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WARNING: Contains LEN RIN twincest! Live with it because you can't help who you fall in love with!

Everyone focused and sandy blonde hair spilled out from the cloak. The person in the cloak was a girl. A pitchfork appeared in her hands and twirled it a bit before pointing the tip at Akuto. "I'm sorry I've been hiding for a bit," she said. "But, I needed to regain a bit of energy without Akuto knowing where I was." She smiled and Akuto's friendly, sadistic attitude fell.

"I thought I killed you," he hissed. Rin ran up and hugged Tenshika happily. "Looks like I'll just have to kill you again." He held out his hand and a white sword materialized in his hands. "Sorry Tenny." Tenshika glared at him and looked towards Miku, Rin, and Teto. She flinched when she saw Miku's red eyes and sighed. As Rin went on guard, she felt something, or someone, tackled her back and she landed on the floor.

"Sorry Rinny, no hard feelings, okay?" Meiko said, standing on the blonde's back.

"Rin!" Len yelled. He ran towards Meiko, but Meiko kicked the gun right out of his hand. "Damn you!" Rin shrieked in pain. Tenshika twirled her pitch fork again before running towards Akuto to fight. Tenshika and Miku both ganged up on Akuto before someone got in front of him. A someone with a broken arm.

"Kaito!" Miku said, surprised. "Get out of the way!" Kaito shook his head and Akuto laughed.

"My own little puppet," he said. "Do you like it?" Miku growled and Kaito started charging at her with a metal pipe Akuto gave him.

"Ahh!" Ted yelled, as Luka started choking him. He swung his knife wildly and Teto simply watched as he stabbed Luka in the leg and released him. Teto aimed the machine gun and fired. Tenshika tried stabbing at Akuto, but he kept blocking her with his sword. She angrily jumped on the desk and used her pitchfork to smash a window. The light hit her pitch fork and turned it bone white.

"Len!" Rin screamed ad Meiko crushed her skull against the floor. Len tackled Meiko right off of Rin desperately and Rin got up, grabbing the fallen guns. "Get out of the way, Len!" She aimed the gun at them and shot, skimming Len's arm, but implanting itself into Meiko's stomach. Meiko shrieked in pain and Len got up to get behind Rin. Rin kept shooting at Meiko and kicked her to the pile Teto made with Luka's body.

"I'm not going to fight you!" Miku hissed, shoving Kaito roughly to the side. She started running towards Tenshika and Akuto, but Tenshika glared at her. "Let me-"

"Mikuo is here!" Tenshika hissed, her pitch fork colliding with Akuto's sword. "If you're not going to fight, get him out of the closet!" Miku looked around quickly, but had no time until Kaito swung the pipe at her. Miku screamed and jumped back.

"I'm still going to fight you," Kaito said, glaring at her. Miku readied herself and dogded another one of his swings. Teto and Ted worked to kill another assassin named Sonika, but this time they were having trouble. Sonika slammed into Teto's stomach and sent her flying, breaking down a door and ending up in the arms of a dead teal boy. Mikuo. Miku looked over there for a second and screamed. Everyone stopped and looked at her. She ran over to Teto and Mikuo and fell on her knees. Teto, however, was fine and saw getting up.


"Huh, you'd think he'd still be alive after few days without water, food, or light," Akuto said. Miku looked at her dead brother stunned and felt his head. Mikuo was truly dead. Teto, Ted, Rin, and Len backed up to the wall a bit and everyone just stopped. Akuto and Tenshika even stopped for a minute.

"You...you..." Miku said. She turned around and she started to shake. "You monster!" Tenshika backed up a bit and Miku completely went all out on Akuto. He hissed when she stabbed him in his stomach, but dogded her other attacks. Teto quietly walked up behind Sonika with on of the hand guns and blew her head off. Rin removed her own ribbon and tied it around Len's wound so the bleeding would stop.

"Sorry about shooting you," she said, "I didn't mean to." Len nodded and examined his arm before they turned back to Miku and Akuto. Miku was slashing wildly with her sword at Akuto who easily blocked her attacks.

"I think we should end this!" Akuto said, swinging his sword vertically at Miku. Tenshika quickly threw Teto's machine gun at Miku, knocking her away from the deadly swing and stabbed at Akuto herself. Akuto got away with only a slight injury. Teto and Rin ran over to Miku and helped her up. Miku pushed them aside and kept running towards Akuto. She slashed him on the back, making blood ooze out.

"Miku, stop being stupid!" Rin screamed. "You can't kill him!"

"I don't care!" Miku screamed, slicing at Akuto's back, but it didn't seem to make him flinch.

"Don't you dare hurt Miku!" Tenshika screamed as Akuto turned around. She stabbed Akuto in the back with her pitch fork into one of his wounds, making Akuto scream.

"Everyone run!" Rin screamed, yanking the door open. "Run now!" She took Len and Teto by the hand and started running with Teto right after them. Miku reluctantly grabbed Kaito and dragged the stunned guy out with her. They all ran to the outside, but still they didn't stop. When a demon dies, a demon dies loud and long. They kept going until they caught a carriage to Pink, the fathest town away.

