Ever since I have gotten this idea, it was bugging me…it wants to be written so badly…and I will. Mmhmm…this is like my second baby right now. My first one being Torn. X3. I am ecstatic and it just had to be written…like just had to be written. XD. This might not seem like a wrestling fic but trust me, there are a TON of pairings…well, the main one not being a wrestling pairing…just me and mah insane band slash. X3.

Title: Angels With Dirty Faces
Rated: +18 – language; sex; violence
Summary: HIM fiction. A 27 year old boy, who has been tortured in a drug facility, gets a few death notes from an unknown source… Hardycest, ChipMUNK, Miz/Hunter…
WWE pairings: Hardycest, ChipMUNK, Miz/Hunter, Codiasi, Randiasi, Candy, Junk, Shannon/Punk, Mizannon, Harted, Adam/Randy, Adam/Shannon…and whatever I wanna throw in. XP.
Genre: Angst

1 – I Remember Part 1

There's another one of those notes.


A pale hand grabs onto that, seems torn from a diary page, definitely…throughout the day, throughout the week, he's found random torn notes from a diary. Cinnamon brown strands of his finally finds its way towards his eyes, and the twenty-seven year old prisoner just blinks and traces the word with his fingers while a man walks towards him and the man grabs onto the paper in the petite boy's hands, crumbling it up into a sheet of paper.

"Gray, you'll never learn, will you?"

Joel Levato, twenty seven years old, has been in this facility since he had been eighteen.

Twenty seven years ago, since his birth, his mother, Melissa, had given him to these people, for testing, since she never really cared about him. The company injected Joel with a serum that was supposed to turn him into an insane, mad killer…but instead, there seemed to be something in the barrier, and nothing seemed to have happened…that was until eighteen years later, when Joel had allowed his fury out of control and in seconds, he'd found Melissa and Justin Levato dead on the floor and he watched Alyssa Levato, cry, with those tired tears…holding onto her brother…and he swears he can still hear his pink stilettos hitting against the floor, just before the high-pitched scream that forever stains his mind…his Alyssa, his beautiful lily crouching down towards the floor, with the tears rolling off her pretty face…


Joel bites down his lower lip, sinking down his place, his back against the metal table. "Gray. Stand up. We need to go into the chamber. Now."

Gray is Joel's middle name.

Joel Gray Levato…

And this man always calls people by their middle names…no matter who or what, he's never called people by their last name because it's too harsh, and neither by the first because it's too friendly…but the middle name is always the best pick for the man. He watches as Joel sits on top of the metal cot, as the man adjusts the wires to his head. "You know I hate doing this crazy…"

Joel just nods his head. "…it hurts." His voice is broken and soft.

"I know it does, Gray." The man pats his hand against Joel's head and turns around, finally switching on the device that is made to shock Joel at the push of a button. Now, he just needs to ask the questions to Joel and hopes that he can answer them. "Joel, who is sending you these notes?"

Joel just stares at him. If he says he doesn't know, then he'll get shocked but he really doesn't know. His head is spinning as he tries to think of one person that would send him torn pieces of a missing diary… "I…" Joel blinks, harshly shutting his two eyes tightly, 'don't hurt me…"

The man just watches Joel. Over the years, he's treated Joel like the son that's died on him…but these assignments just had to be done, he needs the money, he needs to provide the food for his newly born daughter and no other place would've accepted him…but he just hates seeing those pink cat eyes burn with pain, just hated seeing the tears being held back by those soft rosy pink eyes…he just wants to make him smile for once, just to see him smile once, something that isn't fake, something genuine… "Gray. I have no choice."

Joel just lets out a sob, clutching onto the sheet as he presses his head towards the bed. "Don't hurt me…" Joel begs once more.

No choice.

The man buzzes the switch. Joel's already fried brain having to get a flair of electric shocking through his every cell, the pain hitting at the core of his brain as Joel grabs onto the wires, trying to slip them out of his head, unable to think with the pain, unable to see with the desolation and distress burning into him, cutting through him, bisecting him into pieces, dissecting him into even tinier pieces…until he's nothing, just purely nothing, but the pain that's burning so badly…at every inch of his body…and then it stops for a moment and Joel takes a breath as the agony continues to blur his vision and it pierces through his broken heart.

"Stop it!"

"Oh, Nero."

Jeff makes his way towards Joel, his lab coat, smeared with blood from whatever he had been doing, leaning towards Joel, who is now hyperventilating as Jeff stares back at the man. "You said he was like your son…would you fry your son's brains? You did this this morning! You're completely destroying his brain! He's not a fucking toy, you know!"

