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Another rainy day in London, another day in my existence. I never thought I could love another rainy town after Forks but the Mother Countries Capital has its charm and I have grown quite comfortable in the U.K.

Over the years due to some very good investments I had amassed a modest fortune and have decided to merely enjoy my time touring the historical sites and museums the country had to offer. Today I had decided to visit a gallery of a local artist who was making noise in the art circles currently. After dressing in a pair of gray tights and a black dress I put on my favorite pair of black knee high boots and cream trench. I glanced at the mirror and stared at my reflection and once again took notice of the changes. My face had changed a great deal since I had lived in Forks, no longer was I just some plain-Jane. My faces had become more striking especially as my short wavy hair now framed my face with my short bands but the biggest change of all was of course my eyes.

Gone were the deep chocolate eyes of my father in their place was not the topaz that I had once gotten lost in. a constant reminder of the family I had lost and of a future taken from me. With age my body had filled our and become more womanly. The three inches that I had grown had also made me for more intimidating than the barely five feet I once was. Breaking out of my reverie I left my bedroom and traveled down the stairs to the entrance of my town house and grabbed my favorite red umbrella from my coat rack and left. Opening the door I joined the hustle and bustle of London. When I decided to take up a semi permanent residence in England I chose not to isolate myself like the Cullen's. Instead I lived side by side with the humans and observed them lest I forget what it was like to be human.

It was a forty minute walk at human speed from my home to the art gallery but the walk was welcomed. Sometimes doing things the human way was calming to me as it reminded me of my humanity. The walk was finished without incident and I spent a few hours browsing the humans painting but decided not to buy and began my journey home. I'd been on edge for the past week something was about to change I could feel it in my undead bones and I didn't know whether of not it was going to be good. As I was walking my phone began to vibrate and as I saw the area code I knew it could only be one person. I only knew one person that could be calling me from Alaska. Eleazar. I contemplated whether or not to answer but my curiosity got the better of my and I accepted the call.

"Hello." I greeted.

"Oh Isabella it has been to long since we spoke. I had almost forgotten what you sounded like."

"Funny, Eleazar. Vampire have perfect memories."

"Yes, yes we do, Tesoro." He sighed "But nothing compares to the real thing."

At this I laughed as Eleazar had always been able to rip me from and gloomy mood.

"So why are you calling? You usually only call me every few years." I questioned.

"Yes, but perhaps I have decided to make it a weekly thing so you do not forget me. But yes I do have a reason for calling; I wish to invite you to visit my home here in Denali. It was been sometime since I have seen you, and my mate Carmen wishes to meet the woman I speak of."

For the past few months I had been on edge like a cornered cat just waiting to strike at the threat. I lived in peace so where this threat my instincts were detecting I didn't know. So perhaps I change of scenery is exactly what I needed. Maybe I had been in London for too long. Maybe I have been isolate from my own kind for too long as well. Denali seemed nice from how Eleazar described-

"Bella?" Eleazar prompted. I guess I had been lost in my musing for too long.

Pausing for a little long I answered yes.

"I'll be there in two weeks." After ironing out some details I hurried home to begin packing for my trip.