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The lunch line was about a mile long, so Summer decided to go off campus for lunch. As she walked back out to the student parking lot, she replayed the events of the day so far, in her mind. She'd spent most of her Humanities class just staring at the back of Cam's head, his neck, and painfully remembered what it was like to kiss that neck. Why did he have to do this? Summer knew that Cameron loved her, but for the life of her, she couldn't figure out why he wouldn't act on it. She was trapped with thoughts of him. Dreams of him still. Yeah, he had shattered her heart, but she still couldn't make herself let go.

When Summer finally reached her car, she rummaged through her purse, and it hit her. She walked up closer and peered into the window, sure enough her keys were on the passenger seat.

"Damn," she said, aloud. She hit the window with both her hands then turned to walk back to the cafeteria.

"Whoa," exclaimed the girl Summer almost ran into, "dude what's your problem?"

"S-sorry," Summer murmured, she felt tears welling up in her eyes, threatening to fall.

"Are you okay," the girl asked her. Summer didn't answer right away. She couldn't believe that she was in tears in front of a complete stranger.

Summer couldn't look at her, "I l-locked my keys in the c-car," she admitted, tears now streaming down her face.

"Oh, well that's easily solvable." Summer watched as the girl looked through her bag, pulled out a long ruler, and jimmied the lock. "See?" She opened the door and motioned Summer over. When the girl took a step away from the car, the alarm went off.

Summer leapt to the car and grabbed her keys from the seat. She stepped back and pressed the remote button. The alarm chirped then went silent.

"Geez," Summer let out a breath but it caught in her throat when she saw Cameron running down the hill toward her. Turn right, she thought, turn right.

"My gosh, Sum are you OK?"

"Fine, everything's fine you can go now,"

She watched his face twist in pain or something like that. He turned and headed to his car.

"Thanks," Summer said to the girl.

"Eh it's no problem, the name's Jude by the way." She replied drawing Summer's attention away from the onlookers.

"Uh, Summer," she was quick to reply.

"Did you get sick of this place already?"

Yes. "No I just wanted to get some lunch. The line in there is crazy."

"Oh yeah? I wish," Jude's eyes followed Cameron as he walked away, waiting for him to be out of listening range, "Oh my God who was that?"

Summer's heart dropped. Wish I could say that, she thought.

"That's," she hesitated, "that's Cameron."

"You know him well?" Summer felt eyes on her and tears started to form again in hers.

"He's, well he's..."

"Let me guess, it's complicated?" She had no idea.

Summer couldn't, or maybe she just wouldn't answer. Instead, she opened the door and threw her purse into the back seat.

"I'm going to Pacific for lunch. You can come if you want."

Entry 2:

I feel numb. Nothing seems to bother me anymore. Well, everything except Cameron, I mean. I didn't get jealous because Jude noticed him, it just didn't bother me. It just proves that I don't need anyone because I'm feeling fine now. Ok. Who am I kidding? I'm lonely as hell. I have no Cameron, no friends. Regardless of my ripped open heart, I am still trying to reach out for companionship. I need someone. Anyone. I just need someone to listen and help me through this because let's face it: Retail therapy alone won't mend my broken heart.


"Cameron, wait up," Annie Wilson called to him as they exited their Physics class.

Cameron looked over his shoulder at her. Then, as if he hadn't noticed her, continued at the same pace. Annie walked at a desperate speed and quickly fell into step with him.

"Are you going out to lunch?" She looked at him, hopeful. Annie had put way too much time into her plan to give up at the first sign of difficulty. She began to grow more anxious when he didn't answer right away.

"I think I'm gonna go home, I don't really feel like going out anywhere,"

Annie's heart fell when she heard this, but she still held some confidence. Maybe he'll ask me to join him, she thought.

He didn't.

"Catch ya later Annie," Cameron said as they reached the double doors at the back of the school.

"Bye," she managed with a smile. Much to her chagrin, Cameron did not return it. Slightly angry, she turned around and headed to her locker. Holly and Kirsten were there waiting when she arrived.

