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Terra Incognita

Summary: Uchiha Madara, tired of the corruption of the Elemental Countries, decides to take his grandson, Namikaze Naruto, to another world. Anko/Naruto/Su Li

Chapter One

Konohagakure no Sato
October 10

"Shiki Fuujin!"

Namikaze Minato collapsed to the ground after his final battle cry. The soon-to-be-former Yondaime Hokage could only watch in self-loathing as the Kyuubi no Youko was sealed into his newborn son by the Shinigami. His son, Naruto, made no sound as this was happening; he merely scrunched his eyes tightly in displeasure as a being powerful enough to level entire mountains was sealed inside him. The battle with the giant kitsune had been nothing short of war. Ninja and civilian alike had suffered major casualties. The dead and dying bodies of fallen shinobi and kunoichi surrounded Minato. He could smell the burning flesh and taste the metallic flavor of blood in the air.

Minato was shocked to still be alive after the Shinigami vanished; its job finished. He could feel his body shutting down; he knew death was only minutes away. With the small amount of time he had been granted, he did the one thing he wanted to do more than any other – Minato pulled his infant son into his arms.

The baby giggled and opened his crystal clear cerulean blue eyes as he was picked up. The small child had short, spiky tufts of blond hair along with three whisker marks that scarred both of his cheeks. Aside from the three black marks on each cheek, the infant appeared to be a miniature clone of the man currently holding him.

Minato couldn't help but smile softly at his son's giggle. It had been the first sounds the child had made since being taken from his now-dead mother. Minato smiled bitterly and didn't even attempt to halt the guilt and anguish that encompassed his heart as he remembered his wife's recent death. Naruto's mother had died due to complications from the birthing process. He hadn't expected that to happen and now his son would grow up without parents.

"Naruto, my beautiful baby boy, in less than an hour of life you have already sacrificed so much. I don't have much time left and you won't even remember this, but I have to do something… Something good for you, since I've already done so many wrongs to you," he said as he let out a mirthless laugh, one filled with remorse. "Your mother, Kushina, she was beautiful and amazing… And she loved you so very much. It's actually the reason you're named Naruto. She didn't let me do anything when it came to you. She chose which books we would go by, she picked out the furniture and clothing you would have, she painted and decorated your room. She even chose your Godparents – Kami only knows why she would choose a pervert like Jiraiya. But she did it all; in the end the only thing left was your name. She felt a little guilty and left that up to me. She was so mad when I told her you would be called Naruto," he spoke with a loving smile as his mind briefly reminisced. "I spent two weeks sleeping on the sitting room futon because of that."

He could feel his body getting weaker; it was getting harder for him to even speak.

"When you realize your burden son… You will hate me. You will curse my name and your very blood. I can only hope that this gives you some measure of relief and satisfaction. I know your life will be tough, filled with hardship and strife. I just hope you remember that your mother and I love you and we always will," Minato said as he cradled his son closer to his chest. His breathing was coming in wheezes.

'Kami-sama,' Minato silently called, 'you have been good to me. You have granted me my every dream from when I was young. Please… Please do me this one last act of goodwill. Please give my son a life where he can find love and happiness.'

It was at that moment that a figured walked with determined, but calm, footsteps from the shadows. Minato assumed the figure was male from the body shape, but he couldn't be sure since the figure's body was covered in a high-collar black cloak that was adorned with red clouds. The person's face was obstructed with an orange whirlpool mask, the swirls centered on a single eye opening. Only the figure's long, spiky black hair could be seen clearly.

"Surprising," the unknown man's voice whispered. "I had not expected you to survive the sealing."

Minato watched the man, who seemed completely unaffected by the death and destruction surrounding him, remove his mask and toss it aside. The face that was revealed caused Minato recoil in shock and fear. The man was handsome, if slightly wrinkled, and appeared middle-aged. His coal-black eyes coolly gazed at Minato without emotion.

"Uchiha Madara," Minato whispered out in disbelief. This was a man that was supposed to have died over seventy years ago and it was a being that was the single greatest threat to Konoha.

Madara heard the whispered words, but he did not react, nor did he care. His eyes focused on the sole reason he had come to this place. He reached down and gently pried the infant away from Minato's weak hold. He stood and cradled the child in his arms.

