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WARNING: Contains LEN RIN twincest! Live with it because you can't help who you fall in love with!

Miku happily walked down the cobblestone sidewalk of the beautiful, peaceful, but old town that was towered by a huge castle off in the distance. She and her best friends Rin and Teto were buying groceries for their base. What base, you ask? Their assassin's base off course. They were the top in their age group and the best assassins in the entire continent of Vocaloid.

Miku was the oldest out of her friends and always seemed to wear teal colored clothing. Right now, she wore a simple teal t-shirt, a white mini skirt made of mostly frills, knee high white socks, and white flats. She wore her teal colored hair in it's original two ponytail form and a red backpack on her back to carry some of her things. She carried a bag filled with Leek produces.

Rin was the youngest out of her friends and loves wearing orange clothing and grey clothing. Right now, she wore a white spaghetti strap top with a crochet orange jacket over it, short grey shorts, and white sneakers. Most people who call her Bunny, mostly because of the white ribbon she always had on her head. Other than that, she wore her blonde hair with extensions so it would fall to her waist. She also had white hairclips to keep her bangs from falling to her eyes. She had a brown around the shoulder bag and carried a bag filled with orange produce.

Teto was the middle oldest out of her friends and wore dirty pink clothing. Right now she wore a dirty pink tube top, pink arm warmers that hid her hands, a blue-gray mini skirt with matching thigh high socks, and brown boots. She had dark pink hair with it pulled to the side into two twin drills that people sometimes made fun of. Now they're in physical and emotional rehab. But anyway, she had a normal grey purse and carried arm load of french bread and butter.

"Is that all of the groceries?" Miku asked.

"Yup!" Rin said, digging through her grocery bag. "Are we going home now?" Miku nodded and they started to walk towards the bar at the end of town. That's when they heard cheering from the town people. "What's going on?"

"It looks like royalty's coming this way," Teto said, pointing to the horses coming from up the street. "Isn't there suppose to be some kind of party going on for the three Princes' birthday."

"Oh!" Miku said. "I've heard of that! They said that these princes were born on the same day, but on different years. But they still became so attached to each other, they always celebrate their birthday together!"

"Really?" Rin asked. "That must be a lot of fun, don't you think? When's the party?" The screaming was getting louder, so the girls moved into a small alley way. They all laughed at the same time.

"Yeah, like you don't know," Teto said, recovering. "You're brother's one of the princes!" Rin shrugged.

"So?" she asked. "It's not like we ever speak to each other. The last time I remember seeing him when was I was five. And that was a poster. I'm fourteen."

"Poor Rinny," Miku said, hugging the blonde. "I'd die if I couldn't see Mikuo!" Teto laughed and rolled her eyes.

"So she says," Teto responded. "Yet, we all know you were screaming at him yesterday because he took the last leek in the fridge and wouldn't share with you." Miku stuck her tongue out.

"Shut up," she said. "And watch the Princes pass, okay? Good." They turned to the street and saw the carriage pass by with the three princes waving from inside.

Prince Kaito was the oldest and had blue hair with blue eyes. He was born first out of all of the princes. Next would be Ted, the second oldest with dark pink hair and matching eyes. Finally the youngest was Rin's brother Len who had the same blonde hair and blue eyes she did. They were twins, but Rin's mother divorced Rin's father and split the twins up when they were four.

"Everyone loves them, don't you think?" a womans voice asked the girls. They immediately turned to see a brunette woman with blood red clothing.

"Meiko!" Rin said, surprised. "What are you doing here? Aren't you suppose to be attending the bar?" Meiko laughed and shook her head.

"I'm suspended from the bar for a bit, so they sent me out to pick up you girls," she said. "I can see you like those princes..." They stood in silence as the carriage rolled on by and the crowd followed until the street was quiet and empty. "Well, it's time you girls go back to base." They nodded and quickly followed Meiko to the bar at the corner that hid the assassin base of Vocaloid. The little bell chime as they arrived at the guy at the counter greeted them.

"Hey girls," he said.

"Hey Gakupo," Miku said, as Rin, Teto, and Meiko trudged up the stairs. "How's business?"

"Miku! Get up here!" Rin called. Gakupo waved her up and slid over to a pink haired woman as Miku ran up the stairs to a short hallway leading to an elevator.

