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I wouldn't remember how much time had passed. I couldn't remember the sun on my face. The grass beneath my feet or the laughs my family made. I can't remember….

They did too many things to us. Colors was placed inside our bodies to make us fight faster, stronger, more aware of each other but when they do, your gone. Your eyes turn black and you're an animal. I watched as the others turned and fight each other. Blood across the walls of the arena. That's what the room is called. The Arena. They place us in and lock us in so we can't escape. As I sat in the room where they kept us and listened as they screamed at each other. I sat and cry sometimes. I sit awake and watch just in case. They would take us while we slept but I fight them if they ender at night. During the day I sleep. Barely.

The cold wall behind me reminds me to stay alert. For they took one…..and I couldn't do anything. They barged in and I gave them everything I had and yet they took one. was there. A smirk was there on her face. I wanted to kill her…show her the rage and anger I held inside. But also the sadness and regret I hold in my heart. She took so much from me. Now I regret not spending time with my family. Now they're gone…

I wanted to fight…..

But my limbs hurt and my hands are bruised and cut from the fighting….

I have to stay strong for the others or else all hope is lost…

I'm there only hope…

Days go by, maybe years; I haven't kept tracked in a long time. I lost the sense to sleep. It's tiring and I must keep watch….

The door opens and I'm the first one up. My hands shifty as the twitch for a fight but I don't crave the blood Naji wants me to swim in. She hunts for the animal in us but I'm making sure the others are in check…..

Even if I'm not….

For their safety…

I watch as it opens and Naji's guards come in at full speed. I charge as well. I swing my arms and knock down the first two. They spin and twirl around me to catch me off track but my brain works fast and I dodge the incoming attack from behind me. The others scream in terror as one of the guards advances on them. I knock down the guard in my way and take his spear. I raise it and jab it in the advancing guard's throat. I twist and yank him back at the others. I reach other for the others.

"Give me your powers!" I tell them. A few give me their hands and I absorbed their powers. I felt the flames of fire, the force of earth, the calmness of water, and the speed of wind crawl up my arms.

The guards staggered as they figured how they could take me down. Three guards lay dead at their feet as I stood my ground. I was the only thing standing between them and their paychecks. And I would fight them than allow them to take everyone.

"This doesn't have to be hard Naomi. It's just routine. You should know this by now." Her cold voice rang through the room.


My head hurts so badly, I even tried to hold my head but my arm couldn't move. It was too bright to open my eyes so I squirmed, trying to move. A grunt came from what was holding me…my heart began to race and I tried to break free.

"Calm down Naomi. We're going to land in a minute." Said a smooth voice. A hand rested on my forehead to clam me down. Storm Shadow? A cold wind blew past me when the sound of a door opened. I shivered when I realized I wasn't dressed warm enough. I felt the person holding me move. I grew colder as we walked. The sound of snow crunching beneath feet reached my ears. Snow? North Pole perhaps?


I couldn't fight any longer…

When I could no longer raise my arms to fight, they bound me in metal. Instead of taking someone else, they took me. I struggled against my restraints, trying to break free. They brought me into a room with a table that was stained with the blood of us. They took the leather cuffs and bound me down. The worn leather was pinching and digging into my skin. Above me were needles that were still sharp and yet they were rusted by time it's self.

"You should've just accepted it Naomi. You should stop struggling." 's voice rang over the loud speaker.

"You're a cruel lady that only wants to see people suffer! What did my parents do to make you so mad? Why are you doing this? We trusted you!" I screamed at the mirror that leads to another room where she watched.

"You father was a pathetic man! When I saw that the children and adults had powers, I realized that power was in my hands for the taking! I saw that with everyone in the village, I could create an unstoppable army. Your genes mixed with my men would lead to many possibilities!" she said.

"You're mad!" I again shouted at her.

"Begin with the test!" Naji commanded. The needles began to come closer to me. I watched in horror as purple liquid filled the needles that bubbled inside.

"AHHHH!" I screamed as the rusted needles jabbed into my skin. The liquid flowed into my veins and traveled throughout my body. I screamed as I felt the burning feeling rose all around me. Tears of pain flowed from my eyes.

Mother…..Father…April….June…Jane….Kenny…..Laurence…..everyone…..forgive me….


I watched as duke grabbed the case and start to run. I wanted to run too but my legs wouldn't allow me. The neo viper that had me dropped me on the cold ground. I yelped when I hit the ground. The coldness of the ice made me remember the table they strapped us down in. How we would scream for hours on end and on one would hear us. Storm Shadow threw a shurkin at duke and him in the back. The two-neo vipers walked over and started to beat him and kick him. Every hit made me wince. How I remember those very well.

