Dragonball Z - Talent and Potential

-Gohan and Videl-

Written by: RK

Saga's of T.a.P.

Saiyaman Saga - Saiyaman has been in Satan city for 2 weeks now, and Videl was ready to kill the man behind the bucket. He was doing her job for her before she could even get there. She was the daughter of the best, and considered herself to be second to only him, but then how could this loser be showing her up? Not to mention a new crime organization has set it's sights on the city. Could things get much worse?

Babidi Saga – An evil has set its sights on Earth looking for the strongest fighter, namely Gohan. Gohan seems determined to fight it alone, but slowly starts to lose the battle within himself. The last hope for himself and the world rest in his friends, but will they be able to save him? Or can he pull through at the last second to save everyone?

Tournament Saga – Peace has fallen on the Z-fighters. How are they going to celebrate? By fighting of course! Watch as everyone gets ready for what proves to be the greatest Tournament Earth has ever seen. Mr Satan expects it to be another easy Tournament. The poor idiot.

Takula and the Universal Library Saga – A large object is slowly coming straight for earth. Strange thing is, it's giving off a weird energy signal that the Z-fighters are picking up. Gathering together, a few of them once again go into space to try and find out what exactly this thing is. As things go, not all is as it seems. Soon things take a turn for the worst, leaving Gohan and Videl fighting for not only earth, but the universe itself.

~Saiyaman Saga~

Chapter 1 – Enough!

Videl was now just seconds away from landing, but she did not see a point in even doing that now. She could see him. That crazy costume could be seen a mile away. He was talking to the cops all ready. It looked like a hurricane had hit that part of the road. The front of the bank was nothing but broken glass and bullet holes in the wall. The road in front of the bank held the smoking remains of a get away truck, and what appeared to be the four crooks that tried to rob the bank,which were being placed on stretchers to be taken to make sure they would make a full recovery from passing out. Their eyes were still wide open, either from the shock of the Great Saiyaman's punches, or the simple fact that the super hero really had super powers and it was not foolish childhood nonsense.

She huffed. Videl new there had to be a trick behind it all. There just had to be. No one could just fly, or catch bullets, or move faster than them for that matter. Illusions, or something. And yet, the crooks always had those same eyes. Eyes of fear and realization. They believed it was real. They all did. It did not add up one bit.

After jumping out of her prototype helicopter from Nail Industry, the 'fastest' one her fathers money and influence could buy. She huffed again in anger, knowing it was all lies. Saiyaman always got here before her. No, after two weeks of slowly losing her job to this lying trickster, she had suffered quite enough.

The police chief looked up and waived to Videl as she walked up to him and Saiyaman. "Sorry for calling you out of school for nothing again Videl." He noticed her starring daggers at the superhero beside him. With a cough, "Saiyaman got here just a few minutes after I called you and took care of it."

"Took care of it?" Videl made no attempt to hide her anger. "This place looks like a war zone!" After taking a quick peak back at the bank, she looked back.

Saiyaman turned to his classmate. A look of unease passed over his face as he took a step back for safety. "Well, I just told the police chief my report that he wanted. Maybe he could tell you..."

The hero was cut short as the short chief quickly darted over to a close by squad car. Even though it had only been two weeks since the hero showed up, he knew Videl was not happy about anyone taking her job without her consent. He quickly turned back at the two, "Er, yes Bob? I'll be right there to help you! Sorry Videl, Saiyaman, gotta help these guys." Sensing the tension, he turned back and quickly continued his retreat.

Saiyaman was left alone with Videl. A feeling of panic rushed through him. He could not figure out why, there was no physical danger, and yet...he could not shake the feeling that his mothers frying pan was only seconds from hitting him square in the face.

Videl blinked slightly, trying to remember if there was even a Bob on the force. Shaking the thought, she turned to the Great Saiyaman, holding up a balled fist. "Would you just tell me what happened all ready? It only took me 10 minutes to get here after I got the call. The chief even said something about the robbers having special bulletproof armor, hostages, and even a bomb!"

Behind the helmet, Gohan was sweating bullets. He figured this would be a good time to be honest with Videl for once, leaving out the part where he used the excuse of a soar neck to skip out of class to visit the nurse. Sharpner had tackled him to the ground with quite a bit of force in the football game they had been playing in gym, and it would have gave any normal person quite the whiplash. But Gohan being Gohan, had seen it coming and decided it best to play along, acting as if Cell himself had punched him in the stomach.

He sighed, wondering if he really would be able to survive the school year trying to act normal. He really wanted to fit in. To be able to at least act normal for a year. Though the thought only ran from her mothers mouth, he had missed out on most of his child years, being forced to grow up fast to be able to fight. He was happy things had gone the way he did, only regretting that he could not have helped out more, but he was finding it quite re-leaving to do something most kids his age did.

Videl took the sigh as sign that he was preparing to tell her the story. She looked up at him, still glaring at him.

Saiyaman slowly lowered his shoulders in defeat. She had the same stare as his mother. In fact, he was slowly learning all women possessed that same weapon. "Well, I'm not sure when you got here, so I'll start at the beginning."

