I knew what actual love was like; desired, passionate, true, tender...don't be ridiculous, you stupid, clueless girl! ...the annoying little voice at the back of my head was unfortunately right...but....I saw it in his eyes: the patient, careful man I always wanted...and he was right in front of me...I knew that I was stupid to love again so quickly...but I was too busy to notice, soaring through the sky like a free spirit ****as we kissed with fervour.

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