Joel just stares at Jeff, eyes wide and desolate. "I'm sorry, Jeffy…I don't do it right…it's not his fault…I don't do it right…"

Jeff's hand runs through Joel's sweaty hair. "Did you even feed him before this?" Jeff asks, staring at the man in front of him. "You-you-you can't be fucking serious! You didn't even consider it, did you? He doesn't even eat right food! You give him a stab of IV and you can't even do that, right, huh?"

Joel just buries his head into Jeff's arm, smelling Jeff's scent, a creamy strawberry scent that makes Joel lift his head. "…Jeffy, you smell nice."

"He doesn't even realize how serious this is! Fuck you," Jeff snaps at him, grabbing onto Joel's arm and pulling him away. "Come on, Joel. I'm gonna go get your shot and you can go back to sleep, m'kay? Huh, Joey? How does that sound like?"

Joel just stares at him. "…I won't get hurt?"

"No. No." Jeff strokes Joel's hair for a moment and then pulls him out of the room, leaving the man there to think while Jeff pushes through people and objects, trying to keep his grip onto Joel's wrist firm but not too tight as he turns towards a room and pushes through it, there, on the bed is Matt sitting down, reading a book of some sort as Jeff tells Joel to sit down while he talks with Matt.

"Can you believe that guy?"

"…the dude that calls everyone by their middle names?"

"Yes, Moore." Jeff rolls his eyes.

"Was he shocking his brain again?" Matt teases but Jeff's face is dead serious, which causes the humor in Matt's face to fade away in seconds. "…why'd you bring him over here?"

Jeff walks over to a drawer, looking through the millions of experimental drugs and then pulling out a tube of IV, a string hanging towards it, attached to a little needle as Jeff puts the needle into Joel's wrist, without hesitation, allowing the serum to slide through the narrow tube…Joel just stares at Jeff for a moment. Jeff pulls out the tube when the content is finished and then puts a bandage over the small cut formed. "Do you wanna go to sleep, Joey?"

"But I'm not supposed to." Joel simply says.

Jeff nods his head. There's no use in arguing. He knows that Joel is going to stick to his point. He pulls up a chair and sits down onto it, while Joel looks up at him from his position on the floor. "…Jeffy, they want me to know who wrote to me…those notes…"

Jeff raises an eyebrow. "Someone is writing notes to you?"

"Oohh! An admirer!" Matt grins.

"Shut the fuck up, Moore." Jeff sticks his tongue out.

"Of course, Nero."

Jeff just stares back at Joel as he digs through the navy pocket of his uniform. Since Jeff started working here, he realized that Joel's uniform is always the same; navy pants, navy boots, and a navy t-shirt. Even in the dead end of the winter, this is his clothing…even in the hottest of summers…this is his clothing year round when the fabric only seems to work for fall. Jeff's hand grabs onto Joel's as Joel pulls out the notes, letting them fall to the floor.

About twelve of them.













Jeff sits down beside him, looking at the paper.

he tells me to find his broken heart, that its mine…

Jeff raises an eyebrow. "This is a part of a…"

"Diary." Joel answers, grinning at the fact that he knows the answer. "But a really, really old one…like it's really, really old paper…am I right, Jeffy?"

"Yes, you're right, Joey." Jeff grins, causing Joel to have a smile plaster on his face.

"Harmony." Joel tries to remember the word that is in his mind…but he's sure that's not it. Something similar… "something about Harmony…no, not Harmony…something close…something I can't remember!"

"It's okay, Joel." Matt offers, allowing his hand to slide onto Joel's shoulder. "Just go to sleep."

"No." Joel pouts, looking down at the floor. "It hurts. It hurts trying to remember…and I feel so sad remembering…I don't know why…but I feel so sad…I need him…"

"Who is he?"

Joel just stares at Jeff. "I don't know…" his voice is soft. "Don't hurt me…"

That answer…I don't know…Joel bites down his lower lip.

"Please, don't hurt me…"

In the midst of his sleep, Joel's eyes snap open. The late night sky doesn't bother him as Joel's pink eyes flash into a deep violet color, tears cascading down his cheeks. "I remember! I remember!"

Jeff's eyes snap open. "Joel!"

"Not Harmony…" Joel shakes his head as sweat slides off his forehead and Jeff rushes by his side, as Joel holds onto Jeff's hand, gripping tightly, sweat still pouring off Joel's face. "Not Harmony…"

"Breathe, Joel. Breathe."

Joel takes a soft breath, staring at Jeff's face. "I know." Joel curves a small smile. "I know, Jeffy. I know."

"…what do you remember?"

"It's not Harmony." Joel repeats. "It's Hermanni."

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