"Enough!" Ana spoke up. The neo vipers stopped beating him as Storm walked over to him.

"Where would you have gone? A couple thousand miles of ice will kill you faster than me. Fool. "Storm Shadow said then took back his shurkin. I sat on the ground with the blanket wrapped around me as flashes of the cold cell that I sat in appeared in my mind. Storm came next to me and picked me up. I grabbed onto him like my lifeline. He smelled like the temple and battle. He gripped me tighter as he walked, "Shh." He whispered in my ear. I closed my eyes trying to ignore the feeling in my stomach. Dread.


I couldn't think….

I couldn't feel…

All I could do was watch. I was placed in a dark room. With only a small window at the top of the door. I felt like I was watching myself but I couldn't see.

"Naomi? Naomi where are you?" cried a voice. I tried to move my legs but they wouldn't move.

"Naomi, for resisting, you'll be forced to choose. Let's see that strength of will you have?" she said then laughed. The door opened and I saw one of the little one's sitting on the floor. Her blonde hair was dirty and tangled with knots. Cuts on her arms and legs show the abuse they do. She turned to look at me. She smiled but that faded away. I felt myself step forward slowly.


I could see the tears in her eyes. The fear and the frightened little girl I see now.

"Stop! Stop! You'll hurt her! Stop!" I shouted when my body kept going. I couldn't stop.

"Naomi? What are you doing?" she asked and started to back away.

"Attack her Naomi! For the grand army you are now a part of!" Naji shouted over the loud speaker. The little girl began to run and I followed close behind her.

I scratched and attacked her viscously. She was an air bender but it did little use against me. She was able to get a few hits but I came back stronger. I screamed as I landed every punch, kick, claw mark I left. Tears poured from my eyes and hers. I couldn't control my body…..Naji had full control. I landed another punch that sent her back towards the wall. She landed with a crack. I must've broken at least a few ribs and her arms. I walked slowly over to her and picked her up by the front of her shirt.

"Now Naomi! Kill her! Kill her like the animal I breed you to be!" Naji shouted. I raised my hand high to strike…

"Naomi… promise that you wouldn't harm us. That….you would protect us….."She gasped between tears. My eyes widened…

"She'll never get her hands on you. I am your shield here. Count on me. I won't anyone touch you. Moreover, if something happened to me….I'll kill myself before I harm any of you." My own words echoed in my head. I lowered my hand and released her.

"AHHHH!" I screamed in pain as I fought to regain myself. The liquids power was weakening and soon I could control myself once more. I dropped to my knees and took in air. My head was spinning but I refused to give in. The little girl ran over to me and wrapped her hands around my neck. She cried into my neck as I held onto her, 'I'm sorry. So sorry." I whispered to her. The sound of footsteps made me stand up and hold her against me. The door opened and men started to come through the room. was the last. Her eyes were filled with anger and rage. She lost the control over me. I broke free….and if I could. So can the others.

"Naomi…you would very like to see your parents again. Give me another reason why I shouldn't bring you to them now. Because I really want you gone." She hissed through her teeth.

"Because…." I spit out blood, "I won't die. So long as I'm needed, I can't die! Try all you like! I can't die! They NEED me! Therefore, I will continue to live. So long as there are people who need help and people, who care for me….I won't give up! You can inject me, cut me, kick and punch me, burn me, try and take me down but I will continue to stand!" I looked around the room, "I don't fear them! Nor you! Go ahead , try your best. Because I won't give up without a fight." I said and picked up the little girl. She clung to me. just stood there with a shocked expression on her face. I brushed passed her and walked towards the cell. It doesn't matter to me any longer. I will continue to live. Continue to fight. I will hold my head up high. And show people that they can't push me down.


I woke up in a bed that was different than I remember. There were no covers on top of me but I felt warm. I slowly sat up and looked around the room. My head felt a little light but I was able to make out a few things. The room but set like the temple but most of the colors were drained. The basic color of white was shown the most. I reached up to scratch my head but I felt a bandage wrapped around it. I got up from the bad and made my way over to the mirror that hung on the way. A bandage was wrapped around my forehead while a few cuts lined my face a bit. Startled I stepped back and tried to remember where I was and how I got here.