"Hello, little Naruto," Madara softly murmured. "I am your grandfather, Uchiha Madara. I have already Seen your life as it would have been here; alone, power to rival the Gods, fighting an unwinnable battle for undeserving and ungrateful people. I shall take you away from this place and that future. Pedigree of Konoha's Yellow Flash," he spared a glance at the dying Yondaime. "Power of the Kyuubi no Youko," he said as he briefly touched the seal that was tattooed onto the infant's stomach. "And the bloodline of the Uchiha," Madara intoned as he touched the child's forehead, channeling a small amount of Chakra through his fingertips. He watched with satisfaction as Naruto's eyes bled to the piercing Sharingan red, a single tomoe spinning in the iris of each eye. After removing his fingers, the child's eyes returned to their sparkling shade of blue.

Madara gave the dying man a disinterested look after the man gasped.

"Why?" Minato choked out.

Madara did not need the man to elaborate; he knew what the man had meant. For a moment he nearly turned and walked away, not caring to ease the man's tortured thoughts, but in the end he figured he should repay the dying man for gifting him Naruto.

"I sent the Kyuubi to attack because I wanted to damage Konoha. Regrettably, Kushina-chan's death was unavoidable. She was Destined to die giving birth to Naruto. So I made the best of the situation. I knew you would have only used your own child as the vessel for the beast. Konoha will never recover from the damage caused by the Kyuubi, the loss of their powerful Yondaime Hokage, and – even more importantly – the loss of Naruto. Konoha will survive, as it always has, but it will never be the great power it once was."

Madara spared a fleeting glance at the village he helped create before returning to the dying blond. "This world is tainted. Konoha is the cause of most of that taint; the village has fallen far from the ideals of the Senju. Naruto and I will leave this world. He would never know true happiness when surrounded by the hatred your village would direct at him. We will find a world that will accept him, for who and what he is. You can rest well in the afterlife knowing your son will be loved. Goodbye, Namikaze Minato."

With Naruto safely tucked into his arm, Madara turned and began walking away from the near-dead man. He was only able to get a few hundred yards away before he was halted.

"Wait! Wait up!"

He turned swiftly, raising his free hand to defend his grandson if needed. He was mildly surprised because everyone should have been trapped inside his multi-layered Genjutsu that he had woven around the Yondaime. Madara wanted to take Naruto without need for an altercation. The only way for someone to be freed of his Genjutsu is if he had wanted them to be… 'Or someone of my direct blood… Are you the cause of this, little Naruto?'

Madara was even more surprised – not that his face showed it – at just who had interrupted him; a single girl who appeared to be eleven years of age. She had violet colored hair pulled into a spiky ponytail in the back, pupil-less light brown eyes, and tanned skin. Her mouth was twisted into a slight scowl. Madara found it a little odd that the girl was holding a Konoha hitai-ate with a missing-nin slash running through it, the girl should have been too young to even be a kunoichi.

"Yes?" Madara quietly questioned with a raised brow as the girl stopped a few feet away from him, panting slightly.

"Take me with you," the girl's expression turned sour. Madara imagined she didn't often ask for assistance. "Look, I hate this place," she motioned toward Konoha," and that place hates me. They'll be too busy dealing with the cleanup. This is my best chance to get out, just let me travel with you."

Madara calmly stared at the girl, momentarily wondering if she even knew who he was. If her demanding speech were anything to go by then she hadn't a single clue.

"No," he stated with complete indifference, he had more important things to deal with than some preteen girl. As he turned to leave, he was stopped by the girl's hand on his forearm.

The girl's control slipped. "P-please," she pleaded as her eyes moistened with unshed tears. "Y-you don't understand. I was Orochimaru's student, they hate me. I need to get away from them."

Madara could feel the underlying sorrow and helplessness in the girl's voice. It made no difference for him. "I do not make it a habit to repeat myself."

Ignoring the sob that escaped from the girl's mouth, Madara turned to leave but was stopped once again. He glanced at the infant that had caught his attention by pulling on his cloak. 'Is this why she was allowed past my Genjutsu, little Naruto? Do you wish for her to join us?' As though the boy heard his nonverbal question, Naruto giggled and pointed toward the depressed girl. 'Hmm, this is unexpected and she will likely be an irritant, but if you wish for her to come, little Naruto, then she must make herself useful.'

