Here's more and sorry for not updating this in a long while but this is a fic series I did when first getting into PnF so just in case people get confused.

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Doof was still awake that night in bed while Kyra was sound asleep in bed beside him but the dark brown red furred male had a reason to worry as Perry was ill meaning the Tri-State Area was doomed if that new bad guy attacked.

He could go up against her but he wasn't the best agent in the O.W.C.A as that title belonged to Perry but he decided to go check up on the kids getting up and stretching but using his stealth skills to sneak out without waking up his wife.

He entered Vanessa's room first but the black furred female platypus was asleep but talking in her sleep about some boy making Doof shake his head leaving her room.

He then checked into Joel and Rika's room but both platypus infants were sound asleep in the crib making him smile.

But he heard whimpering as he entered Miko's room making the dark brown red furred male worry as he entered but saw the turquise furred four year old wake up crying making Doof worried for his nephew.

"Hey buddy what's wrong?

You look like you had a bad dream." he said.

Miko nodded.

"I-I miss Daddy.

I had a bad dream that he was never coming back.

I know Mommy isn't here.

But I don't want Daddy to go.

We need him." he said.

Doof understood his nephew's worry as he was hugging him but telling him that his father wouldn't leave them but assured him his father would return.

He watched as he fell asleep but decided to stay as he knew he would wake up if he didn't.

He hoped Perry would be okay but knew he would heal.

Vanessa had returned home from school and was having a snack before doing homework but saw Miko playing karate tag with Doof as it was something he did with Perry.

The black furred platypus female felt bad about hiding that Monogram was training her to be an agent because he thought Perry wouldn't heal in time and believed he would.

She wanted to tell her Dad but knew he had a lot on his plate.

"Hey Vanessa!" Miko said hugging her.

She knew that the four year old turquise furred male loved to play.

"Will you play with me?

Uncle Doofy's getting tired." he said.

"I would but I have homework to do." she said leaving.

Miko frowned as he didn't like when nobody wanted to play with him as Rika and Joel were still too little to play the games he liked to play.

He then went to his room for a while as he headed to his desk but was beginning to draw.

It was a drawing of a tomboyish platypus.

It was an agent like his father but was very smart and loved to play.

He then yawned finishing his drawing.

"I wish you could be my friend." he thought falling asleep.