Title: Sacred Geometry

Author: Sky Samuelle

Characters: Bonnie and Damon-centric, but Katherine, Jeremy, Elena and Stefan will be nearly as heavily featured. This is probably as close to an ensemble fic as I'll ever get.

Pairings: Bonnie/Damon, Stefan/Elena, Jeremy/Anna

Rating: Mature

Timeline: Post 1.22

Summary: Mystic Falls will never be the same again after Founders' Day. Not with Katherine and Jeremy allying to resurrect Anna and Pearl. Not with Stefan and Elena on the receiving end of Katherine's sick games. And Bonnie and Damon? Well, they are stuck at the epicenter of everything. Currently on- Bonnie and Damon enjoy a bit of fluff, and the calm before the storm strikes.


It won't be the last time Damon Salvatore seeks wisdom from the bottom of a bottle. There's something about the cleansing quality of liquor that the vampire truly loves: you drink enough and your mind will wander in places your lucid self would utterly forbid it to go. As someone who doesn't have an easy time being sincere with himself, especially when it matters most, Damon is grateful for the supernatural resistance of his liver.

For once he is not drinking because he is unhappy, or bored, or hungry. He's drinking to preserve the sparkling good mood he enjoyed since this morning. Waking in Bonnie's bed, with her pliant, fragile, warm body half-draped over his, he felt the most rested he had in decades. His first impulse, he remembers, was not to leave her, but to wake her with teasing caresses and heated murmurs. Then the events of the previous night had caught up with him, and he knew he had to leave, because Bonnie would want to talk about it, and talking just is not his thing.

He thinks back to the carefulness he had used in prying her off him before sneaking away, and not before having tucked her in, his gaze lingering appreciatively on her sleeping face.

That never used to be his thing either.

Yet, thinking of her had made him all relaxed and light-hearted all day long, so much that he just had to buy her flowers.

Something unusual, classy and flawless, to prove to the witch how highly he thought of her: white tulips seemed like the obliged choice.

Bonnie Bennett is the most pure, fierce, noble thing he has ever been allowed to hold in his grasp and this makes Damon a little in awe and a little scared as well, for her, this girl who trusts him and even cares after seeing the very worst of his character. After seeing him hurting the people she loves so protectively.

She has seen nothing but the evil in him for so long that knowing she sees the good now too, and without idealizing him by any means, reassures him he must really have something decent inside for her to appreciate.

And this, in turn, makes him want to shower the little witch with gifts. Treat her like a lady, because she is a wondrous, heroic creature and doesn't even know it.

He wants to touch her too, of course, but he doesn't want it to happen when she is miserable anymore. Next time he kisses her, he wants to see her green eyes bright with contentment and not glassy with unshed tears. And he wants a lot of next times too.

This is how Damon comes to the terrifying realization that, for the first time in his life, he is considering the pursuit of a woman who has no romantic interest in his brother. With Elena and Katherine the greater obstacle to having them was always Stefan, and the path to them was pretty much clearly to outdo the competition. With Bonnie, and their friends-with-occasional-benefits arrangement he does not know how to proceed. His experience is wide and varied when it comes to successfully gaining free blood and sex, but is drastically reduced concerning the courting of a woman's heart. Not to mention that he's not exactly been blessed with good luck in his last two attempts.

Women had the funny habit of either jumping in his bed with heartfelt declarations of love when he wanted nothing more than being free of them, or stringing him along without any real interest if he felt more than lust.

But Bonnie is different.

Different enough to not take him seriously if he ever ….

Time to raise the stakes – Damon concludes smugly with a last toast to himself.

'The oldest Legends in the history of Witchcraft say that when the World was generated by the Sacred Joining of Our Lord and Lady, souls were created in groups. There is much confusion about soul mates and twin souls. Very often these two terms have been used as synonymous. They are not synonymous. One can and does have many soul mates but one has only one twin soul. In order to understand how these terms come about one must begin from the beginning. Eons ago, many souls or sparks of divinity were discharged from the Divine Source. These were destined to be human souls. Soul mates are from a unique group that was discharged eons ago from the Source. Love draws them together lifetime after lifetime so they can help each other grow; so they can nourish each other on their spiritual journey, and so they keep finding each other as friends, lovers, or as a family. There's between them the deep connection that comes from a long, loving acquaintance.

Each soul is supposed to experience everything in the universe before its return to the source. It is impossible for a single soul to do this. Therefore, the scheme of group soul has been formulated in order that each soul can go out and experience as much as possible, but there is no necessity for each to gather all the experiences. When they finally assemble together they would have accumulated and aggregated enough knowledge and wisdom for the whole group, as the sum of the total cargo would be adequate for the entire group to pass the test. The total experience and knowledge is assimilated by all and sundry and therefore every soul in the group would be just as knowledgeable as the whole group.