"Your name?" His voice brought the girl out of her self-pity. She stared at him with hopeful eyes; he nodded sharply once before turning and to walk on. Confident that she would understand the nonverbal order. She didn't disappoint him when she dropped into step slightly behind him.

"Mitarashi Anko," she stated while eyeing the infant Madara was holding curiously.

Madara did not visually acknowledge her as he continued his relaxed but measured pace.

Anko huffed, annoyed with the silence. "So, who's the brat?"

"My grandson," Madara did not particularly like giving information out, but since she would be traveling with them, she would need to at least know the basics.

"Oh," she mumbled as she compared the two males, looking for shared physical traits. "I don't see it."

Madara continued on, mentally calculating how far he would need to be to safely use his technique without catching the attention of anyone. He knew Konoha would be too busy mourning the dead and celebrating the 'death' of the Kyuubi to bother seeking out a relatively small Chakra spike a few miles away from the village.

Anko was becoming more irritated by the second, "Can I at least know your name? And the brat's too."

He glanced toward the sleeping child, silently asking if the girl was needed. Naruto simply snuggled deeper into his hold.

"Uchiha Madara." A smirk played at the edge of his mouth, he was pleased that she nearly stumbled to the ground after learning who he was. "And he is my grandson, Namikaze Naruto."

"Namikaze…" Anko's voice was hushed as she considered everything that she just learned. "So… I guess he's the son of Yondaime-sama, who did…something with the Kyuubi to the kid, what happened back there anyways?"

Madara ignored her. He figured he would only need to walk another half-mile before it would be safe to leave the Elemental Countries permanently.

Anko nearly growled out, "Well, at least tell me where we're going."

"We're leaving the Elemental Countries," Madara replied calmly.

"What in the hell does that mean?" This time she was growling, frustrated with how difficult it was to get a direct answer.

Madara sighed and privately wondered if Naruto would be bothered if he killed the girl. Eventually he decided to just give her enough information to satisfy her curiosity; hopefully he wouldn't have to listen to her voice after that.

"Naruto is Namikaze Minato's son, your former Hokage. His mother was a kunoichi from a small village I had started, her name was Kushina and she was my daughter. The Uchiha clan inside the walls of Konoha descended from my brother's line. Naruto is my only true kin alive. Back there was the Yondaime sealing the Kyuubi no Youko inside Naruto, making him a Jinchuuriki. It is unknown where we are going, the technique I will be using does not allow for me to choose," Madara said, his voice unemotional except when talking about his former daughter and current grandson.

Anko nearly stumbled to the ground for the second time, silently absorbing the influx of information.

"What do you know about where we will be going?" Anko questioned.

Madara silently sighed, apparently she was like a stray cat, feed them once and they keep coming back for more.

"The technique I will be using is something I have never used before. By design it will send us to an alternate world, which world will be left to Fate and Chance," Madara uttered with a small grimace. He did not like to leave things up to chance, but the future his grandson would live in the shinobi world would be worse than the unknown. For Naruto, he would take the risk.

"Oh…" She trailed off, unsure how to respond to that knowledge. "Umm, what is my, umm…my reason…" Anko stammered. "Why did you allow me to come with you and what is expected of me?" She finally forced out.

Madara briefly considered her questions before coming to a satisfactory answer.

"It was not me that permitted you to come, you have Naruto to thank for that," he responded. "And as for what is expect of you: you're Naruto's."

"Naruto's what?" She voiced, seemingly without thought.

"His chattel," Madara coolly said. "You are whatever he requires of you at any given point in his life. You will be Naruto's nanny, playmate and tutor when he is young; his lover and maid when he matures. You simply belong to him."

He continued his measured steps, getting closer to when the time would be right to leave this world.

For Anko, she was lost in thought. If she had been anyone else, she would have been angered, even murderous at the idea of belonging to another person. However, she wasn't just anyone; she was Mitarashi Anko, former apprentice to Orochimaru. Her legs automatically continued following Madara as she pondered how her life had taken her to this point.

