Chapter 18-Brothers Above All Else

Sam was released two days later. House never told anyone what him and Sam had talked about. It was one of the many secrets that he kept locked inside his head. He didn't go see Sam off, but he watched from his office as Dean pushed a wheelchair ridden Sam out to the classic black Chevy. He wouldn't admit it to himself, but he felt jealous that Sam had someone like Dean to take care of him. He didn't have anyone like that to be that way to him.

While Sam was leaving the hospital, Thirteen stopped the wheelchair and leaned down to gently kiss Sam. Then she was gone before he knew it. Vanished, just like a ghost. He laughed to himself about the thought.

The Winchester's bunked at Bobby's for the next few nights. Cas had vanished and Dean didn't know where he went. Cas needed some time to think. Lots of things had hit him at once. That's why he stood here in this abandoned Maine hill, looking out over the ocean.

"This was fun." Someone said. Cas didn't even look from where he was. He knew exactly who it was. "Beatin' the shit out of you. Good times, good times."

"I thought you would've been killing kittens or something Cam." Cas said. Cam smiled at him.

"Nah. Kittens are just too cute. Remind me of some little brother of mine. What's his name again?" Cam looked over at Cas. Cas rolled his eyes.

"Why did you come here? Really?" Cas asked. Cam sighed.

"I missed you." Cam said. "It's been years since I walked out. We've only seen each other once in awhile. With Lucifer free, I really don't have any restrictions. I knew that Sam was in the hospital and I knew that you are Dean Winchester's guradian angel. So, i figured that you'd be helping him find his brother because he's a horrible babysitter."

"Did you inform Lucifer of Sam's location?" Cas asked.

"I was supposed to, but no." Cam said. Cas looked over at him.

"So you really did just want to see me?" Cas asked. Cam nodded his head. "That's...sweet?" Cas said, unsure if that was the word. Cam smiled.

"Never were greatest with words." Cam said. "I do have a question for you? What's that charge of yours gonna do when you get drawn back to Heaven and reassigned? You know it's gonna happen Cas. You Guaridan Angels aren't allowed to stay with one charge for too long and they've dont it to you before." Cas sighed.

"Heaven wants my head." Cas said. "I rebelled to help Dean." Cam smiled.

"That's my little brother." He said. "Look, I just want you to know that no matter what side you chose or how you chose to fight, I'm proud of you. Those Winchester's, they're like us. At one point in time, them and us had the same bonds. And I'd still do anything for you baby brother." Cas couldn't bring himself to look at Cam. "Brother's above all else."

"Will I ever see you again?" Cas asked as he stared at the sea.

"We'll see how this war goes and then we'll talk." Cam laughed. Then he was gone. Cas looked at the spot where his big brother had been, then back at the sea. Cas wasn't known for showing human emotion, but he couldn't stop himself as a single tear rolled down his cheek. He quickly wiped it away and disappeared. They had work to do.

.:. The End .:.

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