Okay, just a quick MEGA fluff one-shot R&R if you want 2 xoxo love and chocolate honeys

I smiled as I felt my cell buzz in my jeans pocket. Mobile, it's a mobile, I reminded myself. Kate and the others had been very keen to integrate me to the English way of speaking. It was like speaking French. So weird. Freddie didn't mind though. He thought my way of speaking was cute, though granted; he didn't like it when I was OTT Malibu Barbie.

Still meeting at the harbour? F

Ima on ma way P xx

I climbed the steeply sloping hill, glad I'd worn the low heeled boots Kate had thrust at me this morning, rather than the Gucci heels I'd been planning on.

"You'll thank me later," Kate had promised. Now I was mentally thanking her over and over in my head, as my legs hiked the steep hills I'd become so accustomed to and found so easy to walk up. Back in Malibu, I would have totally baulked at the sight of hill like that, and run screaming for my Porsche keys, taking care not to break the JC stilettos or Gucci heels or whatever sky high heels I would be wearing. But now I took on hills like that without breaking my stride. Partly because my cars were over eighty thousand kilometres away and also because Freddie thought that the slight blush which appeared on my cheeks after exercise was gorgeous. I hadn't used any of my MAC Blushing Bride blusher in weeks.

I took the passage between the high street and the harbour. Sure enough, Freddie was sat on the bench, looking COMPLETELY divine, as he always did, his blonde hair slightly tousled where the wind had caught it, the dimming light just catching his profile. I fiddled awkwardly with my hair, smoothing it down and adjusting my lipgloss slightly. But when Freddie looked up and smiled, I forgot all about looking less than perfect. I smiled back- Freddie's smile was infectious. He patted the seat beside me, and I sat down willingly. He slipped his arm around my back, and I leaned into him.

"You alright Moore?" he asked, flicking some hair out of my eyes.

"I am now," I smiled. Okay I was being a little less than subtle about the whole flirting thing, but hey, this guy was my boyfriend. He was the only guy I could flirt with, and the only one I wanted to flirt with. He laughed.

"I got some provisions." He took out a small paper bag and opened it. There were lots of little brightly coloured sweets.

"What's this candy?" I asked, taking a pink and white one out.

"They aren't candy, they're sweets, and they're called Dolly Mixtures. Try one." He smiled at me, taking a brown coloured one out and eating it. I put the pink one in my mouth and chewed. IT was nice, very sweet, but English sweet, not sickly Malibu sweet.

"They're good," I smiled, "Really sweet."

"Not as sweet as you," Freddie grinned.

"Oh puh-lease, no corny old chat up lines," I teased. "Now, how about some good English chips?"

"Sure," he said, standing up, and helping me to my feet. "But first..." He leaned in, and kissed me lightly.

"Wow," I laughed, "I only asked for chips."