-Nine minutes ago-

Gohan arrived at the bank, and it was just as the chief had told Videl. He could sense four hostages left inside. Three were tied up and surrounded by two of the crooks, while the one crook watched over the last hostage who was putting money inside of bags as fast as she could and the other robber hollered at the cops, laughing as he sprayed bullets from his automatic weapon at them.

Saiyaman quietly landed on the roof of the bank, and closed his eyes, focusing his saiyan hearing down to hear what the man was yelling to the cops.

"If ya do not let us go, this whole place is gonna go up in smoke! Is that what you want you losers! Just let us go with the money and you'll get your hostages safe and sound!" At the end of his demands he shot up the closest cop car with his gun, blowing out the tires and breaking through the glass windows.

Not good. The police just can't let them go, but negotiating with terrorists probably would be none of the grunts strong points.

The man yelled at the cops again. "You have 60 seconds before everything withing earshot goes sky high! Be a hero you idiots! Save the lives of everyone here and let us go!"

Even worse. Saiyaman could see the cops looking at each other. They were at a loss, the situation was now beyond them. Acting quickly, he fazed in through a broken window of the bank, grabbed the bomb, and fazed back out before anyone would be the wiser. He through the bomb extremely high into the air and shot an energy blast after it. As it blew up, he whistled. Man, they weren't bluffing. This whole block would have gone up in smoke if that thing had gone up. How did a bunch of thugs get that?

Storing the question for later, he shot back into the bank. Just as he entered, one of the crooks had just noticed the bomb was missing. He blinked. "Hey boss, the bombs gone!"

The man yelling at the cops turned. "What do you mean it's go...you idiots! Turn around!"

Saiyaman flashed through the group of men. They turned to see only the broken window, while Gohan quickly grabbed the tied up hostages and shot for the door. The boss had pulled up his gun and shot twords the now advancing hero, only to see a blur and then nothing. The bullets continued their path, hitting the three men that had only turned a moment ago. They fell to the ground. The boss of the group swore under his breathe. They were out cold. Had they not been waring special clothing made to stop bullets, they'd be dead.

Things were falling apart. To quick. The man was starting to panic. He turned to the man who had been holding the bags and the last hostage. Both of the two had gone wide and and frozen as if statues. The boss yelled at the man, "Quick, drop the money and grab her! We need to get out of here!"

His shouts only feel on deaf ears. The man with the money started to stutter something, but it couldn't be heard.

Saiyaman set the hostages down behind the cop cars. Standing back up he turned and shot back twords the bank. The cops could only blink in pure amazement. Every time they saw Saiyaman do his tricks or what ever, it was truly a show to see.

Saiyaman now shot for the last hostage at super speed. Not even a blur could be seen. One second he appeared behind the crook and the hostage, the next he was gone along with the girl. The boss of the robbers was at a loss.

Gohan sat the woman next to the other hostages, this time turning to the cops to talk in his best hero voice "No worries, all hostages are accounted for, and only one crook left."

Just as the words escaped the Great Saiyaman's voice, the robber that had been holding the money wrenched back, and with a ghostly moan, the man fell to the ground.

The boss of the robbery was now in full panic mode. He had nothing but his gun now. He saw no way out. It was as if time slowed down. He had watched all his men fall before him...but how?

Shaking it off, he reached into his pocket and pulled out a capsule. He threw his gun around his shoulder and raced for the window that Saiyaman had came in earlier. He threw it outside and jumped out the window after it. In a poof of smoke, a monster truck looking vehicle appeared. Landing inside, the man turned it on and shot down the road, trying to retreat from the craziness that was behind him.

"The stories are true! I can't believe it!. He's real, not just a fake. He's the real deal, man! I gotta get out of here!"

Saiyaman had shot after the man in the truck. Police scattered as he drove over a cop car that had been placed there to keep the perimeter. Gohan sped up to make sure the chase ended quickly. The truck had not gotten a block away when Saiyaman caught up. Coming up with a plan on the spot, he flew under the truck and lifted it off the road, letting the wheels spin as the man driving slowly realized he wasn't going anywhere.

The man looked out his window to see his truck now flying. He caught notice of a red cape flutter from under his truck. "He can lift a truck too! What's with this guy!" Quickly whipping his gun out from his shoulder, he started shooting the floor of his truck, trying to shoot Saiyaman through the truck itself."

Is this guy crazy or what? Gohan thought as bullets started to rain from above him. They weren't close, but he did notice where they were going. Not good! He's shooting his own gas tank! The trucks gonna blow!

Gohan quickly kick the underside of the transition with a foot, breaking through it enough to effectively disable the car. Setting it down, he shot to the passengers side of the truck and then barreled through the window, holding his arms in front of him to shield himself from the glass. As he shot through the man started to turn, but with a quick chop to the man's neck, ended that proses. Gohan caught the now limp man and fazed out and away from the truck. Quickly searching with his energy to make sure everyone was withing a safe distance, he watched as the truck blew up seconds later...