"Hiyeeee," they said in unison as Annie approached them. She didn't respond to them, just opened her locker and returned her materials to their labeled spaces.

"What's wrong Annie," Holly inquired. Annie didn't want to talk about it. She was too embarrassed.

"Is it Cameron," It was Kirsten's turn to ask.

"I said I don't want to talk about it." She was much sterner this time. Just, shut up, she thought. Leave it alone.

The looks on their faces made Annie regret the sharpness of her tone. "Let's go to Pacific."

They smiled.

"And let's not talk about boys at all, k?"

They nodded. Annie shut her locker and strolled back to the rear exit.

Entry 2:

I'm troubled. Every effort I have made thus far has gone unnoticed. Should I just dye my hair dark brown and buy fake blue contacts? Will Cameron notice me then? Lord almighty. I am so sick of that bitch Summer. Even though they aren't together, Cameron's still under her spell. And here I am so freaking lonely. I just wish for once that I could get what I want. You know? It's so frustrating to be ignored when you are giving it your all. I, unlike Summer, am taking a chance with my heart, and still losing. I need to get it together and pick up the pace. Cameron needs to know how serious I am. I don't wanna be alone at Christmas time. No one does.


Tristan McCafferety splashed cold water on his face hoping to reduce the swelling of his black eye before work. He wanted to avoid being interrogated by Manny, his boss at the Pacific. Tristan dried his face, carefully patting over his puffed eye, then buttoned his shirt. He picked his messenger bag from the floor and slung it over his shoulder. He was pleased by his senior schedule, because it allowed him to pick up more hours at the diner. The rent wasn't going to pay itself. His father sure wasn't going to either. Nope, Tristan's dad would rather sit on his drunk, un-employed ass all day. The counselor's at school were trying to prepare him for "life in the real world," but Tristan didn't need any advice on reality, he had too much of his own to deal with. He already had bills to pay, hell he could teach money management better than any teacher at Sky Crest. He let out a long sigh and tucked in his shirt. He had a job to do.

Entry 2:

Is it selfish to ask, "Why me?" I mean, I just don't understand. What was the deciding factor that forced me to become the parent? I am so sick of hearing the counselors at school lecture me about responsibility, and self-sufficiency. It's unnecessary for them to constantly remind me of my daily life.


Cameron Nichols pushed angrily through the double doors, and inhaled the rush of fresh air that met him. He wanted to find Summer, to talk to her, to convince her to come back to him. Maybe he'd see her in the lot. Why did it have to be Annie that was chasing after him? Why couldn't it be Summer? He knew why. He'd broken her heart, not the other way around. Cameron knew he was being selfish, and stubborn. He was aware of it all. He was just too weak to deal with any of it. What was it that Ashley said? Cameron you have to make the "Big Gesture." Whatthe Hell was that supposed to mean? Stop kidding yourself, he thought, you know exactly what you have to do. Just then, as if the universe was speaking to him, Cameron heard Summer's car alarm beeping wildly. He rushed worriedly down the hill toward where Summer's car was parked when he saw her that morning. Perfect.

Entry 2:

I don't know what to do. How to help Summer see. Maybe I do, though. Maybe all I have to do is tell her the truth. Tell her how I feel. At the same time though, I am scared to death. What will she say? Will she even give me the chance to talk to her? "I'm crazy. Crazy for your love," that's all I want to say to her. That's it.


Blake Harrison was feeling great as he strolled down the hallway waiting to hear the bell signaling the end of the period. He jerked his head and looked down the tech wing when he heard a commotion. It was two on one and the underclassman from his Pre-Calculus class had drawn the short straw. "Hey," Blake shouted, the two looked up from the pinned kid, then went right back to pummeling him. "Hey, stop that! Stop it now!" Blake took off down the hall in a full out sprint. He swung and smashed his fist into the first kid's face, and he fell to the tile. The second jumped on his back, Blake backed into the wall, hard. He backed up twice, three times, then a fourth, until the kid released his grip. Oh, fuck, Blake thought as Vice Principal Watts yanked him by the shirt, away from the group. Blake threw his hands up in mock-surrender as other faculty began to surround the scene. What Blake was most upset over was that he didn't get to see if the victim was alright. When Sky Crest's Principal approached, he locked eyes with Blake.

