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Bella ran to her car desperate to find some clean clothes. She normally always brought a spare skirt and top to work in case the clothes she was wearing got dirty somehow. It was not an uncommon occurrence since she worked at a kindergarten. Children are very messy and that morning one of them, Matthew had thrown up all over her skirt. The poor little boy was sent home to rest and recover. As Bella rummaged through the boot of her car she said a silent prayer to the heavens that the little dear would feel better soon and feel little pain.

Bella sighed when all she could find were her ugly gray sweat pants.

"I suppose these will have to do," she muttered to herself, her brow furrowed. Bella hated wearing pants, she had put on quite a bit of weight during her last relationship and had not managed to lose all of it. The guy had been an abusive son of a bitch and she had turned to food for comfort.

Skirts and dresses hid her thighs and stomach more successfully than pants did, so the thought of everyone seeing her in pants made her feel awkward and uncomfortable. However between the choice of smelling like vomit and looking obviously overweight, the professional thing to do was to suck it up and change. It's not like there is anyone to impress here anyway. All the fathers who come to pick up their children are married.

She hurried to the office that she shared with her workmate and one of her best friend's Angela and got changed. She put her skirt in a plastic bag to take to the dry cleaners on her way home. She hurried out to the playground where Angela was supervising the three year old class they both taught together.

"Thanks for watching them all while I changed Ange," Bella said gratefully as she joined her friend on supervision duty for recess.

"Sure thing hun, you know for some reason you smell a lot better," Angela teased.

"Yeah, I wonder why that is," she rolled her eyes.

"Decided to shower for once?"

"Actually it's my second time this month," Bella played along. Bella and Angela had been working together for 7 years and when you're best friends with someone for a long time, all conversation becomes immature and is often pushed through a 'sarcasm only' funnel.

Bella scanned the playground to see if any of the kids either needed help, were hurt or were not playing with others. She spotted little Illyssa Cullen all on her own near the back swings and she frowned. This was the fourth day in a row that Illyssa was not socialising. She had also wet the bed twice this week during nap time which was unnatural for her since Illyssa was usually one of the kids who had good bladder control. Bella had made a mental note to ask Illyssa's grandmother Esme if anything had changed in Illyssa's life, but she been preoccupied and had missed her at each pick up time this week.

She walked over to Illyssa and smilled.

"Hey little princess, do you want me to push you on the swings?"

Ilyssa's hand was griping one of the side poles of the swing and she was swaying side to side nervously. Her angelic light brown eyes looked up at Bella in panic and Bella realised that she was towering over the little one. She bobbed down and affectionately tucked a stray blonde curl behind Illyssa's ear.

Bella pretended to pout.

"Doesn't princess Lyssa want to play with me today? I feel very sad, I think I need a big cuddle." Bella then proceeded to fake cry noisily and dramatically. "What am I going to do? Lyssa doesn't want to play with me!"

The little girl giggled and then jumped into Bella's arms and Bella lifted her up and spun her around.

"Oh I feel much better now," she smiled, "Lyssa why aren't you playing with Stacey and Taylor? Were they mean to you?"

Lyssa simply shook her head. "Don't want to."

Bella frowned in confusion. Usually Illyssa was such a noisy, social, little one. Before she could ask any more questions Angela called all the kids inside because recess was over.

As the day went on the events surrounding Illyssa became more serious. While the children were painting Illyssa accidently knocked over her paint pallet and it fell to the floor. She looked at Bella in fear and then began crying uncontrollably.

As Bella reached her and bobbed down, Illyssa backed away as if she was scared that her teacher would hurt her in some way.

"Please don't be mad. I didn't mean to. I didn't mean to." And then Bella noticed a little puddle forming on the floor. Illyssa had wet herself out of fear. Bella blinked in shock. What on earth had brought such a reaction on? The poor thing was terrified. Bella exchanged glances with Angela and they went into responsible teacher mode. A silent agreement passed between them where Angela would look after the class and clean up the mess, while Bella would help Illyssa.

"It's ok sweet heart," Bella said gently and smiled. "I'm not angry, I promise. Will you take my hand and we can go get all cleaned up." Bella extended her hand to the terrified child.

Illyssa sobbed. "You're not going to smack me?"

