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"Rui, run faster!" Wes yelled as he ran through the desert in the dark moonless night. The faint stars that blinked once in a while when the clouds moved away were the only source of light that Wes used to guide him in this endless wasteland. Behind him was a girl, about the same age as him, who had reddish orange hair that stood up like small pigtails that sprouted on top of her head. Her pink boots were filled with sand and her blue jacket was already feeling gritty. Her eyes were watering because she didn't have thick silver plated goggles to protect her eyes like Wes did. The helicopters were roaring overhead, creating huge dust clouds to cover the two. Lights were flashing like a beacon from these air vehicles and Wes definitely didn't want to be in the spotlight.

The girl didn't respond with words but with coughing as she inhaled the particles of sand. They were trying to climb over a sand dune but the effort was slowing them down.

"You could…" Rui coughed again before she finished her sentence, "try and help me!" Wes didn't respond and continued to run ahead. He was moving with such ease that it was almost impossible for Rui to catch up with her white mini skirt. Plus, the sand was stinging her skin.

Humph, such a rude guy, Rui thought as she pouted. Definitely not a shining knight in armor… Even though she thought this, deep down, she knows that Wes cares more than he acted. After all, he saved her once and though he ignored her, he never pushed her away. He protected her from that evil organization that was after her ability….

Suddenly, Rui tripped on the sand and fell to the ground. "KAAA!" she screamed from the fall. She could feel her knees bleeding from the harsh blowing of the sand. Wes stopped, and without hesitation, grabbed Rui by the arm to pull her up.

"Get up!" Wes said, not with irritation but with urgency, "If they find us –." Suddenly, the two of them were under a very bright light coming from above in the sky.

"They're over here!" A loud speaker announced; the sound echoed in the vast wasteland. Wes gritted his teeth. He pulled Rui up and tried to run away from the light but it was too late. Immediately, ten guys slid down ropes and jumped from the helicopter. The two escapees were now surrounded by bald guys with head phones and wearing red vests and long black pants to match their boots. They all had one glove on their right hands that had some strange mechanism.

"Well, well, Wes," one of these thugs said in a long drawling voice, "It has been a while. How long has it been since you betrayed this group?" The guy motioned with his head at Wes' left arm which had a strange dark blue shoulder pad that extended down his arm. The man didn't need to say anything to Wes for him to know what the guy was talking about.

Wes merely frowned and didn't respond, instead, he brought both of his arms up as though to shield Rui from these guys. The team of thugs couldn't see what Wes was thinking because the guy had his silver goggles over his eyes. The strong wind from the helicopters caused Wes' silver hair to flutter. On his face, there was a long thin white line, going across from left to right, just above his nose.

"Hand over the girl," the same guy from before demanded, "You do realize the reason why you can't fight against us and had to keep running away right?" Wes didn't respond and brought his black gloved hands up into fists as though hand combat was the only way to get out of this situation. Immediately, the whole group of thugs laughed, as though this gesture was nothing but a joke. Rui trembled as she hid behind Wes' back.

"Seriously, Wes," another guy said after the whole group had their shares of laughs, "Do you think you'll win against Team Snagem like that?" Immediately, ten Pokemon jumped down from the helicopter as well and stood in a ring around Wes and Rui. The darkness covered their appearance, but Rui could still see the dark shadow aura from each of the Pokemon. There was a deep silence as though nobody knew what to say.

"Let's have some fun first before we take the girl in," someone suggested. "Our little traitor could use a reunion party." Of course, Team Snagem's idea of fun is not exactly what 'fun' usually is. Rui flinched at this comment and for the first time spoke up.

"NO!" Rui pleaded, "Please take me. Don't hurt Wes!" However, everyone else thought it was a good idea to teach the deserter a lesson and charged at Wes.

Wes immediately pushed back Rui away from him and waited for his attackers. It was nothing but chaos. Wes was doing his best to attack ten guys at once, but the odds were against him. He only managed to elbow punch and use several swift kicks to knock at least five guys – no real damage. On the other hand, Wes got badly injured – punched in the face, shoulder and legs. It was a miracle that he managed to still be standing even though he was at his limit. Rui was on the verge of tears and had to close her eyes. But finally, the Cipher members decided that it was getting too boring now it was time to finish this.

They all took out something from their pocket that could fit to their hand. Rui flinched again. She didn't need to see them clearly to know what they have. It was the same one that the Snagem members used on them earlier.

"Say hello to our new invention… again. Let's hope you can dodge as well as before." Wes flinched as well. Those devices were created to be used on Pokemon but these guys obviously have taken it to another level.

"NOOOO!" Rui screamed. "STOPPPP!" But nothing could be done and Wes watched as the first one came at him and slammed against his silver goggles.

The night was still again. The helicopters were gone and the darkness engulfed the whole wasteland again. The only thing here in this desert was Wes, who was laying face first against the sandy ground – alone. They had their fun and taken Rui away. She tried to fight back but couldn't stand against ten guys. Those Snagem guys apparently seemed to have a habit of assuming too much because they didn't do a good job of finishing Wes off.

Wes' whole body was covered with jabbing pain and bruises. There were huge stains of blood all over his blue overcoat jacket. He had severe deep cuts on his face and his nose was dripping with blood, and his broken silver goggle lay several feet away. He stared dimly up at the dark sky. He couldn't get up because his legs have taken a severe beating. His right arm was broken for sure from the heavy impact of those devices. He looked at his left hand that was still clutching tightly onto the machine that the Snagem members used on him. As his old boss had said about him, "Once a thief, always a thief."

Wes managed to swipe it from other their noses. Though broken and had several parts missing, Wes could tell that it looked like some kind of top but bigger. It managed to spin and charged at him again and again like a boomerang. The question was how they controlled it…

Wes felt his whole body drifting to a death like state. Rui was captured and now the Snagem Team was back with a new type of power. Suddenly, in his weakened state, he remembered what those thugs were saying earlier after they defeated him. He remembered how Rui was screaming and kicking as much as possible.

Hurry and get the girl! Come on, the kid is dead! We need to get back to Fiore!

Fiore… Wes thought slowly as though his head was having a hard time to process the information. He had quite a bit of distance to travel. If he was going to hurry and save Rui and figure out what was going on, he can't die here. Not now.

With that thought in mind, Wes struggled to get up and keep his eyes awake from a deep slumber that he might never wake up from again.

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