Her mother had been a Konoha Chuunin, someone she never met in person. Their only contact had been on slips of papers when money had been deposited into an orphan account. Her father played no part in her life, him leaving his pregnant lover. As many single kunoichi are forced to do, Anko had been taken to the orphanage as soon as she had been born. When she turned four the money from her mother's mission pay had stopped coming in. Her mother had been killed in action away from the village. There would be no body to view or even a burial to say goodbye to. Her mother had died the same way she lived to Anko – an abstract thought.

Hurt, angered and bitter at the unfairness of her life; Anko threw herself into her training. She wanted to make something of herself, make her name mean something to people. She still remembered the day when Orochimaru of the Sannin approached her, telling her that he was impressed with her potential and then requested that she become his pupil. That had been the happiest day of her life for the longest time. For the unwanted daughter and unloved orphan to be requested by such a prestigious and powerful person, she didn't hesitate to accept.

Those years seemed like another time to her. She slept at the training grounds, waking up at dawn to begin training and not stopping until it was well into the night. She fought tooth and nail for every scrap of respect and acknowledgement from her master, Orochimaru. He had been a ruthless shinobi and that carried over to training, he was brutal. She didn't care though, she seen him as a father-figure and she wanted his love. The harder he pushed her, the harder she tried to impress him.

Eventually the chance for her to earn a spot in his heart came. He had developed a special seal that would bond two beings together. Or at least that's how he worded it. Only now did she understand that the seal was more comparable to a leash and collar. After he branded her neck with his seal, he abandoned her like trash. The same way her father had abandoned her mother, just as her mother had later abandoned her to the orphanage.

At ten years of age, her heart had been scarred and her soul tainted.

She was allowed to return to Konoha. But it wasn't the same. The village had been hurting and furious that Orochimaru, one of their heroes, had betrayed them. They instinctively sought out a vent for those emotions. The former apprentice of the traitor made for the only logical choice to them.

It was humorlessly ironic that most nights Anko would curl into a ball in the corner of her room and thank the Kamis for Orochimaru's teachings. It was only her kunoichi skills that saved her from the rape attempts. There was at least one attempt per week and she had been lucky enough to keep what little innocence she still had intact, but she knew that one day someone she couldn't beat would come for her.

But even that isn't what had her contemplating suicide often. No, it was the future that terrified Anko.

Inside every ninja village there existed false-infiltration missions. At least that was what kunoichi verbally called them. Every female ninja knew that they were really missions hired out by anyone with the money to get a chance to sleep with whichever kunoichi had caught that person's eye. Thankfully Konoha required the kunoichi to be fifteen years old before being available to being requested. Anko knew that there were many men looking to get their revenge on Orochimaru though her. And when the time came, her body would be brutally used over and over again by over a hundred different males.

That is why Anko wasn't immediately rejecting Madara's offer.

She would eventually be expected to sleep with someone if she followed the ancient Uchiha, but it would only be one man. And even that person would be someone she had a hand in helping raise. When compared to her former future, this was a dream come true. She wished her…owner would grow to be someone that could care for and possibly love her, but she didn't hold onto that hope for long. If her life had taught her anything, it was that good things didn't happen to Mitarashi Anko.

Given that the alternative was so horrible for her, when Madara stopped walking she was resigned to her new position in life.

"Hold Naruto," Madara ordered as he held the boy out to her. "Be sure you keep his eyes covered."

Anko gently held the boy that owned her in her arms, while giving Madara a strange look. "What, afraid he'll copy your technique, Super Uchiha?" She snickered.

Her laughs froze in her throat as a glare that chilled her to the bone was her immediate answer.

"Yes," his voice was cold and held a dangerous edge. "We will not be returning to this world, ever. I will not risk Naruto remembering the seals for the technique, no matter how unlikely that possibility. It is for that reason that you will turn your back to me as well."

Anko didn't see why he was so serious about this, but considering how close she had come to pushing the man too far, she figured it would be best to shut her mouth.

While Anko was staring into the distance, lost in thought as she kept one of her hands over the boy's closed eyes, Madara was preparing to use his technique.

He had never used it before, but he knew it would work. None of the techniques he had developed throughout his life had failed him, and neither would this one.

Madara silently activated his Mangekyou Sharingan, his technique would require its special abilities. He moved to stand next to Anko, after assuring himself that neither Anko nor Naruto would see anything he began going through all 237 hand seals. Once complete, all three of them disappeared from the Elemental Countries, never to be seen in that world again.