Bella's eyes went wide in shock but she quickly composed herself.

"Of course not princess, actually I was going to tell you how beautiful this picture is that you're painting. I bet Grandma Esme can't wait to see it."

Illyssa took Bella's hand cautiously and Bella slowly guided her out of the classroom and to the room where they kept all the first aid equipment. On the way, in the hallway Bella quickly grabbed Illyssa's bag which would have a spare set of clothes or at least underwear in it. Bella wrapped her arms around the little girl as she sobbed into Bella's shoulder. Bella rubbed her back in circular motions until the sobs subsided.

"Lyssa we have to clean you up a bit and change your clothes ok sweetheart? Then we can get back to painting that very pretty picture."

"Gran-gran Me-me can't see my painting 'cause Tana pick me up."

Bella frowned in confusion.

"Who's Tana?"

"Daddy's girlfriend." Illyssa looked at her shoes.

Illyssa was more comfortable with letting Bella touch her so they managed to clean her up and put a fresh set of clothes on.

"Why isn't Grandma Esme picking you up?"

"Her foot has a boo-boo."

"Oh." Bella was slowly gathering all the information together. Esme had hurt herself and now Dr. Cullen's girlfriend was looking after Illyssa after kinder instead. Bella's back stiffened as she realised the question she had to ask.

"Lyssa, has Tana ever smacked you for being naughty?"

The little girl's eyes grew wide and they filled up with tears but they did not spill. She nodded slowly.

"I spilt juice on the carpet," she whispered shamefully.

Bella felt herself flush red as the anger grew in her. That bitch! What kind of person ever raises their hand to a three year old? Or at all?

Bella couldn't concentrate all day. At lunchtime while Angela watched the kids in the playground. Bella checked with the receptionist how long the bitch had been looking after Illyssa for. Her name was Tanya Denali and she had been dropping and picking Illyssa up since Monday. Well she's not picking her up today.

Bella called the contact numbers that Dr. Cullen and Esme had left but she could not get through. She left Illyssa's father messages on his voicemail explaining that she needed to talk to him, that she would not allow this Tanya woman to leave with Illyssa and that she was willing to wait as long as he needed until he could pick her up.

When five-o-clock came Bella had hoped that Dr. Cullen would show up to pick up his daughter. He did not. Tanya looked outraged when Bella calmly stated that she would not be allowing Illyssa to go home with her because she needed to talk with Illyssa's father about something serious. Tanya looked her up and down and scoffed.

"Honey, you're really not his type. You wouldn't be the first woman who has tried to use Illyssa to get to him. Besides, I hate to break it to you, but he's taken."

Bella had had to reign her emotions in and remain professional. It took all of her strength not to slap the pathetic excuse for a human being standing in front of her.

"You are mistaken Miss Denali, I would never be interested in a man who prefers to work long hours than to spend time with his beautiful daughter. If you are able to get through to him, I would appreciate it if you would let him know that I will be here with Illyssa waiting for him until he comes.

Tanya rolled her eyes.

"Fine, he gets off at 9 and it takes him at least 15 minutes to get here."

"Then I'll wait until 9.15," Bella said between gritted teeth.

"Whatever, it's not like I want to take care of her anyway." Tanya walked off while Bella clenched and unclenched her right fist. Stupid Bitch!

Time went by and Illyssa seemed happy to wait for her Dad no matter how long it took, she was relaxed in Bella's company. They played games together, read stories, ate dinner. Time simply flew and they both enjoyed every minute of it. At one point during story time when Illyssa was sitting in Bella's lap, she affectionately reached back and played with Bella's hair while listening. It seemed like such a natural action and Bella felt herself wishing that she had a daughter of her own.

When Bella heard a car pull up in the parking lot and a car door slam shut she suddenly felt very anxious. It was not every day that a kindergarten teacher spoke to the father of a child about his abusive girlfriend. She suddenly found herself wishing that she had not convinced Angela to keep her date with her boyfriend Ben. Why didn't I let her stay with me? Because it's a Friday night and she has a boyfriend. You don't.

Edward Cullen opened the classroom door looking furious and when his glaring eyes found hers he spoke in a dangerously low tone.

"Who the hell do you think you are?"

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