"We're not going to hold this door forever, you know," Teto called, her back against on of the doors and her foot against the other. Miku quickly ran in and they rode to the fourth floor underground. "So Meiko, do we have a mission?" Meiko smiled a weird, knowing smile, but refused to answer. As soon as the doors opened, Miku, Rin, and Teto placed their groceries into the fridge and changed their clothes into dresses of their favorite color.

"Hurry up," Meiko said, pointing to the elevator again. "Before Boss gets testy." They rode the elevator again down one more floor to the Boss's room where assassins get their missions. When they got there, Boss was talking to a blonde girl who held a pitch fork in her hands. Boss turned to look at the girls and the other girl smiled, waving to Miku, Rin, and Teto.

"There, Akuto, I brought them," Meiko said. "Can I please go get some sake now?" Akuto sighed.

"Go on," he said. Meiko ran out of the room happily.

"Akuto, tell them about their latest mission!" the blonde girl urged.

"Calm down, Tenshika," he said. "Anyway, Miku, Teto, Rin, obviously you have a new mission."

"It would help if you told us who we would be killing, Kuku," Miku said, using his nickname.

"I wouldn't be smiling for long," Akuto responded, controlling his anger.

"Huh?" Teto asked. "What do you mean?"

"The next group of people you're going to assassinate are the three Princes of Blue, Yellow, and Pink!" Tenshika said, happily. Miku, Rin, and Teto gave her questioning looks which caused Akuto to sigh.

"You three know the princes Kaito, Ted, and Len, right?" Akuto asked. They nodded. "And how their birthday is tomorrow?" Again they nodded. "I want you three girls to kill them."



"...you want us to kill the princes?" Rin asked, surprised. "You do know he's my brother! Right?"

"Yes, but listen to why we want you to kill them," Tenshika said. "First, when Rinny kills Len, she'll take over the land of Yellow. You can see how that helps us. Miku, we're going to send you to kill Kaito. That way, Akaito can take over and we'll have the kingdom of Blue. Teto, you're going to kill Ted. Once that happens, we'll send Rinny over there to buy off the land of Pink and the trade routes will help us. After that, we'll have the entire continent in our grasp!" The girls looked at her astounded.

"If you don't, however," Akuto started. "We'll first kill your brother Miku, we'll kill Rin's mother and her sister, and we'll break kill your parents, Teto. And we'll torture you until we accidentally kill you. But I assure you, we won't kill you." An evil smile drew on his face and Tenshika ran off, singing something about being hungry and eating.

"We have no choice but to kill them?" Teto asked, quietly.


"You can't send anyone else to kill them?" Miku asked, with the same hushed voice as Teto's.


"I can't just crossdress as Len and take over that way?" Rin asked.

"No. He's a guy, if you haven't noticed," Akuto said. "So get ready to go to the party tomorrow. Except for you Rin." Rin looked up at him with an unsure look. "Go meet Luka on the third floor. Miku, Teto, you two go find your dresses. Rin's mission starts now." Rin gasped, but they all slowly rose to go their separate ways.

"They...those princes don't mean anything to us," Miku told her friends on the elevator. "So...why do we feel so guilty?"

"You shouldn't, I should," Rin said. "I'm about to kill my own brother..." Teto hugged her.

"Rin, it's okay," Teto said. "I mean, you haven't really met your brother, so you shouldn't have a bond. It's fine..." Of course they knew it wasn't fine. They haven't killed anyone so popular before. Yet, they had no choice. Rin got off at the third floor and headed to Luka's room, the costume room.

"Rin, are you here for your latest mission?" Luka asked, seeing Rin quietly walk into her studio office.

"Weren't you just downstairs with Gakupo?" Rin asked.

"Yeah, but I came back down here," Luka said, standing up. "Okay, so we're going to make you look like a princess to match your brother." Luka lead Rin to a chair that was placed in front of a mirror like ones at a salon and took off Rin's extentions, leaving her reall, shoulder length hair behind.

"Hey Luka?" Rin asked, after a while of Luka brushing her hair. "If you had to kill Luke, would you do it? Even if they're threatening your mother?"

"I don't know," Luka said, sincerely. "But...I probably would. In your situation I would. For me, I think it would be easy to kill someone I didn't know. But, this isn't my mission, Rinny, it's yours." Rin sighed as Luka removed her white rabbit ribbon and her white hairclips and replaced them with black hairclips. "Okay, you're hair's finished. Now...what sort of dress would you like to wear, Rin?" Rin spung around in the chair as Luka rolled out a rack of beautiful dresses.