Outskirts of Tokyo, Japan
October 10, 1979

Madara had anticipated a rough landing and his hands immediately removed his grandson from Anko's hold. He watched dispassionately as the girl collapsed to the ground, she had been unprepared for the travel. He looked over Naruto, running a general diagnostic medical technique to check his overall health. The readings were good, so he returned his gaze to the eleven year old girl currently throwing up whatever she had eaten recently. He gave her a short glance, not truly concerned with her health.

They had been lucky to land in the forested section of this unknown place, Madara thought, as he extended his senses attempting to locate anyone nearby. He relaxed slightly when he only found various small animals in the immediate area. Unsure of this world's attire, Madara decided it would be safer for them to be clothed in non-descript clothing.

Once he was sure that the young girl had finished vomiting from the rough trip, Madara ordered her to hold Naruto. When his grandson was comfortably in her arms, he rolled up the left sleeve of his black cloak to reveal numerous Kanji tattoo-like seals. He located the one for clothing and unsealed the large scroll from his arm. Madara unrolled the scroll, countless Kanji were written on the large scroll. He quickly unsealed all of what he needed before sealing the entire scroll back onto his arm.

He handed some clothing small enough for a baby and a change of clothing that should fit her to the girl. He was satisfied that she at least followed that nonverbal command without hesitation. Madara doubted that she would always be this compliant, apparently she was shocked by the level of power he demonstrated just moments ago in taking them to an alternate world.

Madara himself calmly changed into his own new clothing before he sealed all of their previous clothing away into a temporary scroll that he would deal with later. He gave short once-over at the girl and his grandson, satisfied that their new civilian garb would be more likely to blend in with the unknown people.

"Hold Naruto and follow me," he directed to Anko. He turned and began walking in the direction of what he sensed was the nearest human.

The walk to the person's location did not take too long, while on the way Madara went over his options of what to do once he reached this person or persons. He decided that if they were susceptible to his Genjutsu, he would psychologically interrogate them and then lock them into a deep sleep and only awaken them if there were needed. If the person wasn't vulnerable to his Genjutsu, then he would interrogate them for information on this world through torture and kill them afterward.

He could only sense one person inside the small, well-kept home. It was large compared to the homes of the Elemental Countries. He could see what he thought was a metal carriage with four rubber wheels outside the house. Madara would learn more about the world later, for now he needed to see the person inside the small building.

He ordered Anko to remain outside with Naruto, in case it was dangerous inside.

Stepping beyond the door he had just opened, he spared a cursory glance around the room. It was simple but elegantly furnished, Madara wondered how well-off the man was in this world. The sound of padded footsteps pulled his attention to one of the hallways.

He watched a middle-aged man point a metal barreled object in his direction, Madara's body moved without need for direction. Decades of experience had trained him to read body language and he reacted instinctively to perceived threats. The man was relinquished of the assumed-weapon and restrained with wire that Madara had sealed onto his body.

Madara was thankful that the man was vulnerable to Genjutsu, it made the interrogation much cleaner and easier. Within five minutes he had the man broken. He learned that the man's name was Tanaka Naoto and that they were inside the city of Tokyo. The country of Japan that he was in spoke Japanese, a language that he found nearly identical to what was used in the Elemental Countries. The man was in his mid-50s, a retired and reclusive wealthy businessman that lived alone in the forest because the man wanted to be away from the city. Naoto had one daughter that was married and had children of her own. They visited once or twice each year; they were scheduled to visit in a few months.

Satisfied that Naruto would be safe in Naoto's home for now, he rendered the man unconscious with a long-duration Genjutsu. He then went to retrieve Naruto; he ordered Anko to find the child a bed inside and allow Naruto to spend the rest of the day resting. Madara informed her that he would be leaving to investigate the main population of Tokyo, as well as collect all the supplies Naruto would need at his young age.

Madara quickly moved the unconscious Naoto to a closet before warning Anko that she would beg for death if she allowed anything to happen to Naruto. He then started making his way toward the main part of the city.