The second point in the function of the grouping is the return. Alone, the single soul cannot find its way back to the Source. They can only find their way back when joined as the original group.

Twin Souls are different, because they are the very last two souls to part from each other at the time of their birth: like Isis and Osiris, they shared the same Divine Womb, and are each other's yin and yang. A twin soul is not a soul cut into half, but has every ingredient to be a whole individual. However, as the Twins have shared the same pod for the entire journey downward towards the physical earth that attachment and longing for each other is always there in the subliminal consciousness. The incessant throbbing of desire for the other twin is never far beneath the subconscious. It becomes more and more cogent when the soul nears the heightened state of enlightenment. In other words, as soon as we become humans we have been working and practicing to achieve the ideal state to merge with our twin.

While Soul Mates are a spiritual family, Twin Flames are mirrors of each other: complementary opposites, but also strongly similar in the way they feel and experience the world. Twin Souls balance each other's energies and are therefore part of the universal law of Sacred Balance. Like day and night, male and female, life and death, they reflect each other even in their dissimilarities. '

Bonnie closes the 'Twin Souls, Soulmates, and Soul Mastery' heavy tome with a loud snap. She cringes silently at the idea that she ever talked herself into borrowing the book from Grams' library. Honestly, all of this overtly sentimental speculation on Soul-Twins seems more like the fitting definition of Stefan and Elena's destiny than something that could EVER be applied to her and Damon.

Which is fine with her, completely, since Bonnie has never been a fatalistic type of girl. She likes the idea that she has the control of her story, witch or not.

She may or may not have romantic feelings for Damon, but the concept of them being predestined since the Beginning of Time is frankly a whole other, terrifying mess.

Just because Grams believed in that fantasy drivel, it doesn't mean she has to share that belief.

The day after

Damon's shiny black car parks in front of her house, and Bonnie sees it coming from her window, her feet refusing to move until he stopped right there, under her window, where she could look down and see him perfectly well. He waves at her, shit-eating grin on his lips and she feels her stomach knotting. It's the first she has seen of him since that night, and she gathers from the bouquet she has received and his subsequent, purposeful avoidance of her that he has no desire to revisit the subject. She is not altogether sure if she should respect it or press the issue, and her confused emotions are of no help.

Because while she is slightly timorous of how Damon Salvatore handles exposure and of his brutal tactics of self sabotage, she is also embarrassingly excited to see him.

Still, for her dignity's sake, she takes her time in coming down to greet him, shutting out the small inner high-schooler voice that would incite her to rush in her bathroom to check on her hair.

When she opens the door, his grin has not dimmed. There's a large carton box in his arms, with its top open. It shakes slightly in his hold.

"Little Witch, I have something for you," he says, all too enthusiastically for her liking.

"What is it?" Bonnie asks, a hint of amused suspicion in her tone as she tries to peek in. Unsuccessfully so since Damon just hollers past her and into the house, pushing her back slightly before laying the box on the kitchen's table.

"Once upon a time," the vampire begins conspiratorially as an explanation, grasping gently the girl's shoulder to hold her back from his present. "I used to bone this very cool soccer mom. She was absolutely obsessed with cats, she had about fifteen of them..."

"It sounds like the beginning of another horror story…"

"Hush, Neurotic One. Her favorite breed was…"

"I'm not neurotic-"

"Holy Jesus, do you want to let me finish once -"

Their discussion comes at an abrupt halt when a small furry head peeks out of the box, revealing the presence of an additional, strange, non-human creature in the room.

Bonnie is a bit stunned at first as she nears the table to look at it better. She has never seen something like that before.

It looks like a freaky crossing between a cat and a pixie: the creature has a triangular head, huge and inquisitive amber eyes, really huge ears and a small, muscular body. Its fur is a sable shade, darkening to chocolate brown on its tail, muzzle and ears. This would be E.T. if ET was born a cat. In other words: adorable, in the weirdest meaning of the term.

Damon clears his throat self-consciously, not knowing what to do with her silence: "Odd as it might look, she's a real a cat and not an alien. It's a Devon Rex: small thing, packed with energy and appetite, with an unhealthy obsessive attachment to its human owners. It reminded me of someone I know."

Bonnie's glance to him is puzzled. "I hope she's not Stefan's takeout lunch" she says out loud, thinking instead 'I hope she is not a gift for Elena, because, if it is, I might just have to punch you hard '.

With Damon Salvatore, you never know what you are getting. He might just be pissed enough about going all emotional on her last night to give a cat to her best friend when hers just went poof, just as a twisted method of reestablishing boundaries.

