Chapter 1

It was 11:00 when they hit our convoy. Duke, Ripcord and I had the package in the truck with us. As they attacked with sonic blasts Duke asked for air support but was shot down within minutes. Then ordered us to fan out. One by one the blasts hit the tucks sending them into pieces. Then ours was turned over. With no air support I thought it was goanna end badly but I never gave up with put a fight.

"Out! Out!" shouted Duke, "everyone out!" Our driver was KIA. Now there were only a few good men left. Once out I griped my two kantas the sided on my back and pulled them out of their sheaths. Bullets flashed everywhere. Then I realized that Duke left the warheads in the truck. But there were my men to think about, "HEY! Watch out!" called Duke. I turned to men with strange armor firing at me. They shot sonic blasts at me but I was too agile to be hit. I looked over at the truck. A woman in a black suite picked up the case and carried off with it.

"Duke the case!" I yelled. At first he was shocked that I talked. Then the determination was in his eyes. He took off running and I was stuck was these two clowns.

Their blasts got closer and all of my men were gone. As I was finishing out the one in front of me someone called.

"Say good night." Called behind me. I kicked behind me and knocked the gun out of his hands, then kicked him in the face. He charged at me and knocked me over. I saw my fallen sword and tried to reach it. His hand griped my neck and I felt air escape my lungs. I couldn't end like this. Not here. Not now. God help me.

Just then another air craft landed and a man in a full black suite jumped out. He fired two shots and took down one of the armored men. There was another soldier coming from his left but was quickly shot, taking him down. Pulling out a blade he sliced the man on top of me then kicking him to the side. Feeling air fill my lungs, I choked at the feeling. I felt a hand on my shoulders and pull me to a sitting position. I turned to see my savor. I couldn't see his face due to the mask he wore. He seemed to check to see if I was injured any further but I felt fine. Out of the corner of my eye I saw one of the men he dispatched pick up one of our weapons and fire. I felt my body tense and with out knowing I griped his sword that was in its sheathed and blocked every one of the bullets from my savor. Then leaped off his shoulders and took the enemy down. He turned around to see me holding out his sword.

"Thanks." Was all I said. He gave a nod and run off to help his red-headed friend. As for me I ran to where Duke had fallen. As I got to him I saw he had the case in his hands. At least not all was lost. When the sounds of guns lock I quickly spin and defended my position with my swords that I had retrieved. Three soldiers stood before me.

"Stand down son." Said the dark skinned man. He was strong in stature but other things lurked in his mind. I saw bit of war and hardship. Not bad. That must've been hard but made him strong. It got him this far.

"I don't know you. You certainly don't know me. And I am sure I don't know them." Duke said pointing to the sky.

"You don't know who you're dealing with. So just hand over the case." He said again. Duke got into his stance and so did I.

"Uh guys?" came ripcord. My mask savor held his sword to his neck so he couldn't fire. Great. Out manned and out numbered.

"Guys the general wants to talk to them." Said their tech. He walked to the center of the clearing and placed a beckon in the ground. The next thing I knew I saw General hawk. Man he's gotten old! But that didn't surprise me the least.

"Stand down Duke this isn't your fight." He said.

"General Hawk. Natio. Afghanistan. Leader of the Black Wings." Duke addressed him. Never knew that the general knew Duke. More or less know what he was before now or then.

"Not anymore Duke. I'm in a whole different outfit now," his gaze directed to me. He couldn't help but smile," well, well, well. Never thought I'll see you again. But I wish it was on different terms. But it is nice to see you again Naomi." He said and I nodded back to him. Duke and the others just stared at me. Out of the corner of my eye my mask savior grip loosened on his sword. I swear he was in shock. As Duke and the general talked the tech man stepped forward towards Duke. Duke reacted by pointing his gun to him.

"Easy. Just have to disable the tracking beckon on the case for security measures." He explained. Duke looked over to me and I nodded in agreement to allow him to. As he worked Duke asked what part of the military they were part of but Hawk didn't give in. As for me my attention didn't leave their masked friend. I swear that I know him from somewhere.

After five minutes of talking and persuasion they decided to take us back to their base. On the ride there both ripcord and I had to get fluids due to the fact that we were dehydrated. First was ripcord and he wasn't too thrilled that he got stuck with the needle first. It wasn't long before rip started to flirt with the red-head.

"So what's a girl like you doing with these to boys?" she asked to me. I just stayed quiet.

"Don't mind her. She never speaks. Like we would be waiting for pick up and there she is sitting there all quiet like, not paying attention at all." Rip stated.

"Rip don't." said Duke. He was relaxing next to the case. He had a major head ach and I can tell with out reading his mind. As for Rip he didn't.

"That's not even the half of it! We're on a mission and she'll take out the guys before I get a chance to shoot a damn round off! And on top of that-" Ripcord was silenced by a blade at his neck. No one even saw me pull out my blade.

"Told you Ripcord. Should've listened." Duke remarked. Ripcord stayed quiet. By that time Rip was done gotten what he needed now it's was my turn. Snake Eyes, as my savor was called, came over to me with needle in hand. He then lightly pushed my sleeve up. Then ever so lightly placed the needle in my arm. I winced at first but the pain quickly subsided. Why is he being so gentle with me? He wasn't for Ripcord. Snake Eyes placed a hand over where the needle was to keep the little blood from dipping. When Snake placed his hand over my arm it felt pretty good up until the point where he released it.

"Scarlet. My name is Naomi Hunt." I said. Scarlet looked up from the clip board she had been reading. She smiled at me. As for Snake he just stared at me.

"Oh my God! She speaks! Duke she speaks!" Ripcord exclaimed. Duke just sat there with his eyes as big as saucers. I gave a slight chuckle at their expressions. Soon everyone was talking softly again. For once I knew nothing bad was going to happen. Snake was sitting next to me. Duke was across with Ripcord at his side who was putting the moves on Scarlet but shot back every time he did. Breaker and Heavy Duty were in the cock pit talking about their next mission. My eyes getting heavy from the lack of sleep. Never have I felt so tired before. But it wasn't long before sleep took me over and the sound of their voices drifted off.