Band-Aids Can't Fix Me

By winchester1967

A/N: Most of these chapters are going to be short, because of finals at school and all that junk. This is set not too far after the episode where they go back in time (I remember it being called Back to the Future Part II at one point in time, but the actual title escapes me). House is still talking to his shrink, but that's the better part of that whole season. Anyway, sorry for the short chapters, the longer ones will be wrote on weekends, I hope. So please enjoy!

Chapter 1-Safety Net

It was taking too much strenght to keep the tears away. Too many memories flashed before his eyes as he let go of the railing and fell into the cold water below. No one was around, no one needed to see. He was alone. The way he came into this world and the way he was going out. But now...well, something had stopped his plans before they even started. Someone had fished him out of the water before he could take a breath of the fresh water and sink to the bottom like a stone. Whoever it was almost choked him on the way up, but he was breathing air now instead of water.

"Can you hear me?" Someone yelled. He blinked a couple times, ignoring the voice. All he could see was light, so it was either an angel or God. And he really hoped that it wasn't a demon. "Hello?"

"I..." He said, but his voice caught in his throat. He felt cold hands on his skin. They weren't the familiar ones that had saved him so many times over his years. These, though as worn, were not Dean's.

"Can you tell me your name?" The man that hovered above him asked.

"Sa...Sam." He finally managed to cough out.

"Hi Sam, I'm House." The man replied. "What the hell were you doing up there?" He asked. Sam's eyes began to close. "HEY!" House yelled. Sam's eyes sprung back open as sirens began to get closer. He didn't hear House anymore, he heard the sirens. The next thing Sam knew, oxygen was being forced on him. He didn't fight it. He had given up trying to get anything to go his way. He never saw House's face, he only heard his voice. For all he knew, it was Cas or one of them million other angels that had crossed their path over the past couple years. Hell, it could've been Lucifer. He didn't know if Michael wanted him alive. According to Dean, Michael brought him back when they delt with Anna, but he wasn't sure about anything anymore.

"Take him to Princeton Plainsboro." House told the paramedic. "His doctors name is Gregory House."

"Will do." The medic said. "House." House rolled his eyes and sped in front of the ambulance on his motorcycle.

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