Damon laughs, blue eyes shining. "Oh, she is all yours. I hope she can work where Finn did not. You know, for that spell of yours. It sounded like it could be your type of cat."


For the life of her, Bonnie has no idea how to come up with something smarter than that. She feels warm all over and it's so distracting…

"You didn't compel someone to give her out, did you?"

"I did not," Damon scoffs with a smug expression. "I knew you would never accept her otherwise. It was a regular purchase, and you are not allowed to refuse. I consider this my personal way of investing into your career. If she works as your familiar, I get a right to 30% of your future spell-workings."

"Just a humble30 %? I'm surprised you're learning the art of moderation," the with chuckles, hesitatingly patting the 3 months old kitten on her head and beaming when the little monster began rubbing against her palm, after sniffing her curiously a little bit.

Finn was never so friendly with strangers.

"I like throwing you off your game once in awhile," Damon replies casually, eyeing the scene with interest when Bonnie grows bold enough to take the new kitten in her arms. He had hoped that his gift would win him some points with the witch and it looks like she is warming up to it.

"She is so incredibly cute. And soft and warm too," Bonnie gushes, a little embarrassed, and he has to make an effort not to add a lewd 'Just like you' and move in to nibble on her neck like he has been pining to do since ages.

The witch smells so delicious and he wants to grab her and feel her body against his so badly that he can nearly taste it, but he has promised himself to be more restrained with her from today on. He doesn't need Bonnie getting some misguided idea about him wanting her just to satisfy his appetites.

Despite his frustration with himself, it's somehow uplifting to hear Bonnie giggling when the kitten sneaks her nose under the witch's armpit and starts purring like a chainsaw. He feels a little proud that he can give to this girl a deserved break from the drama.

"Does she already have a name?"

"I don't remember."

"Typical," Bonnie shrugs, running her fingers lovingly over her new pet's back. "I think I'm going to call her Freya," she decides impulsively. It is the name of a Nordic Love Goddess, a protector of cats. Maybe it would bring to all of them a slice of the good luck they so desperately need lately.

"Whatever," Damon replies, sounding studiously uninterested, but it just makes Bonnie smile more and inch casually toward him. She is more than a little disappointed when he doesn't take advantage of their newfound proximity to drop a kiss on her throat or jaw.

"The dark moon is coming soon. It feels so strange to know that in a couple of days everything will be irreversibly changed."

Her eyes never leave the little beast in her arms as she braves breaking the comfortable silence.

"Afraid still? I'm going to give you my blood as a precaution."

She shakes her head, smiling at the confidence behind her vampire's offer. "I'm not afraid of that. I'm afraid of everything that will come next. We kept a lot of secrets from Stefan and Elena in those months. Doing this behind their backs is paramount to giving up their trust for Gods-know-how-long."

It truly scares her, imagining a life without Elena. Losing both a sister and a dear friend so soon after giving up Grams forever is not something she can ever entirely accept. It's too destabilizing, despite their differences of opinion about certain matters.

"They will get over it once we send Katherine back to the Hell she belongs in."

"Do you think so, really? Aren't you even a bit worried that your friendship with Elena will never recover from this hit? It wasn't so long ago that it seemed like you were ready to die for her."

"Mmmm, beside the fact that my friendship with her was never quite based on trust, I can't say I had such a high esteem of my life just then. I'm all better now."

Bonnie doesn't reply to that, just keeps cooing at Freya softly, and for some reason it quite bothers Damon. Last thing he wants is for Bonnie to keep thinking that he carries a torch for her bestie.

"I don't know what the thing with Elena was, Bonnie. I just know it's over."

It was not Love; he knows that with near overwhelming certainty now. You can't love a woman with half-a-heart if the other half is still numb from loss. Or at least it was not the real, lasting kind of love.

It's hard to accept, because it had felt so real for him at the time. Wanting Elena, caring for Elena…half-hoping that Elena could fix him, the way she had fixed Stefan, all while feeling in his gut that she was Stefan's other half.

Funny thing, now that he could not feel that sort of nostalgic longing Elena used to wake inside his dead heart anymore, he almost could not remember her beyond the idealized version he had built inside his head.

He did not really know Elena as a person, apparently. He was willing to admit he had not tried very hard.

Finally Bonnie looks up to him, her wide green eyes looking for something inside him.

"Okay," she nods at last, and Damon knows she believes him from the hopeful tilt of her smile.

AN - Oce more, thank you for your support and lovely reviews. For those who are wondering, Devon Rex are real and Wiccan Sources were exploited on the explaining of the 'Twin Souls concept'. If you want to see how little Freya looks, check my profile for this chapter' s banner.