"Get in my office. Now," He ordered.

Blake walked quickly to the East Wing, greeted M.J. - most often referred to as Mrs. Johnson the Principal's secretary- and went right into his office. He let out a long sigh as he sank into the couch opposite the desk.

"I can't even get one day without your nonsense, can I?" Principal Wheeler sat angrily down in his leather office chair. "The first day and I already have to deal with your miscreant behavior!"

"Look-" Blake was abruptly cut off.

"I don't want to hear your excuses, Mr. Harrison, it is very clear you did not learn a thing from your brother's mistakes,"

Blake stood up, blood boiling and slammed his hand on the desk. He leaned over it, right in Principal Wheeler's face and said, "How dare you bring my brother into this, now I was only defending someone I thought was in trouble. You should be thanking me, not lecturing me. You think you're tired of seeing me? Just imagine how I am feeling, I hate your fucking guts. It's your fault Sonny went off the deepend. It was your constant nagging, and condescension that pushed him over the edge. As for me, I could care less what you think or have to say, so how 'bout doing us both a favor, and leave me the hell alone?" With that, Blake stormed out of the office leaving Wheeler dumbfounded and nonresponsive.

Entry 2:

My older brother Sonny committed suicide last year. He didn't leave a note, just his childhood teddy bear on my bed. I'm not over it, won't ever be. Sonny tried very hard to shield me from my father's wrath. He took the blows to his ego and pride so I wouldn't have to suffer. That's why I am trying so hard to help those who are unable to help themselves. I want my brother to be proud of me, even though he's no longer here.


Jude Pearson felt genuinely sorry for the teenage girl sitting across from her, pouring her guts across the diner's table. Whoever this Cameron guy was, he'd hurt Summer real bad. Summer didn't look at Jude while she told the story of her heartbreak, and there was a puddle of tears forming beneath her face. Until now, Jude's plan was to avoid any sort of social contact with anyone. However, it was clear that Summer needed a friend so the plan was abandoned. Putting herself in Summer's place, Jude reached out and placed a hand on top of hers. She smiled reassuringly at Summer when her head popped up.

"Don't worry about him. There are plenty of guys out there." Jude said.

"I know that, it's just that I don't want anyone else." Jude could sympathize, before she got pregnant, her boyfriend Grant seemed like her only option. She'd loved him more than she ever thought possible. Once he found out that Jude was carrying his child though, Grant stepped out of the picture. He broke Jude's heart and that of her unborn child. So here she was alone in a new place, trying to go to school, work, and take care of a four-month-old. Jude looked at Summer and wondered if she could trust her with this secret. Not yet.

"I think I'm ready to head back now," Summer said interrupting Jude's thoughts.

"Alrighty," Jude waited for Summer to pay the waitress before she got up. As Jude stood up and grabbed her bag she was suddenly pushed back into the booth when someone blew past her toward the kitchen.

"Oh man, I'm so sorry," the guy said, eyes wide – well the one that wasn't blue.

"It's okay, don't worry about it," She looked at his name tag standing back up. Tristan, he works here.

"Alright," he said then continued hastily toward the kitchen.

"Who was that?" Summer said slightly mocking Jude's earlier comment, as she approached the table. Jude just smiled. She had a friend and now a mystery. She was determined to find out about this Tristan guy.

Entry 2:

I don't understand why it's so easy for me to abandon my defenses and allow myself to socialize with people. One day and I've already made a friend and spotted a fox. I'm not trying to get tied up in anymore entanglements. They just seem to fall on my plate. I just wish I could be a normal teenager with no responsibilities or priorities. Then I would have no problem being friends with Summer or possibly talking with Tristan. Instead, I am a mother and can be nothing else but that.