Storm Shadow…

Now I remember! Storm Shadow was there with me outside. I must be in some base! I unwrapped the bandage and looked around for my swords. I spotted them on the desk nearby and quickly placed them on my back. I looked at myself once more in the mirror. The cuts have healed and only a scar remained. If I was with Duke, my main priority was to get Duke and destroy this place for good. I turned away and slowly creped put of the door.

There were dozens of McCullen's men. Every were I went there was at least four or five. The base was huge and I had no idea where I was, until I spotted someone I thought was dead. There at the end of the hall was Lora…

She was supposed to be dead…..

She stood talking to a few of the men. I tried to listen but my head began to throb. I tried to steady it but it just kept pulsing. I wanted to go back to the base. To be wrapped in the arms of Snake and to crack jokes with Rip. Teach Scarlet a few of the moves I picked up and beat Breaker at chess. I wanted to train with Heavy Duty and help Clayton with paperwork that he hates so much. I smiled as I felt a tear ran down my cheek. I missed them so much.

"Just don't stand there! Find her!" Lora or should I say experiment 0 ordered. It seems that they found out I was gone. Now's the time to end it. I stepped back from the wall and out into the hallway.

"Long time no see, Lora." I called. She turned and faced him. I gasped. Her eyes were a bright red and her skin was pale. Her hair was blonde almost white. She smiled and showed that her teeth have been sharpened to a fine point. The years have been kind to her. If she looked normal, she might have been beautiful but now she just looks sick.

"Well, well, well. Looks what the past brought in.," she said. She took out her blades and placed them above her head.

"What are you doing here? You should be dead! Along with !" I shouted at her. I also took out my blades and went into a battle stance.

" is still very much alive Naomi. And so am I. Not all of the past faded into the dark. We merely stepped aside." She said her voice cold.

"Doesn't matter. I tend to put you back into the grave you dug, years ago when you betrayed us! How could you?"

"We were all going to die so why not go then? Now I have power! Enough to kill you and your idiotic family!" with that she charged forward. She moved at inhuman speed. I was able to block and swing my sword but she copied my moves. Once I pushed her off me, I ran. I didn't know where but I had to be open. The hall was too small to maneuver and get a good hit, "don't run Naomi! That will only make this kill the sweeter!" Lora called. I ran faster. My legs throbbed with pain. I didn't want to die. I wasn't ready. I still had to seek revenge on Naji and save my family. I couldn't die. Not now….


They placed me back into the cold room with no windows but two doors. They shoved me to the ground and handed me a small knife. He looked lost and left the room. A scream was heard and I turned toward the second door. Another and another. I was scared. I knew that scream. That which, turned my blood and sent me into a frozen state. A muffled voice came up above me but I didn't pay attention. The door slowly opened and I saw her…

Lora McDugo. She was my best friend…my sister, but not anymore. Cuts were everywhere on her. Some looked infected and oozed out white puss. Her eyes a bright red, while she hissed and showed rows of teeth. Rags covered her body but hid very little. Her neck supported an iron cuff that was latched to a chain. The chain suddenly snapped free, leaving a few feet of it still left. She slowly started forward. Another muffled voice and that sent her running towards me. She screeched as she raised her hand to strike…

"Move it girl!" shouted a guard. That snapped me out of my trance. I ducked out of the way and swiftly slashed a cut down her arm. Lora cried out in pain and turned towards me. I held the small knife out to block her attacks. She moved so fast that I didn't see her move behind me and kick me forward. I staggered and turned, only to be punched in the face. I landed on the cold floor with a thud and watched as the knife went skidding across the floor. Lora came up behind me and started to claw at my back. I screamed as her nails dug into my back. I quickly moved out from under her and ran for the knife. I could hear the chain clank and jiggle as she moved.

"Lora stop! It's me! Naomi! Remember? We used to be friends?" I tried to make her come to.

"No. No friends. All dark now. No one came for me. I sit and hide. Away from the pretty light. No friends." Lora said. Her voice was cracked as she spoke to me.

'I'm sorry. I tried to save everyone but I couldn't! You went willingly. I tried to get you back but they kept you! You were my sister. Now you're gone." Tears came down my face as I reached the knife. Lora stood in front of me. I didn't want to do this but I had to. I had the others now. I couldn't give up on them.