Tanaka Naoto's Home
December 21, 1979

Madara's trained hearing gave all the warning he needed to prepare for Naoto's daughter and her family. He had been anticipating this for the past few weeks. In that time he and Naruto had settled in nicely. The weather had turned cold, snow blanketed the area, and Madara had been forced to cut a few trees into firewood for the furnace. Food and water were easy to get, two trips into the city to shop at the 'grocery stores' and markets were enough to comfortably get by. Genjutsu was used often to simply convince the merchants that they had been paid.

"Anko-san, we have visitors," Madara said without worry. "When they get here, I will ascertain how long they will be staying and place them in a Genjutsu that will cause them to believe they had an average stay where nothing notable happened. I will send them away once their stay is scheduled to be finished."


Outskirts of Tokyo, Japan
January 23, 1985

"Control your breathing," Madara whispered, barely loud enough for the five year old boy standing in front of him to hear. "Time your release with the end of your exhale."

The blond boy made no movement or sound to acknowledge that he had heard the man.

"Be sure to take the wind into account," Madara continued to instruct quietly. "Aim for its midsection, just behind its forelegs."

The boy twisted his body slightly.

"Take aim, little Naruto," Madara ordered in a hushed voice. "And fire."

The boy released the arrow and watched it strike its target; the boy whooped in joy at his direct hit.

"Good job," Madara said with a pleased smile. "Now we follow the trail of blood. The deer will eventually collapse and you will finish the kill."


Anko's Room
June 13, 1986

Anko slammed the book shut with a groan. She deserved a break and she was going to get one; she stood from the desk chair and staggered her way onto her bed to get some much needed sleep. She sighed as she relaxed into the mattress, her eyes drifting closed.

"How's the studying going, Anko-chan?" She heard Naruto call from the doorway.

She moaned in displeasure at having her rest interrupted so suddenly. Madara had told her that he expected her to be learned, that an uneducated and ignorant chattel was useless to Naruto. For the last few years, she had been cramming everything the native people of this world learned in eighteen years of life, into less than six. Anko had always struggled with book learning and that continued to cause her problems now.

"Sorry." She could hear the grimace in Naruto's voice. "I'll just leave you alone so you can get some rest."

"Wait!" She called quickly, she didn't have the energy to open her eyes.

A part of her was fearful of what Madara would do to her if he found out that she had sent Naruto away, but that part was getting smaller and smaller. Nowadays she was mostly just glad to spend time with Naruto. He understood that he owned her and that she was little more than a possession of his, but that didn't change the fact that he genuinely cared for her. Something that no one else had ever done; her mother had never cared enough to come see her at the orphanage and her former master had expressed his feeling of her worth. A slight smirk played at her exhausted face as she thought of how she was forever free of Orochimaru, the Cursed Seal on her neck stopped working and slowly dissolved after she came to this new world.

She was beginning to relish the time she spent with Naruto.

"Come in, be sure to close the door though," Anko mumbled out tiredly. She slid over as she heard Naruto coming closer to the bed; she patted the spot she just moved off of. She smiled faintly as she felt him climb onto the bed. She reached over and hugged him as she slowly fell asleep.


Tanaka Naoto's Home
February 9, 1987

"Come, little Naruto," Madara's voice called out. "It is mathematics today. You have just begun working on your multiplication tables."

"But Ojii-sama, I already know enough maths," the boy whined. "Just let me have today off, I'll work twice as hard tomorrow to make up for today," Naruto promised.

Madara sighed silently, the boy was an excellent student and well-behaved child, but every once in a while he would act his age and complain.

"Naruto," Madara's said firmly, ignoring any protests. "Come, I will not tell you again."

Naruto's head dropped as he started walking – his feet literally dragging on the floor – toward the room with the boy's study materials.


Tanaka Naoto's Home
October 10, 1988

Naruto was overjoyed that it was his birthday; he had just turned nine years old. There weren't many presents, just a few from Anko. She had gotten him a Rubik's Cube and all five lions that formed Voltron. He didn't expect anything else. His grandfather had told him that if he needed something, it would be his, but his grandfather wouldn't wait for the day of his birth to give it to him.

It wasn't just the presents and cake that caused Naruto's good mood. No, it was mainly the fact that he was given his birthday off and allowed to do whatever he wanted. No studying Math. No Sciences. No boring History. And no frustration that came with learning the English language; his grandfather had wanted him to be multilingual and English was becoming his second language.


