Right well this is very odd. I've never written a blog before, but I'm pretty sure I'm too busy to update this thing properly. Where do I start? Introducing myself I suppose.

Ok, so I'm Nina Pickering, acting ward sister at.. should I be telling you which hospital? I mean ANYONE could be reading this. I'll find myself stalked by some weirdo knowing my luck. I'm sure you don't really care about my family life, plus I never really speak to my parents anymore, and I'm somewhat distanced from my younger sister, Chloe, so it's really just little me. Well, and the stray cat I feed 4 nights a week at the back door.

A boring life, really, but who knows? Life has this funny habit of turning things on it's head.

Well I guess that's it for my "introduction" blog. Not very interesting, as you can see, but c'est la vie.