"You let them take me! Not once did you call me name! I never was your sister!" she screeched. She ran towards me and the only thing I could do was attack. I tumbled out of the way and grabbed the chain. I yanked it back and pushed Lora down, face first. I cried as I wrapped the chain around her and pulled it tightly. Her hands went to her neck to try to get the chain off but I pulled tighter. Once she passed out, I stopped, no longer willing to kill or harm her. I placed the chain down and jabbed the knife into the floor so she couldn't escape. I slowly backed away from her. I was holding sobs but tears rolled down my face. I wanted this nightmare to be over. I wanted to wake up in my bed and be held in my mother's arms again. To hear my father deep laugh that made me laugh as well. To play pranks with my older brothers. To sing songs with my older twin sisters. And to go to the cliff and watch the sunset with April.

How the sun would feel warm on my skin. The way the water shimmered when the sun reached the sea. Will I ever see those things again? Will I ever wake up?

The guards came in and dragged Lora out. Then they came for me. The one that shouted at me held me close. He wasn't afraid to touch us or afraid of us like the others. He had the grip of a father. The strong yet kind strength that would hold a small child to protect.

"Don't worry. I got you." He whispered. I clung to him. He was the only one that would talk to me. To listen. And to give us real food.

'Thank you." I would whisper to him. Nevertheless, he would only shake his head.

"No, thank you. By living, you are showing me that you want to live. You remind me of my little girl. She's sick you see. I took this job because I need the money. Without it, she may not be alive with me.," he said to me one night when he had guard duty. I reached out to touch his hand through the metal bars.

'Go away from here. And take this." I sent a shimmer of heat to him, "when you see your baby girl, give her that warmth. I give the same heat to the others. She will get better and be able to laugh again." I told him. He smiled at me.

"Thank you." A tear came from his eye.

"But when she gets better, you must promise me one thing." I gestured my finger so he could come closer, "take her away from her. Across the sea. To a land where she may live in a different life than mine. Make her live my dream by living. For she has a part of me with her. Do this for me. Will you?" he nodded.

Later that same week I didn't see him. Then a month went by. He still didn't come. I smiled. He escaped this land. Away from this nightmare. At least one of us did…


I came to an opening that looked like a small hanger. I turned to see Lora behind me. I braced myself for her attack. This time only one of us will walk away. The other… dead.

"So, this is how it's going to be? The finial show down between the light and the dark?" Lora said. We circled each other then attacked. I was able to miss her attack and slice her arm.

"It seems it has to be. There is still time Lora. You can stop this now. We can take her on together." I told her. She laughed.

"I wanted power Naomi. And she gave it to me." she said. She spun and was able to make a small make on my cheek. I turned and tripped her, causing her to fall. I waved my swords around and cut her legs.

"I tried to save you! How could you say that? After what she did you us! To our families!" I shouted at her. She pushed me off with her feet.

"They were weak! They could have protected themselves but they didn't fight back!" I wanted to yell at her but my voice was gone, filled with rage. I started forward and cut her stomach. It all happened so fast. The clash of metal against metal. The screams of pain. Then…..blood…..

I slashed her neck, just enough to spill her blood. She fell with the clash of metal. I went over to her and picked her up by the collar to finish the job but I stopped. Her hair had gone back to normal. Her red eyes were back to her normal green color. She didn't look like a monster now. She was herself again…

"Hey….Naomi….long time…no see." She said blood spilling from her. I gently placed her in my arms. The sound of gunfire was miles away from us. Even thought the floor shook, I didn't feel a thing.

"Hey Lora…why?" tears filled my eyes as I tried to hold them back.

"I tried….Naomi….I really did. You were right…..we were lost. Forgive me?" she asked, tears coming from her eyes.

"I forgave you long ago. You were taken from us. Your mind was dead but I never stopped thinking about you sister. I'm sorry I couldn't get to you soon her." I said to her. She smiled and lightly touched my face,

"Now's not the time to be worrying about me… have to others. Make one kill of me will you?" she asked, her eyes slowly closing.

"I will. I will." I whispered to her.

"Good…..good…." and with that, Lora was laid to rest forever. The girl who was like a sister to me. She fought to the very end. Tears flowed freely from my eyes now.

"I'll avenge them all, my sister. For everyone." I said and gently laid her down. I grabbed one of her swords and traded with one of mine. If she's going down, at least down with a fight. I turned and headed for the door.

On my way, I noticed a few of McCullen's men working at something. I looked up to see a giant cannon firing at something. I quickly took out Lora's sword and quietly took them out. I looked out the window to see a Joe submarine. They came… help us and win this war. It's about time.

The sound of metal against metal caught my ears and I looked towards the generator for it. I looked down and spotted two familiar figures but my eyesight began to blur. I shook my head and tried to concentrate but it slowly returned.