"I can't believe we just left her there again!" Teto hissed, slamming her face into her hands. Ted rubbing her back gently and sighed. Kaito just stood there like an obedient servant, waiting for his master's orders. That's when they heard Akuto's echoed scream. They all looked behind them and saw an explosion cloud coming from the Yellow castle.

"Holy crap!" Len cursed. "My castle!" Rin glared and pushed him.

"Calm down, only a part of your 'precious castle' will be destroyed," she hissed. "But, that also means killing Tenshika who's staying there with him."

"Why doesn't she run away?" Kaito asked, finally. They all looked at him and his eyes turned the normal shade of blue it once was. He turned towards Miku and hugged her. "I'm sorry for attacking you." She was still shaking and refused to hug him.

"He's dead...he's dead...he's dead..." she repeated. "He's dead..." Tears landed onto her lap as she said it. "Mikuo's...dead..." Teto looked up to see Miku copy her pose with her face in her hands. "Mikuo..." She kept crying and everyone stayed somewhat silent, whispering to themselves.

"Tenshika couldn't run away because she's bonded to Akuto," Rin whispered. "No matter if she hates him or not. Those angels and demons are weird those ways." Len and Ted nodded before hugging their respective lover.

Six Years Later Rin's POV

"Renko, Lina, stop running!" I heard Len called. I looked up from the papers on the table to see two blonde four year olds rush to my side. "Your mother's busy!" The two children, one boy, one girl, looked up at me with big smiles on their faces and their father running into the room.

"Hi Mama!" the twins chirped in unison. I smiled at both of them. The boy had his blonde hair tied into a ponytail like his father's and wore a cute light blue sailor outfit. I picked him up first and placed him on the table. The girl had her hair almost at shoulder length and a huge bow perched on top of her head. Like the boy, she wore a girl's sailor outfit, but in pink. "How are you?"

"Fine," I responded. "Have you two been bothering your father?" Len came into the room, glaring at the twins.

"What did I tell you?" he scolded. Then he turned to me. "I'm sorry Rin, apparently they just got back from their play dates and they wanted to tell the both of us something."

"Okay then," I said, smiling. "What's up?"

"We we're with Misa, Kairi, Tenshi, and Tenko!" Lina chirped happily. Misa and Kairi were Miku and Kaito's five year old and seven year old and Tenshi and Tenko were Teto and Ted's four year old and six year old. Both Tenshi and Tenko were named after Tenshika because Teto called the names before we could.

"And then we saw these two other kids that were really nice!" Renko said. "Then we showed Auntie Miku and Auntie Teto and they were really surprised!"

"Really?" I asked. "Why?"

"Because they were twins too!" Lina said, happily. "Auntie Miku almost fainted!" I giggled and looked at Len who shrugged at me.

"Auntie Teto, Uncle Ted, Auntie Miku, and Uncle Kaito are waiting for you in the ballroom!" Renko said, trying to jump off the table. I picked him up and Len picked up Lina, placing her on his shoulders.

"Then let's go," Len said, walking. I carried Renko in my arms and we went down to the ballroom. Teto, Ted, Miku, and Kaito were waiting for us, like they said with their kids running around with another pair of kids. What they didn't tell us was that Miku did in fact faint and Ted was trying to calm the kids down.

"Uh, hi?" I said, uncertainly. Teto looked at me and smiled.

"Hey Rinny!" she said, cheerfully. She came and carefully hugged me so she would knock of Renko. I let Renko down with Lina and they started running around with the children. How cute.

"Children are such a handful," Len sighed, rubbing his neck. I smiled and kissed him on the cheek. "So, what's going on and why is Miku knocked out?" Teto took in a deep breath and pointed to two children I hadn't seen before. One was a girl, the other was a boy. The girl had sandy blonde hair and the boy had pitch black hair.

"Tenny, Kuku," she called. "How about you two say hello to Rinny and Lenny?" The two children looked towards us and started into a mad dash. Tenny and Kuku? The kids hugged my legs and then the hugged Len's legs. "They're about five years old. We found them at the park?" I picked Tenny up and she gave me a hug.

"Rinny!" she said, happily. "We're back!" Tenshika I looked at her for a minute and looked down at Kuku who smiled.

"Don't worry," he said. "I'm nicer now!" Akuto.

"Tenny! Kuku!" Misa called. They children were gathered in their small group that reminded me of us when we were young. Well, maybe not that young and back then Akuto wasn't part of our group, but you know what I mean. A little me, Lina, a little Len, Renko, a little Teto, Tenshi, a little Ted, Tenko, a little Miku, Misa, a little Kaito, Kairi, a little Tenny and a little Kuko.

"So it's decided then!" Tenshi said, smacking her fist gently into her other palm. "We'll play Cinderella!" The guys groaned.

"But that's a girl game!" Kairi said, frowning.

"Then let's play Cendrillon!" Tenny said, happily.

"Cendrillon?" Lina asked, holding Renko's hand. "What's that?"

Oh no, here we go again.

The End






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