"...um...how about the yellow dress for the party and the white dress for today?" Rin asked, pointing to the two dresses at the end. Luka first pulled out the white dress. It was a beautiful dress with spaghetti straps that ties around her neck and a black trim. It also had frills at her chest and the rest was white and like a summer dress.

"Beautiful choice," Luka said, giving the dress to Rin. Next, Luka pulled out the yellow dress. This dress would require Rin to pull her hair up into a bun with her white ribbon. This dress also had no straps and was more of a golden color than yellow. It came with two long white gloves and a dark gold ribbon for her neck. The dress had one frill at the top part of Rin's dress with a dark gold ribbon laced through it and twisted into a thin bow on her back and the dress had white, slightly transparent fabric beneath it, but only the trim of it is seen.

"They're both really pretty, aren't they?" Rin asked. Luka nodded and surveyed the yellow dress.

"This is perfect to hide a knife in," Luka complimented. "And it's your favorite color!" Rin smiled sadly.

"Yes it is, isn't it?"

"How are we going to meet Prince Len?" Rin asked. She, Meiko, and Tenshika rode in a carriage towards the castle driven by Leon, another assassin. Meiko sat next to Tenshika who sat parallel to Rin. "We're not going to sneak in there are we?"

"Of course not," Tenshika replied. "You're royalty by blood, Rin. Plus, I went beforehand and annouced that Princess Rin was returning for Len's birthday. So don't worry, okay?" Rin nodded clutching the seat to stablize herself. "Len's excited to see you."

"He is?" Rin asked. "I...feel sorry for him." Meiko gently tapped a sake bottle to Rin's forehead.

"Will you cheer up?" Meiko asked. "It won't work unless you act, or he'll know you're going to kill him!" Rin nodded, trying to remember Len from the days she used to live with him.

"You know, I...we used to share the same bed when we were little," Rin admitted. "It was because I was afraid of monsters when I was little. I wonder if he still sleeps in the same room..."

"So Rinny has slept with someone!" Tenshika said. Rin blushed.

"Not like that!" Rin said, flailing her arms. They finally got to the castle's main door and the carriage opened. Rin was the first out of that cold carriage, followed by Tenshika and Meiko. There were guards that greeted them and lead them into the main room with was where the party was to be held.

"Wow, this place is pretty impressive," Tenshika said.

"It's beautiful here," Rin agreed. People ran around the ballroom, preparing the room for the party. At the top of the grand staircase stood three guys. Kaito, Ted, and Len. Rin's heart almost stopped when she saw Len. He was handsomer than she thought.

"Rin," Tenshika whispered to her. "You're blushing~"

"You're so mean, Tenny," Rin whispered back. "And I'm kinda nervous right now if you didn't notice! How the heck am I suppose to greet him?" Tenshika giggled at Rin's innocent self.

"Can we help you?" Rin turned around and came face to face with...a reflection. When she looked at him, something tugged at her heart and memories from before sprung up to her mind suddenly.

"Wow...it's been five minutes," Meiko said. "Are they still alive?" Both of them took in a deep breath and Len held out his hand. Rin didn't hesitate to take it and they looked at their compared hands.

"Our fingers no longer match..." Len murmured, but only Rin heard him and nodded.

"Hello?" Ted asked, waving his hand in front of them. "Earth to Kagamines, we need you back over here. You're birthday's tomorrow!"

"Hey, since Rin is Len's twin, would she be celebrating her birthday with us?" Kaito asked.

"Oh you're right!" Tenshika said. "It is almost Rinny's birthday!" Kaito smiled.

"Then I'll go tell the maids to make an extra banner for her!" Kaito said. "What's you're favorite color, Rin?"

"Orange," Rin and Len responded at the same time.

"You still remember my favorite color?" Rin asked. Len finally cracked a smile.

"Of course I do," he said. "My favorite color is always related to yours. Yellow." Rin finally smiled to and hugged him. Len was able to place his chin on her forehead because she was a foot shorter than he was.

"Well, well," Ted said. "Len has a little girlfriend." Both of them blushed and glared at him.

"Shut up!" they both yelled.

"I like how they don't deny it," Tenshika said.

"Tenshika!" Rin hissed, blushing. The others laughed.

"Rin, how about we go to the garden?" Len suggested. "I think you'll like it there." Rin nodded and smiled. "No one follow us."

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