"Snake! Storm Shadow!" I called. They stopped and looked up at me. Their facial expressions were covered with masks so I couldn't see. However, from their stance I could tell that they were shocked to see me. I quickly jumped down, in between them. Storm tried to make a move but I stopped him as did Snake, "stop the both of you!" I shouted.

"Move out of the way Naomi. We must end this." Storm Shadow said to me.

"No, it doesn't. Revenge is not the way. It only hurts the one's you love. Trust me, I will already see it. My sisters were taken by the dark. I tried to get them back, but all I could focus on was revenge. It clouds the mind and leaves your body weak. You can't think or speak straight. For years, I've been dead. Only to realize that the dark was slowly growing. Now it's my turn to fight back. And I cannot do it alone." I told them. It was quiet for a while until Snake eyes took a deep breath and placed his weapons away.

"This fight is over Storm Shadow. Naomi is right. We've been dead because of revenge. We lost track of what was really important to us." Snake said.

"Yes." He placed his swords away, "forgive me. When you came, I lost track. Always trying to gain something that I already had. Forgive brother. Sister." Storm said and bowed. I smiled and stepped towards the white ninja.

"I have forgiven you a long time ago, brother." I said and gave him a hug. I turned to see Snake standing there. Flashes of the hummer hitting the train made me wince. I ran over to him and wrapped my arms around him, "I thought you were dead." I whispered.

"Not dead yet." He squeezed me tighter, "I missed you." He gave me a peck on the cheek through his mask. I hugged him tighter. But the sound of the cannon firing broke us apart.

"Let's go. We don't have much time." I told them. We hopped up and I ran for the controls. We were able to shut down the cannon but the base was readying to fall apart.

"Snake? Snake do you hear me? Answer me?' Scarlet's voice came over Snake's comm.

"I read you Scarlet.' He said.

"This place is falling apart. We're leaving!" she yelled. Snake turned towards us and nodded. But a pain in my ribs made me wince and hug me waist. Both made their way towards me but I held my hand.

"No time. We must go." I said.

"I'll take her. You lead, brother." Storm said and picked me up. Snake nodded and ran out the door. The place was filling up with water fast while more of McCullen's men tried to fight back. I watched as Snake cut them down as Storm held on to me. My ribs were burning now. I wanted to leave this place so badly.

"Snake!" shouted a voice. I looked up to see Scarlet and Breaker, "Naomi! You're alive!" she said. We followed her into the elevator and Breaker pushed the button to move.

"I'm not down yet. Where's Duke and Rip? And Heavy Duty?" I asked her. Storm put me down so I could lean against the wall.

"Duke is with the Baroness. Rip is stopping the missiles and Heavy is attacking outside but is in retreat." She said and gave me a hug. I gave it to her right back and smiled, "it's nice to see you alive."

"Me too. How's Sam? She did great with the warhead." I asked her.

"At the base. General Hawk is going to make her a Joe. And it's all thanks to your training she was able to save Paris." Scarlet said. When the doors opened, we headed for the skis. Scarlet and Breaker took one while me, Storm and Snake took the other. We rushed out of the base as if it was on fire. I turned back to see it fall. Lora was still in there…a cold death bad awaited her at the bottom. At least her suffering will stop now.

"I'm glad you're safe Naomi. I wouldn't know what to do if you weren't here with me." Snake said as we walked through the door of the command center of the Joe base.

"Me too. But there is still one thing I have left to do." I told him.

"We're with you Naomi. You're not alone." Duke said. I looked around the room. Everyone I knew was there. There for me…

"We're right behind you girl. One step of the way." Rip said, "So, where are we heading again?" he asked. Scarlet slapped him upside the head and I smiled.

"To the outskirts of Russia. Up high in the hills. My ancestors went there to get away from the wars that plagued Russia. Me home rests on the top. That's where we're going Rip. And this time, I'm making sure that base stays destroyed." I said. Everyone turned to the screen to where a picture of Russia was. Snake wrapped his arms around me and I took comfort in his embrace.

"Don't worry sister. You have me blades." Storm said.

"And the Joes with you." Clayton said. I smiled.

"And me too!" Sam called who was sitting next to hack.

"Thanks guys. It's gonna take all of us to pull this off. I can't do this alone." I said. Everyone smiled. This is gonna end, one-way or the other. is going to pay for the pain she caused me and everyone else. She's not going to get away. I'll make sure she stays dead this time, ", I'm coming for you. You're not going to get away this time."


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