"Yes, Ojii-sama?" Naruto answered, turning away from the partially completed Voltron action figure to look at his grandfather.

"Come with me, there is something we need to discuss," his grandfather said.

Naruto blinked in confusion, his grandfather never bothered him on his birthday. He reluctantly stood and followed his grandfather into the man's study. Naruto took a seat in the comfortable leather chair on the other side of his grandfather's desk.

"You have turned nine today, Naruto," his grandfather started after taking a seat on the other side of the desk. "There are some truths that I feel you are ready to learn and begin to accept."

Naruto knew there were some odd things about his life. There was a man that he didn't know kept unconscious in a shed outside, a few times a week his grandfather would tend to him to ensure the man didn't die. The family that occasionally came by was also put in the same shed, after his grandfather rendered them unconscious. Anko also had the ability to summon snakes with her arms. There was also that time when he had been attacked by a bear out hunting once. Naruto had nearly been killed and then something happened. He felt an energy and power flow out of him from within, he proceeded to kill the bear with his bare hands.

"I will start from the beginning," his grandfather said. "You, Anko and I do not come from this world."

Naruto's eyes widened in surprised. He would have laughed at the joke if his grandfather could make jokes. Something he doubted the man could do.

"The world we come from – called the Elemental Countries – is very violent and turbulent. That world is divided into numerous ninja villages and various scattered towns and cities. However, there are five main villages in that world – Konohagakure, Sunagakure, Kirigakure, Kumogakure and Iwagakure. I originally helped found Konohagakure nearly one hundred years ago."

Naruto blurted out, "How are you still alive?" He then blushed in embarrassment at the tactless question.

"The Uchiha clan possess a bloodline called the Sharingan. Watch my eyes, Naruto."

Naruto recoiled in shock as his grandfather's eyes changed from black to a vibrant red color that had black lines crossing the iris in various directions.

"These eyes of mine have unexpectedly delayed my aging process."

"What…" Naruto stuttered out, "What do they do?"

"There are two tiers – the Sharingan and the Mangekyou Sharingan," his grandfather instructed. "The Sharingan tier has multiple stages, each identified by the number of tomoe surrounding the pupil. One tomoe in each eye allows the user to perceive the world in extreme detail and slows your perception of the world, almost as though the world was moving in slow motion. Two tomoe in each eye will allow the user to memorize and reproduce any physical and Chakra-based movements. Finally, three tomoe will give you the ability to hypnotize someone and predict future events to a small extent, such as an attack from someone you are fighting."

Naruto was in silent awe at how powerful the bloodline sounded. It was just like one of his fantasy books.

"The second tier, the Mangekyou Sharingan, rewards the user with four abilities. The first is Tsukuyomi – a very powerful Genjutsu that transfers the caster and their target into an alternate world that the caster has complete control over for 72 hours. The time that passes in the real world is only one minute. This is typically used to psychologically torture a target."

Naruto grimaced at the idea.

"The second is Amaterasu – a powerful Ninjutsu based attack that releases a black fire that will burn the target for seven days and seven nights. The third ability is Susanoo – the user summons a spiritual being to protect the caster. The final ability granted is the ability to teleport."

Naruto smiled widely at the possibility of teleporting around.

"My eyes are unique," his grandfather with a distant voice, "They grant me true Precognition and allow me to See events into the distant future occasionally. I was able to See the death of your mother," his grandfather said gravely.

"Kushina's conception had been unexpected, I believed myself infertile. She was a very passionate girl," his grandfather continued fondly, "It caused many arguments between the two of us and eventually she became too frustrated with my stoic demeanor and she left in a fit of teenage rebellion."

Naruto watched his grandfather smile sadly.

"She joined Konohagakure, she later met and fell in love with your father. He was Konoha's leader and one of the most powerful ninjas I have ever known."

Naruto smiled proudly at that.

"I knew the death of Kushina was unavoidable." Naruto watched his grandfather wipe a tear away. "I also knew that if you had been permitted to stay in the village you would have been assassinated in your youth by people looking to gain revenge against your father."

Naruto's heart skipped a beat at that revelation.

"I had control of a beast, the Kyuubi no Youko. It was a large kitsune with multiple tails that could level mountains and move seas. I had had enough of the Elemental Countries, and I decided it was time to leave them. I refused to allow my grandson to stay in that world. So I sent the Kyuubi to attack Konoha, knowing what would happen once it reached the village."

