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Sleep Talk

"Rita what's that?" Estelle asked as she poked the campfire.

"It's a gag," Rita replied simply.

"Why did you bother getting that?" Raven asked, as he stretched his legs out on the grass.

"I got it for Karol."

The boy jumped as his name was mentioned. "Huh? Are you joking?"

Rita twitched as she gripped the gag. "No, because I can't sleep with your sleep talk."

The others gave a chorus of "Ah" as they nodded. Repede gave a quiet "woof."

"Yeah, that makes some sense," said Yuri as he stirred the stew.

Karol blinked. "What are you talking about? I don't talk in my sleep."

"Sorry kiddo, but you do." Raven sat up. "I personally don't mind it though. I once had a roommate with the same problem, so I'm used to it."

Karol blushed. "I don't believe you guys. You're just trying to pull my leg again."

Judith tapped her chin. "What was it that Karol said last night? 'Oh Nan, your hair looks so pretty.'"

Karol toppled over. "What? I didn't-"

"No," said Rita, playing with the gag in her hands. "It was clearly about Nan having a cute nose."

Yuri laughed. "I think my favorite one is when Karol is asking Nan to save him from the bugs."

"I DON'T TALK IN MY SLEEP!" Karol cried, fuming.

"WOOF!" Repede barked loudly.

Karol sighed. "See, Repede agrees with me."

"No," said Yuri as he took the pot off the fire. "He's saying you keep him awake too."

Karol grumbled and eyed the gag wondering how comfortable it would be to wear it.