Naruto could swear his grandfather was hesitant to say whatever he was about to say.

"Your mother died giving birth to you, just as I had Seen. Your father then sacrificed his life to defeat the Kyuubi the only way he knew how, by sealing it into a newborn infant," his grandfather held his gaze strongly. "You."

Naruto felt his gut clench, he couldn't breathe. What his grandfather had just told him bounced around his head uncontrollably.

"The whiskers," he finally whispered out.

"Yes," his grandfather said, seemingly unaffected by the turmoil Naruto was going through.

"That bear… The one that attacked me." Naruto's mind began making the connection. "When I killed it; that was the Kyuubi power?"

His grandfather nodded.

Naruto wasn't sure how to feel. He felt angry that his father had put a monster inside him; saddened to hear his mother and father's demise; but most of all, he felt betrayed and hurt. His grandfather was the reason his father was dead. His grandfather had killed his father.

Naruto could feel his throat constrict with emotion, the one person he loved and trusted the most had taken something away that could never be given back. He couldn't be in the same room with the man anymore.

Jumping out of the chair, he rushed for the door and began stumbling toward his bedroom. Naruto pushed passed Anko; he distantly heard her call out to him but ignored her. He went to shut and lock his door once he was inside his room, but Anko had followed him and caught it before it could fully close.

"I just want to be alone Anko!" He nearly yelled, desperately trying to reign in his emotions as tears began spilling from his eyes.

Anko pushed him into the room and shut the door behind her.

"I order you to leave," Naruto stated as firmly as he could, his voice coming out in short and quick sobs.

"Punish me later if you want," she said without worry, "But you're there for me when I have nightmares; I'm gonna be there when you have problems."

Anko confidently walked toward him and gathered him into her arms before sitting on the bed, with him in her lap held tightly.

She rubbed his back as he buried his head into the crook of her neck. "Now tell me what's wrong," she said with a soothing tone.

Naruto pulled back and tried to explain. His voice was a rushed, rambling mess mix with his choked out sobbing. He couldn't get his voice to work properly, so he just buried his head into her neck again. He took comfort in her embrace and he slowly felt his emotions come under control.

"Are you okay enough to explain," he heard Anko ask with a soft tone.

Naruto pulled his head back and used the back of his hand to wipe away the tears.

"Yeah," his voice cracked slightly. Naruto took a deep breath before continuing, "Yeah, I'm okay."

Anko wiped a few stray tears from his cheeks; he smiled fondly at the action.

"Did y-you know about the Kyuubi?" Naruto stammered out.

"Mhmm," Anko hummed her answered softly. "Personally, I think it's cool, I mean not just anyone is strong enough to hold that type of power."

Naruto still didn't know exactly what the Kyuubi was. He didn't like the idea that the thing that killed his father was inside his body, though.

"And my father?" Naruto asked.

Anko nodded slightly before she quietly responded, "Yes."

"And…" He started before stopping. This was one question he didn't want to ask, but had to. He needed to know. "Did you know that my grandfather sent the Kyuubi to attack Konoha?" He hesitantly asked, his vulnerability showing itself in his voice.

Anko pulled back to make eye contact before she answered firmly, "No, I promise you I didn't."

Naruto breathed a sigh of relief. It was hard accepting that his grandfather had caused his father's death, but he wasn't sure how he would have dealt with Anko withholding that information from him.

"Anko-chan," he mumbled as he leaned his head on her shoulder. "Can you…"

"What is it?" Anko gently pressed. "You can ask me anything."

"Can you… I know it's stupid," he grimaced at his cowardice, "Can you stay with me tonight?"

"Quite bold of you, Naruto-sama," Anko teased. "Asking me to bed you, and at such a young age."

Naruto blushed and snorted at her usual banter. He smiled at the familiarity of it as he snuggled deeper into her arms and slowly let himself fall asleep.


Author's Note:
As you can see, Kurenai is gone. I wrote an outline for this story and I realized that Kurenai wasn't truly needed. She was also difficult to work into the pairing, so I took her out and will simply leave it as Anko/Naruto/Su Li. Sorry to any Kurenai fans but she and the harem are gone.